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Oleg Pliss

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iPhones Held for Ransom in iCloud Find my iPhone Hack

iPhones Held for Ransom in Oleg Pliss Scam
Australian iPhone users found their iPhones held for ransom in iCloud hack.
Read more May 27 2014, 2:57am CDT


Apple device hijackers arrested in Russia

Source: BetaNews

You may recall that at the end of last month, a number of iOS users were locked out of their devices by ransomware, being faced with a message that their iPhone or iPad had been "hacked by Oleg Pliss", and a demand for $100 to unlock it. Well, the Sydney Morning Herald (via MacRumors) is now reporting that the device hijacking miscreants behind this scheme have been arrested by the Russian authorities. Some ...
Full article at: BetaNews Jun 11 2014, 2:06am CDT

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Hackers behind iPhone ransom attacks arrested in Russia

Source: Mac World

Russian authorities arrested a man and a teenaged boy from Moscow under suspicion that they compromised Apple ID accounts and used Apple’s Find My iPhone service to hold iOS devices for ransom.Find My Phone is an Apple iCloud feature that allows iPhone, iPad and Mac owners to remotely lock and track their devices if they’re lost or stolen. A custom message can be displayed on the lockscreen when the feature is activated. In late May, many users from Australia and other ...
Full article at: Mac World Jun 10 2014, 10:36am CDT

Hackers Involved in Locking and Ransoming Apple Devices in Australia Arrested

Source: MacRumors

Two weeks ago, hackers hijacked several iOS and Mac devices in Australia, remotely locking them via iCloud and demanding a ransom from the owner to get the device unlocked. "Device locked by Oleg Pliss," read the hijacker's message, along with a demand for $50 to $100. Quite a few users were affected and while early speculation suggested iCloud may have been hacked, Apple confirmed that iCloud was not compromised, and that hackers had instead gained access to Apple ...
Full article at: MacRumors Jun 9 2014, 12:37pm CDT

Is your iPhone at risk after the Oleg Pliss hack?


iPhone users in Australia were greeted with an alarming message this week when they tried to use their devices. They were told that a hacker or group of hackers going by the name Oleg Pliss had taken control of their phone and will lock it permanently unless ...
Full article at: May 29 2014, 6:40am CDT

Is Apple ID ransomware attack going global?

Source: TechRadar UK

Apple issued a statement in the wake of growing concerns surrounding a series of hacking attacks, apparently commited by someone called Oleg Pliss.A number of iPhone customers reported that they were locked out of their devices - via iCloud - with a message requesting money to be sent to an email address.Apple's short notice says that it "iCloud was not compromised during this incident. Impacted users should change thei ...
Full article at: TechRadar UK May 29 2014, 4:01am CDT

Thieves Hack iPhones, Demand Ransom To Get Them Unlocked

Source: CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Thieves have now figured out a way to freeze your smartphone, demanding that you pay up to get it unlocked. As CBS 2’s Tracee Carrasco reported, the scam has gone global. But experts have some advice on what you can do to avoid getting hacked for ransom. Nathan Sohm of Victorville, California, was one of many iPhone users who discovered a cryptic random text message on Tuesday. “(The message said), ‘Hacked by Oleg Pliss ...
Full article at: CBS New York May 28 2014, 10:23pm CDT

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Here's how to unlock a hijacked iPad or iPhone

Source: BetaNews

A number of iPhone and iPad users have fallen foul of a particularly nasty hack, in which they find themselves locked out of their devices unless they pay to have them unlocked. The extortionist leaves a message claiming to be from the well-known software engineer Oleg Pliss. A message on the screen reads "Device hacked by Oleg Pliss", and encourages the user to pay $100. The exploit only appears to affect users connected to the iCloud service. A number of users, most of the ...
Full article at: BetaNews May 28 2014, 1:45pm CDT

The mechanics of the iCloud "hack" and how iOS devices are being held to ransom (Troy Hunt/Troy Hunt's Blog)

Source: Techmeme

D.C. United v Chicago Fire
Troy Hunt / Troy Hunt's Blog: The mechanics of the iCloud “hack” and how iOS devices are being held to ransom  —  If you're an Aussie with an iPhone, there's a chance you've been woken up in the middle of the night by this:  —  Oh boy.  What we're looking at is an iPhone that has been remotely locked by “Oleg Pliss”. ...
Full article at: Techmeme May 28 2014, 10:45am CDT

Apple hints password reuse, not iCloud hack, at heart of locked iDevice ransom attacks

Source: Mac World

Apple says an iCloud breach is not to blame for the recent spate of iOS devices held hostage by malicious actors via Apple's Find My iPhone service. Many users in Australia and several other countries have reported being locked out of their iDevices by a third party who demanded $100 to return control of the iPhones and iPads to their rightful owners. Troy Hunt The messages say the devices have been hacked by "Oleg Pliss," according to numerous Apple forum reports ...
Full article at: Mac World May 28 2014, 10:30am CDT


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