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Time Travel with Google Maps

Time Travel with Google Maps
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — Trips down memory lane are now available on Google's digital maps. The new twist on time...
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Moore, Oklahoma toughens building codes after having encountered a tornado

The devastating tornado appears to have acted as an impetus for tougher building codes in Oklahoma.
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Students strike for right to volunteer after ruinous Valparaíso fire

Source: Santiago Times

White House Daily Briefing
The Santiago TimesTwo weeks after a blaze claimed entire neighborhoods in port city, thousands of university students demand time off classes to continue in relief efforts. Volunteers outside Escuela Grecia where currently 286 people are still sheltered. Photo by: Sandra Segall / The Santiago Times Students at three universities in Valparaíso are on strike and refusing to return to classes, keen to continue with volunteer community work f ...
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Tornado's in Moore Oklahoma Makes Building Safer

Building Codes have been toughend
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8 strategies to get the most from your homeowners insurance after a hurricane

Source: Consumer Reports

Justin Moore In Concert - Elizabeth, IN
8 strategies to get the most from your homeowners insurance after a hurricane Judith Rubin was the first to hear the odd noise coming from the basement garage as she and her husband, Justin, waited out Superstorm Sandy in their Long Beach, N.Y., home in October 2012. Justin went to investigate. “There was water a foot deep,” he said. “Then I ...
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Casting: Speedman, Lee, Jones, Hurt, Yelchin

Source: Latino Review

Tribeca Film Festival 2014 Portrait Studio - Day 3
October GaleScott Speedman is set to star opposite Patricia Clarkson in Ruba Nadda's "October Gale". Speedman plays a mysterious man who, during a violent October storm, washes up on a remote island cottage, unconscious and bleeding from a gunshot wound. Clarkson plays a recently widowed doctor who takes him in, only to find that the shooter is coming back to finish the job, and that the storm has cut them off from the mainlan ...
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Samsung Launches Design Website Dedicated to its Creative Design Process

Samsung Launches Brand New Design Website
Samsung is in the midst of fighting a legal battle over copyright issues with Apple. And is it a mere coincidence that it has launched a brand new design website in the present predicament in which it finds itself?
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Resource centers open for flooding victims

Source: WZZM Grand Rapids

Victims of last week's flooding along the Muskegon River can get help at the state of Michigan's resource cente ...
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Some Setbacks for the Sharing Economy

Source: New York Times Bits

Activists Protest Possible Circumvention Of Superfund Compensation Law
San Francisco is suing two landlords, saying they illegally evicted tenants so they could make their apartments into places for well-heeled tourists. New York State is investigating Uber for pr ...
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Gas Prices Have Risen

Gas Prices Rise Compared to Last Year
The political fallout of the crisis in the Ukraine has been negative on the whole. Gas prices have risen at present as compared to last year.
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