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Breaking News about Nixon:

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Man Arrested for Using MP3 Player

Man Arrested for Using MP3 Player
Beware pulling your MP3 player from your pocket while walking to the bus stop in Staffordshire. A man by the name of...
Read more Feb 13 2008, 10:43am CST


Pat Buchanan Ignores The Underlying Reason Richard Nixon Was Forced To Resign

Source: Forbes Real Time

Nixon’s secretary of the treasury, John Connally, “was indicted for taking graft on the same day the President was charged by the House Judiciary Committee for abuse ...
Full article at: Forbes Real Time 4 days ago, 7:00am CDT

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Hugh Calkins

Source: The Atlantic

Hugh Calkins in his prime, courtesy of his familyI learned recently that Hugh Calkins, a lawyer and educational-reform leader, had died early this month, at age 90 after several years with Parkinson's disease. He was very well known in Cleveland, where he raised his family and spent most of his career, but I think his achievement and character deserve wider notice. Calkins's early years were as complete a sweep of meritocratic successes as you can imagine. He was born in New ...
Full article at: The Atlantic 4 days ago, 9:10pm CDT

What will it take for calm in Ferguson?

Source: MSNBC

Democratic Committee Woman of Ferguson Township Patricia Bynes talks about the community’s reaction to the newly implemented curfew and Governor Nixon’s performance in handling the controversy surrounding the Michael Brown shooting.Read more ...
Full article at: MSNBC 5 days ago, 2:18pm CDT

Travis County's politicized district attorney

Source: WND

Re: “Why Buchanan is wrong about Nixon” Mr. Farah, I hope all is well, and I enjoyed your column about former President Nixon. I couldn’t help but notice that the same Travis County that indicted former Rep. Tom DeLay is the same one that went after Rick Perry so soon after he sent the Texas National Guard to defend the border. It’s strange how the article featured on Yahoo News failed to mention the party affiliation of ...
Full article at: WND 5 days ago, 11:56am CDT

Rand Paul accused of giving 'aid & comfort' to rioters

Source: WND

(Breitbart) Robert Patterson, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, said Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) gave “aid and comfort to the rioters and the protestors” with his op-ed in Time against the militarization of local police forces. Appearing on Breitbart News Saturday, Patterson said that Paul was “outdoing” President Barack Obama’s “attempt to show moral equivalence between the rioters and the police” with a Time op-ed that even Al Sharpton praised. Patterson said th ...
Full article at: WND 5 days ago, 9:36pm CDT

Michael Brown Shooting: State of Emergency Declared in Ferguson

Source: IBTimes UK

Governor Nixon has imposed a curfew following a week of violent clashes between police an ...
Full article at: IBTimes UK 6 days ago, 5:39pm CDT

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Microsoft set to unveil Windows 9 on September 30th
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Tara Reid Wears Revealing Dress at Sharknado 2 Screening
Sharknado 2 hit the big screen yesterday in LA. Tara Reid used the occasion for a dramatic red carpet appearance. How does this dress stay on her boobs?

Missouri Gov. Nixon declares state of emergency, curfew in Ferguson

Source: ABC-KMBC Kansas City

Missouri Gov. Nixon declared a state of emergency and order a curfew in Ferguson where teen was k ...
Full article at: ABC-KMBC Kansas City 6 days ago, 3:29pm CDT

LIVE VIDEO: Highway patrol and Gov. Nixon

Source: MSNBC

The Missouri State Patrol and Governor Nixon hold a news conference to discuss events in Ferguson ...
Full article at: MSNBC 6 days ago, 2:11pm CDT

Why Buchanan is wrong about Nixon

Source: Renew America

(JOSEPH FARAH) - We just experienced one anniversary involving Richard Nixon -- his resignation as president. We're about to experience one less remembered, but just as important in measuring his legacy. My friend Pat Buchanan, who is right far more often than he is wrong, has been waxing eloquent about the good old days of Nixon. I have to admit, I just don't get it. Unlike Buchanan, Nixon ...
Full article at: Renew America 6 days ago, 4:02am CDT


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