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Obama at Fort BelvoirObama Signs Condolence BookPresident Obama Visits Austin

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Rick Perry Criticizes Obama for Negligence of Border Security

Rick Perry Criticizes Obama for Negligence of Border Security
Rick Perry has criticized President Obama for the negligence on his part regarding US border security.
Read more Jul 7 2014, 3:25am CDT


India Election: Obama Promises to Cooperate with Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi Given Promise of Cooperation by Obama
That Narendra Modi has almost won the elections in India is a sure thing. Now he has been given a promise of cooperation from the US ahead of time by Obama.
Read more May 13 2014, 9:25am CDT

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Obama Calls Bibi, Demands 'Immediate, Unconditional' Ceasefire--HAMAS Rejects!

Source: Big Government

President Obama Visits Austin
President Barack Obama called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directly on Sunday evening to demand that Israel enact "an immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire that ends hostilities now and leads to a permanent cessation of hostilities," the White House said, adding support for the demilitarization of Gaza. Hamas immediately rejected the idea: "Those who try to take our weapons, we will take their life.” Obama's ...
Full article at: Big Government 13 hours ago, 5:51pm CDT

Steve Wynn Calls George Clooney “Mollycoddled”

Steve Wynn and George Clooney Spat over Obama
Steve Wynn and George Clooney had a pretty serious spat over political preferences. The issue arose when Steve uttered a swear word against President Obama.
Read more May 3 2014, 10:58am CDT

TN Gov Found Out About Illegals Dumped in State on HHS Website

Source: Big Government

Sylvia Burwell Testifies At Senate Confirmation Hearing For HHS Secretary
Even after Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam asked the Obama administration to notify him in advance if they wanted to send illegal immigrants to his state, he discovered that more than 700 illegal immigrant juveniles had been dumped in his state when he looked at a Health and Human Services website.  On Friday, Haslam slammed the Obama administration for not notifying him advance even after he and other governors, at the Ju ...
Full article at: Big Government 20 hours ago, 11:29am CDT

House GOP Seeks to Prove They Can Govern

Source: Taegan Goddard's Political Wire

Obama at Fort Belvoir
"House Republicans want to use their final week in Washington before the August recess to send a signal that they are ready to govern," The Hill reports. "As the country's attention turns to the fight for control of the House and Senate, Republicans want to show they are capable of handling two of the nation’s toughest issues: the thousands of children crossing the border, and the veterans in need of healthcare. ...
Full article at: Taegan Goddard's Political Wire 20 hours ago, 10:34am CDT

Minimum Wage Hike Shunted by Republicans

Minimum Wage Hike Shunted by Republicans
The minimum wage hike plans of President Obama and several Democrats have been shunted by Republican Party members. Their objection is that where the money is going to come from has to be decided before any such action is taken.
Read more May 1 2014, 11:42am CDT

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Tara Reid Believes a Sharknado "Actually Can Happen" in Real Life
Tara Reid Believes a Sharknado "Actually Can Happen" in Real Life
The franchise star Tara Reid says there may be some kernel of truth in the movies
JD Power Says Hyundai Ranks Highest Among Non-Premium US Car Brands
JD Power Says Hyundai Ranks Highest Among Non-Premium US Car Brands
Last year Hyndai ranked the lowest in this study when VW was the winner
Catherine Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas share the story of his cancer battle
Catherine Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas share the story of his cancer battle
Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas speak at The International Federation of Head and Neck Oncologic Societies' 5th World Congress where July 27 was declared ‘World Head and Neck Cancer Day.’

Why Is Israel Losing a War It's Winning?

Source: The Atlantic

The 6th Round Of The China-U.S. Strategic And Economic Dialogue & 5th Round Of The China-US High Level Consultation On People-To-People Exchange
Things change, of course – the only constant in the Middle East is sudden and dramatic change – but as I write it seems as if Israel is losing the war in Gaza, even as it wins the battle against Hamas’s rocket arsenal, and even as it destroys the tunnels meant to convey terrorists underground to Israel (and to carry Israeli hostages back to Gaza.)   This is not the first time Israel has found itself losing on the battlefield of perception. Why is it happening again? Here ar ...
Full article at: The Atlantic 23 hours ago, 8:06am CDT

Eleanor Holmes Norton: "You Don't Have A Right To Know Everything" The Government Does

Source: Real Clear Politics

Obama Delivers Remarks At the Democratic Governors Association
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) lectures her Congressional colleagues at a House Oversight Committee hearing over the decision of David Simas, Obama's director of political strategy, to ignore a subpoena. The hearing took place on Friday. DEL. ELEANOR HOLMES NORTON: The president's immediate adviser is not an agency, and this is not a matter of policy. This is a fishing expedition, a ...
Full article at: Real Clear Politics 1 day ago, 11:35pm CDT

U.S. Military Pact: Obama Arrives in Philippines to Sign Military Pact

U.S. Military Pact with Philippines Affirmed by Obama
The U.S. is about to sign a military pact with the Philippines that would allow Yankee troops to circulate in the archipelago. This fact has been affirmed by President Obama who will soon be making a state visit to the Far Eastern country. President Obama has now arrived in Philippines.
Read more Apr 28 2014, 7:50am CDT


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