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Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker

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Top 10 biggest websites in the world

Source: Asia One

With 20-years' continuous and rapid development, China has become one of the most important players in the global Internet industry.A trend report delivered by "Queen of the Net", Mary Meeker, who's now with the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, calls China a dominant Internet hub.Out of the top 10 websites that saw most unique monthly visitors in March 20 ...
Full article at: Asia One 17 hours ago


Industry voice: Why startups need an emerging markets distribution strategy


All too often, startups try to execute on go to market strategies strictly focused on finding traction in the United States or EU and then hoping that success in these markets translates into direct success globally. While some companies do achieve success in both developed and developing markets this is the exception: not the rule. For every Facebook and Twitter to hit the market, thousands of startups hang their 'open for business' shingle in N. America ...
Full article at: 1 day ago, 8:00am CDT

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PromaxBDA: Social Media Works But How Do You Prove It?

Source: Deadline

Fox And FX's 2014 Golden Globe Awards Party - Inside
Social media platforms are connecting hard-core fans to TV shows and movies in massive numbers, helping build a durable base for success for the programs smart enough to harness it in creative ways. But measuring what that superfan is worth, and how best to connect that superfan to a show and to broader audiences, in a way that everyone in Hollywood can understand is and advertisers will pay for, well, that’s a very different challenge. That’s the takeaway from the past three days of the Proma ...
Full article at: Deadline Jun 13 2014, 9:44am CDT

BGR India Interview: Skype’s Gurdeep Singh Pall is on a mission


Skype was one of the first multi-platform communication service even before the WhatsApps, WeChats and Vibers of the world became cool. However, one feels that Skype didn’t get the love it deserved inside Microsoft and despite having over 300 million monthly active users, it never got the same attention like Apple’s FaceTime. That is changing now under Nadella’s Microsoft and Gurdeep Singh Pall, who now heads the Skype team is keen to ensure Skype becomes cool again. I met P ...
Full article at: Jun 10 2014, 2:21am CDT

Time Inc Has a Big Problem—So Does Digital Journalism

Source: The Atlantic

Time Inc, the mother of newsmagazines, was born in 1922. She survived wars and recessions, grew up to be fabulously rich by mid-century, married the media giant Warner Communications, entered the golden years as one of the largest media companies in the world, suffered a mid-life crisis at the hands of AOL, and watched Warner Music Group and Time Warner Cable (both adopted offspring) graduate into independence. But today the circle of life closes it ...
Full article at: The Atlantic Jun 9 2014, 3:48pm CDT

Tablets and phones — the latest 'mobility revolution' — sure to reshape society


CC/Flickr/ebayinkTablet sales in 2013 were more than sales of desktop and laptop PCs combined.The laptop is dead; long live the tablet. That’s the clear takeaway from a new report (PDF) by Mary Meeker, one of Silicon Valley’s leading Internet analysts.With the vast majority of us already connected to the Internet, the overall growth of Web use has slowed dramatically; the number of new Internet users worldwide is going up by less than 10 percent a year. But mobile u ...
Full article at: Jun 9 2014, 8:15am CDT

Uber snags $1.5 billion in new funding; seen valued at $22 billion

Source: Asia One

Google And Netflix Co-Host Party On The Eve Of The White House Correspondents' Dinner
SAN FRANCISCO - Uber Inc has raised US$1.2 billion (S$1.5 billion) from mutual funds and other investors in a funding round valuing the fast-growing rides-on-demand service at US$18.2 billion (S$22 billion), one of the highest valuations ever for a Silicon Valley startup.Uber Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick announced the funding round on Uber's blog Friday.The funding, eclipsed only b ...
Full article at: Asia One Jun 7 2014, 5:30am CDT

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iPhone 6 Will Feature Dynamic Haptic Feedback Technology
iPhone 6 Will Feature Dynamic Haptic Feedback Technology
Every touch is now going to get a vibration in your next gen iPhone
Apple Starts Receiving New Processors For iPhone 6 From TSMC
Apple Starts Receiving New Processors For iPhone 6 From TSMC
Apple no longer dependent upon Samsung
Merkel To U.S. Intelligence Station Chief: "Auf wiedersehen"
Merkel To U.S. Intelligence Station Chief: "Auf wiedersehen"
A second double agent in the German ministry forced German Chancellor Angela Merkel to kick out U.S. intelligence station chief from the embassy.

Can Pinterest convince brands to buy mobile?

Source: Digiday

Over the past year, Pinterest has reached a huge tipping point: Its audience has been overwhelmingly accessing the platform on mobile devices. Be that as it may, Pinterest finds itself in the familiar platform position of convincing brands that mobile is a good buy. A staggering 93 percent of the time spent on Pinterest in April occurred on mobile, up from 72 percent in April 2013, according to comSc ...
Full article at: Digiday Jun 4 2014, 11:02pm CDT

The Famous Chart Pointing To The Giant Mobile Ad Opportunity Overstates The Case

Source: Business Insider

Every year, in her Internet Trends presentation, prominent venture capitalist Mary Meeker includes a chart that showcases the big gap between the high proportion of time people spend on mobile devices and the low percentage of ad dollars flowing to the medium.  This year, the chart shows that U.S. consumers spend 20% of their media time on mobile devices, but that only 4% of ad spend flows to mobile. Filling that gap would translate to a $27 billion mobile ad opportunity. But as we ...
Full article at: Business Insider Jun 4 2014, 9:57am CDT

Google to reportedly launch satellites to provide Internet coverage to uncovered areas


Google is reportedly planning to spend over $1 billion to launch several new satellites for providing Internet connectivity to unconnected areas globally. According to a WSJ report, Google is likely to launch 180 small yet high-capacity satellites which will orbit the planet at a lower altitude than usual satellites. With this project, the company will be able to extend its Internet coverage from the sky to flour ...
Full article at: Jun 2 2014, 8:07am CDT