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Best 5 Mobile Applications for Women

Best 5 Mobile Applications for Women
Everyone loves mobile applications that are easy to use, install, and that are faster, but when it comes to women, a lot is put into consideration before installing an application.
Read more Mar 25 2014, 12:08pm CDT


Top 5 Music apps on Google Playstore

Top 5 Music apps on Google Playstore
Music for decades has been termed as food for the soul. This has never changed. Through successful innovations, music has been able to land on the mobile devices not as polyphonic tunes but actual music – the kinds that can be obtained from the internet since most of the today gadgets can access the internet for almost a free price.
Read more Mar 16 2014, 4:38pm CDT

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Google now lets you access your computer through Android with Chrome Remote Desktop

Source: The Verge

Google Glasses
Google's Chrome Remote Desktop service, first launched in 2011, is coming to mobile. Today, the company released an Android app that will let users access their desktop computers, whether through a Chrome web app for Mac, PC, and Linux or through Chrome OS itself. Once you've set up your primary machine, you can launch the Android app to connect to it. GigaOm reported a few days ago that the app was in ...
Full article at: The Verge 15 hours ago, 1:32pm CDT

Which Mobile OS Suits You?

Which Mobile OS Suits You?
A mobile OS is the operating system that is being used by different devices. It is the software platform that makes applications on devices like cellphones and tablets run.
Read more Mar 4 2014, 8:03am CST

BlackBerry invests in NantHealth for healthcare solutions


Celebrities At The Los Angeles Lakers Game
Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry today announced an investment in Californica-based healthcare IT firm NantHealth. “BlackBerry’s capabilities align closely with NantHealth’s and this investment represents the type of forward-looking opportunities that are vital to our future. This investment and planned collaboration aligns with the reliability, security and versatility of BlackBerry’s end-to-end solutions,” BlackBerry CEO and executive chair J ...
Full article at: 1 day ago, 11:59pm CDT

Google Glass: Coming soon to a Lowe’s near you?

Source: Med City News

Launch Event For mPowering Action Mobile Platform
SAUSALITO, Calif. — Lowe’s, the home improvement retailer, is looking toward the future of wearable customer service, invisible technology, and AI-enhanced customer service. But for now, the company wants consumers and employees alike to love using its mobile applications. It went so far as to provide 42,000 iPhones to store associates with an eye toward making them more effective and pulling them away from stodgy green screens on termi ...
Full article at: Med City News 1 day ago, 1:23pm CDT

Apple's iPhone becoming more compatible with cars

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple is accelerating the race to make smartphone applications easier and safer to use in cars....
Read more Mar 3 2014, 3:01pm CST

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Yahoo CEO reportedly courting Apple to dump Google as its default search engine
Yahoo CEO reportedly courting Apple to dump Google as its default search engine
It's an ambitious plan that will require lots of work. A lot.
Valerie Harper Recovering from Brain Cancer
Valerie Harper is Recovering from Brain Cancer
Valerie Harper was told the news awhile back that she had brain cancer. However, today she is recovering fast from the ailment which meant certain death.
Car Seats Revolutionized for Kids by Volvo
Car Seats Revolutionized for Kids by Volvo
Volvo has come up with a revolutionary concept in car seats for youngsters. The small inflatable car seats can be inflated and deflated in record time.

Leak points to major redesign in upcoming new version of Android

Source: BGR

Google Glasses
Apple introduced a major reimagining of its mobile software last year when it released iOS 7, and since then the trend in mobile has been "flat." Several companies including Samsung and HTC have flattened their user interfaces a bit since then, and they have also turned to the use of brighter colors to accent apps, just as Apple did in iOS 7. Now, it looks like Google may be planning to follow suit and offer a slightly flatter ta ...
Full article at: BGR 2 days ago, 9:40am CDT

Android did not support touchscreens until iPhone release, documents show

Source: The Guardian Technology

Alibaba To Kick Off IPO In U.S.
Confidential documents released as part of the Apple-Samsung trial reveal that Android was built for buttons, not touchscreensAndroid mobile phone software did not add support for touchscreen technology until Apple released its iPhone model, according to documents released as part of the Apple vs Samsung patent trial.The Android Project Software Functional Requirements document detailed Androids supported hardware features and the basis for how the new mobile ...
Full article at: The Guardian Technology 2 days ago, 5:17am CDT

Android vs. iOS – News for 2014

Android vs. iOS – News for 2014
Android and iOS are both amazing mobile platforms that have room for improvement. Many people feel that one platform trumps the other. But, is it really like that? Is one really better than the other?
Read more Feb 24 2014, 4:43am CST


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