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Army Sex Case All Set to Proceed

Army Sex Case All Set to Proceed
Army Brigadier General, Jeffrey Sinclair was accused before a court of all sorts of sexual misconduct with a junior officer. The army sex case is all set to proceed and the defense says that it is just the Pentagon’s way of acting tough on misdeeds within its ranks.
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Robin Thicke trying to get back to wife Paula Patton

Robin Thicke trying to get back to wife Paula Patton
The couple made a joint announcement about their separation on Monday but Robin is still trying hard to woo his wife back
Read more Mar 2 2014, 7:32am CST

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Paula Patton Splits with Robin Thicke After Nine Years

Paula Patton Splits with Robin Thicke After 9 Years
The two were the talk of the town. But after nine long years of marriage Paula Patton has split from husband Robin Thicke.
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Triggering WWIII by Accident?

Source: Big Government

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Wednesday, Ed Lucas of The Economist gave a frightening account of how the Ukrainian crisis could escalate into nuclear war.  As The Economist’s former Moscow bureau chief, he is better qualified than most to understand the threat of renewed Russian expansionism. Rush Limbaugh has since picked up on the real possibility of this dreadful scenario. Recent developments, including protesters killed Wednesday ...
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NATO ups military presence amid Russian threat

Source: San Mateo Daily Journal

World Leaders Gather For Nuclear Security Summit 2014
BRUSSELS — NATO is strengthening its military footprint along its eastern border immediately in response to Russiarsquos aggression in Ukraine the alliancersquos chief said Wednesd ...
Full article at: San Mateo Daily Journal 1 hour ago

Drone On

Drone On
By Glen Martin Jeff Bezos’ recent demonstration of a drone aircraft simulating delivery of an Amazon parcel was more...
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Laura Prepon and Tom Cruise are Living it Up
Laura Prepon and Tom Cruise are Living it Up
The two seem absolutely smitten with each other. Laura Prepon and Tom Cruise are living it up in Tinsel town.
Beltran Leyva Gang Member Arrested in Mexico City
Beltran Leyva Gang: Vital Gang Member Arrested in Mexico
The intensification of the law enforcement agencies in Mexico City led to the arrest of a vital gang member of the infamous and notorious Beltran Leyva gang.
Apple Adding More Anti-Theft Features
Apple Adding More Anti-Theft Features
Agreeing to new standards, Apple will now be adding several new features to the iOS upgrades

Putin accuses NATO chief of secretly recording private talks

Source: Asia One

Russian President Vladimir Putin
MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin on Thursday accused NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen of secretly recording and then leaking to the media a private conversation between them when Rasmussen was serving as Danish prime minister.As NATO secretary-general, Rasmussen has used hawkish rhetoric calling for Moscow to "de-escalate" the crisis in Ukraine and pull back thousands of troops massed on the border.Putin made the claim at an annual televised questio ...
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Putin reveals NATO chief secretly recorded their talk, leaked it to media

Source: Russia Today

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen Gives Address At Brookings Institution
“During his time as Prime Minister he once requested an unscheduled meeting with me, and we met and talked. As it turned out, he had a voice recorder on him, and surreptitiously recorded our conversation, and leaked it to the press,” the Russian president recounted during his annual TV hotline. “I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes – what nonsense!” The Russian president didn’t specify when the meeting took place, but Rasmussen was his country’s Prime Minister be ...
Full article at: Russia Today 2 hours ago

Feds announce test sites for drone aircraft

Feds announce drone testing sites in Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia LAS VEGAS (...
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