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North Korea

Breaking News about North Korea:

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Kim Jong Un will Send North Korean Athletes to South Korea

Kim Jong Un Changes Moods Like a Chameleon
The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un changed his moods from hot to cold recently. He seems to be more like a chameleon in his habits.
Read more Jul 7 2014, 4:58am CDT


North Korea Welcomes Marathon Runners

North Korea Marathon Welcomes Tourists and Runners
North Korea is known for its repressive and dictatorial policies. Yet recently it welcomed tourists and runners from abroad to participate in a marathon.
Read more Apr 14 2014, 10:26am CDT

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Pope Francis calls for reconciliation of North and South Korea as Seoul begins major military drills

Source: Euronews

Pope Francis rounded off the first papal visit to Asia in 15 years with a call for peace and the reconciliation of North a ...
Full article at: Euronews 5 days ago, 2:37am CDT

Dennis Rodman Movie is in the Making

Dennis Rodman Movie is in the Making
A comedy movie starring Dennis Rodman (or a stand in) is in the making that will portray the weird basketball star’s overtures to North Korean dictator Kim.
Read more Feb 24 2014, 2:50am CST

Catholicism in North Korea

Source: CNN

North Korea rejected an invitation to the Pope's mass in Seoul. CNN's Paula Hancocks repo ...
Full article at: CNN 5 days ago, 8:17pm CDT

N Korea threatens strike against US-S Korea drill

Source: The Nation - Pakistan

SEOUL : North Korea warned Sunday of a possible “merciless” pre-emptive strike as it blasted an upcoming joint US-South Korean military exercise as a rehearsal for nuclear war. South Korea vowed to go ahead from Monday with the annual Ulchi Freedom Guardian drill, which is aimed at testing readiness to combat any North Korean invasion. Although largely play ...
Full article at: The Nation - Pakistan 5 days ago, 2:00pm CDT

North Korea Warning Issued

North Korea Warning Issued
North Korea is one of the leading countries in the world where dictatorship reigns. It recently issued a warning to the US-South Korea annual joint military drills that were to take place close to the borders. Such threats are a common feature of Pyongyang’s erratic behavior in relation to the external world.
Read more Jan 30 2014, 6:21am CST

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Miranda Lambert Promotes Crystal Light Randarita Drink
Miranda Lambert Promotes Crystal Light Randarita Drink
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Iggy Azalea: Poor Iggy falls off the Stage
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Pope Francis proposes Vatican-Asia dialogue

Source: Fox News Latino

Pope Francis on Sunday extended his hand to countries like China and North Korea to engage in a dialogue with The Vatican and initiate diplomatic relations, a move that would clear the way for the expansion of Catholic ...
Full article at: Fox News Latino 6 days ago, 11:51am CDT

A look ahead at pope’s final day in South Korea

Source: 49 News Topeka

Pope Francis wraps up his five-day visit to South Korea on Monday with a Mass for peace and reconciliation. Here are details on the day ahead. —9 a.m. (0000 GMT): Francis meets with religious leaders at the Seoul archdiocese. The guest list includes Buddhists as well as other Christian communities, including the Anglican bishop in Seoul, the Orthodox archbishop, president of the Lutheran church and head of the Presbyterian church in Korea, according to Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lo ...
Full article at: 49 News Topeka 6 days ago, 8:00am CDT

North Korea warning South Korea over war games

North Korea warning South Korea over war games
As the annual war games approaches, North Korea thinks that the U.S. is planning to invade the estranged country.
Read more Jan 29 2014, 9:10pm CST


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