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Megyn Kelly

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The Hollywood Reporter 35 Most Powerful People In Media CelebrationThe Hollywood Reporter 35 Most Powerful People In Media CelebrationThe Hollywood Reporter 35 Most Powerful People In Media Celebration

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Megyn Kelly goes Primetime On Fox

Megyn Kelly goes Primetime On Fox
Fox News has announced that Megyn Kelly will move to Primetime when she comes back.
Read more Jul 4 2013, 9:13am CDT


Brit Hume on why Megyn Kelly is a Time 100 “Pioneer”: She has “great looks”

Source: Salon

Alibaba To Kick Off IPO In U.S.
The Fox News commentator leads off his celebration of Kelly with a bizarrely shallow and sexist ob ...
Full article at: Salon 3 hours ago

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Capital Playbook: Rangel on the Clintons; Time’s 100

Source: Capital New York

Hillary Clinton Addresses Recycling Industries Trade Conference In Las Vegas
Welcome to Capital Playbook! Sign up for our newsletters here.By Jimmy Vielkind in Albany and Azi Paybarah in New York, with Mike Allen in Washington THE OTHER CLINTON ENDORSEMENT: Rep. Charlie Rangel got the endorsement of Bill Clinton on Tuesday, calling the longtime congressman a “good friend.” Rangel encouraged Hillary Clinton run for the Senate in 2000 and supported her over Obama in 2008. Will Hillary support Rangel? “I don’t need two Clintons. I don’t want ...
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Anna Wintour, Bill O'Reilly, Alec Baldwin Celebrate THR's Most Powerful People in NY Media

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Murrow Forum Hosted By Arianna Huffington
John Oliver, Arianna Huffington, Megyn Kelly and Alan Thicke mingle inside the Four Seasons in New York to toast the power players honored by The Holly ...
Full article at: The Hollywood Reporter Apr 16 2014, 6:51pm CDT

Cummings Denies Conspiring With IRS To Target Conservative Groups

Source: WJZ

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A cable news channel sets a critical eye on a popular Maryland Democrat. Congressman Elijah Cummings is taking heat from Fox News over allegations he helped the IRS to target conservative groups. Derek Valcourt talks to the congressman about those allegations. Congressman Cummings isn’t talking to Fox News about those allegations, but he did sit down to talk to WJZ. Congressman Cummings is known even to allies as a tough political fighter. “You remember the old mo ...
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Boehner 'Confident' House GOP Will Re-Elect Him as Speaker

Source: Big Government

House Speaker John Boehner addressed the behind-the-scenes maneuvering by House conservatives mobilizing against his reelection as Speaker on Monday, telling Fox News host Megyn Kelly that he's “confident” he'll win reelection next year. “Some are suggesting you are not going to be the Speaker, even if the GOP retains control [of the House] in 2014,” Kelly told Boehner in an interview on her program The Kelly File on Monday evening. “I’ve heard those rumors before,” B ...
Full article at: Big Government Apr 8 2014, 9:48am CDT

Fox News's Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity Refuse to Use Fort Hood Shooter's Name

Source: Big Government

Saidaiji Temple Naked Festival Takes Place
After the latest shooting at a U.S. military base, a pair of Fox News personalities, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity, have vowed not to use the names of killers who perpetrate mass shootings in order to quash fame seeking. As the incident was ongoing on April 2, Fox's Kelly announced that she would not be saying the killer's name on the air. "Authorities are identifying the shooter. If you are interested you can get his name on other shows, like the one that preceded this o ...
Full article at: Big Government Apr 3 2014, 10:19pm CDT

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Megyn Kelly Stays with Fox News

Megyn Kelly Stays with Fox News
Megyn Kelly has renewed her contract with Fox News according to a New York Times report.
Read more May 7 2013, 11:02pm CDT


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