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Saks Fifth Avenue And Off The Field Players' Wives Association Host Charitable Fashion ShowSaks Fifth Avenue And Off The Field Players' Wives Association Host Charitable Fashion ShowSaks Fifth Avenue And Off The Field Players' Wives Association Host Charitable Fashion Show

Michael Vick wants to be a Starter

Michael Vick has Plans this Year
The NFL player Michael Vick has plans for 2014. He truly wants to be a starter this year for the NFL. The Eagles will be deprived of a first class player though.
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Saturday morning one-liners

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Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals
The Bills secured preliminary approval for a $3 million class-action settlement arising from allegations that the team’s mobile alert service sent out more texts than the recipients had agreed to receive. RB Chris Johnson says the Jets told him Geno Smith and Mike Vick will b ...
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Keidel: It’s About Time! Jets Finally Throw Money At Legit Game-Changer

Source: CBS New York

By Jason Keidel » More Columns They had to. The Jets, who have been sitting on a stack of cash and cap space for reasons we can’t fathom, have finally burped a few bucks on a bona fide baller. Chris Johnson, running back and perennial 1.000-yard rusher, has signed with Gang Green for two years and up to $9 million. And it’s safe to say that Jets fans needed this as much as the team did. The Jets’ miserly mores this offseason were starting to startle ...
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New York Jets GM John Idzik Has Had a Marvelous Offseason Thus Far

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3rd Annual NFL Honors
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports As the majority of free agency activities come to a close and the NFL Draft nears, it’s important to take a moment and appreciate what general manager John Idzik has been able to accomplish so far this offseason. The New York Jets have had some of the weakest offensive skill players in all of football the last few years, and addressing these needs was priority 1A and 1B  for Idzik following the 2013 season. All things considered, he has done a mas ...
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Comparing Draft Prospects to Current 49ers: Offense

Source: The Official Site of the San Francisco 49ers

At the risk of giving too much credit to members of the deep 2014 draft class, we picked out seven 49ers offensive players and paired them with a soon-to-be rookie. Their strengths, according to, are follow ...
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Buying the perfect NFL team, 2014 edition

Source: SB Nation

Milwaukee Bucks v Miami Heat
Draft picks are unpredictable and take time to develop. Why bother building a team that way when you can spend big on free agents? Mark Sandritter takes on an experiment in roster building, with surprising results. The 2014 NFL Draft is less than a month away which means the bombardment of claims about how important the draft is has already begun. One of the most popular cliches around the NFL is ...
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Michael Vick Should Be New York Jets’ Starting QB Without Question

Source: Rant Sports

Saks Fifth Avenue And Off The Field Players' Wives Association Host Charitable Fashion Show
Getty Images Make no mistake about it; Michael Vick should easily beat out Geno Smith to be the starting quarterback come next season. The main reason the New York Jets even entertained the idea of bringing Vick into their organization was to alleviate the weight of the world off the shoulders of Smith. The general idea was to literally give Smith a year or so out of the starting spotlight so he can learn off the bench. He could get some much-n ...
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Palladino: Jets Fans Have Reason To Be Pumped About Chris Johnson

Source: CBS New York

Wrkng Title Fall 2014 Press Event
By Ernie Palladino » More Ernie Palladino Columns They still need a wide receiver, and heaven know how the quarterback situation between Geno Smith and Michael Vick will turn out. But the Jets did land themselves someone who can help the ground game in Chris Johnson. In the blink of an eye and a few strokes of a pen on a contract Wednesday, the Jets found themselves a backfield. It could be an exciting one, too, ...
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Chris Johnson On Jets: ‘They Know How To Win Over There’

Source: CBS New York

Boston Bruins v Winnipeg Jets
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — His motivation is at an all-time high. Chris Johnson knows what a lot of people are saying about him. Maybe he’s lost a step. He’ll never be the electrifying playmaker he once was. Well, the New York Jets running back is listening — and can’t wait to silence the critics. “It’s always great to have things to put a chip on your shoulder, have things to motivate you,” Johnson said Thursday during a conference call. “I ...
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NFL's Most Disliked Players List

NFL Most Disliked Player is Michael Vick
The NFL is every man’s dream form of sports entertainment. Yet NFL's most disliked players make quite a list with some surprising names on it.
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