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New York Times' Quarterly Profits Falls 58 PercentThe New York Times Co. Post An 82 Percent Decline In 2nd Quarter ProfiNew York Times Seeks Buyouts Before Imposing Layoffs

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Papermaster leaving Apple not just related to iPhone Antenna Gate

Here is another personality that is widely discussed in Silicon Valley. According a report on the NY Times, Apple's...
Read more Aug 9 2010, 5:30am CDT


HP to unveil new Memristor Developments Today

HP to unveil new Memristor Developments Today
Memristors are seen as the enabler of brain like computers of the future. HP made headlines in 2008 with proving the...
Read more Apr 8 2010, 1:13am CDT

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Carmelo Anthony Becomes a Tech Investor with Wearable Technology

Source: EURweb

*Carmelo Anthony turned into a venture capitalist during the Knicks last season. He found interest in sophisticated, wearable sensors that allow players to track their performances. These devices made by companies like Catapult Sports of Australia weren’t broadly available to consumers, reported the NY Times. “We started talking about how sensor-based devices available ...
Full article at: EURweb 9 hours ago

David Pogue from NY Times trashes the BlackBerry Storm really hard

If you are planning to buy a BlackBerry Storm you should not read David Pogue's review on the NY Times that just got...
Read more Nov 26 2008, 1:20pm CST

Supersonic impact and other headlines

Source: MSNBC

Morning headlines: the NY Times gets expert analysis of what took down the Malaysian plane, Israeli soldier missing in Gaza, Georgia at the polls ...
Full article at: MSNBC 1 day ago, 6:56am CDT

Making the Perfect Gin and Tonic

Source: Portland Food and Drink

Gin & Tonic is what my father would have called “an honest drink.” Nothing fancy; direct and to the point. However, making the perfect gin and tonic requires a few simple steps. In the 50’s I’d come home from school and mom would turn on the Children’s Hour on NPR.  I would sit sideways in the egg chair, lost in stories and music. At 5:30, the brakes on Dad’s Porsche would squeal as he turned up the driveway, and I’d have to give up the chair. He’d drop his briefcase, take off his suit, ...
Full article at: Portland Food and Drink 6 days ago, 9:51am CDT

Airport Security friendly Laptop Bags from Pathfinder Luggage and Targus coming

The NY Times reports that the Transportation Security Administration has approved newly designed laptop bags that allow...
Read more Jul 1 2008, 3:00pm CDT

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Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Release is on Today Show
Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Release is on Today Show
It is going to be a steamy morning for Fifty Shades of Grey fans today. The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer will debut on the NBC Today show.
Trayvon Martin Peace Talk and Walk has Kobe Bryant heading it
Trayvon Martin Peace Talk and Walk has Kobe Bryant heading it
A Trayvon Martin Peace Talk and Walk had the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant heading it recently. And Mark Cuban apologized to Trayvon’s family for any offensive statements he may have made in the past.
Peaches Geldof Heroin Abuse Surpassed her Mother’s
Peaches Geldof Heroin Abuse Surpassed her Mother’s
Peaches Geldof is reported to have engaged in heroin abuse that far surpassed her mother’s. In fact, she died from a dose that was 10 times the amount that killed Paula Yates.

President Obama's Traveling Salon

Source: Big Government

What does a lame duck President do with his time when he's not raising money or giving speeches about various crises around the world? He holds dinner parties with important people to talk about important things. The NY Times reports on the President's increasingly busy social calendar. During a trip to Paris last month he held a second dinner after the official dinner with President Hollande. In attendance were Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett and one of the Presid ...
Full article at: Big Government Jul 15 2014, 1:06pm CDT

Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

Source: AppleSlashdot

mdsolar sends this story from the NY Times: Here's what your future will look like if we are to have a shot at preventing devastating climate change. Within about 15 years every new car sold in the United States will be electric. ... Up to 60 percent of power might come from nuclear sources. And coal's footprint will shrink drastically, perhaps even disappear from the power supply. This course, created by a team of energy experts, was unveiled on Tues ...
Full article at: AppleSlashdot Jul 9 2014, 1:45pm CDT

Seth MacFarlane partners with Google on Cavalcade Web Cartoon Series

Google has partnered with Family Guy Creator Seth Macfarlane for a cartoon web series that will be delivered through...
Read more Jun 29 2008, 11:43pm CDT


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