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Kaai and Soraa work on Blu-ray Successor

New start-ups are already working on the next generation of optical storage that will replace Blu-ray at some point....
Read more Feb 12 2008, 12:56pm CST

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Asian American Awareness Week looks to end stereotypes

Source: The Daily Utah Chronicle

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The Asian American Student Association is helping U students look #BeyondTheStereotype. U students on campus this week can look forward to a variety of events planned by AASA to celebrate the U’s 21st annual Asian American Awareness Week. This year’s theme is “#BeyondTheStereotype.” The week was planned by Merissa Nakamura, a senior in sociology and ethnic studies. Nakamura said the theme was chosen to fight misconceptions about Asian American students, such as the stereoty ...
Full article at: The Daily Utah Chronicle Apr 7 2014, 8:53pm CDT

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Japanese Man's Invention Pockets Him 1 Million Euro

Japanese Man's Invention Pockets Him 1 Million Euro
The winner of the 2006 Millenium Technology Prize, the biggest tech-related award in the world (link), was given to a...
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