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Windows 8 Won't Reboot As Much

Let us rejoice
Read more Nov 18 2011, 5:39pm CST


Windows 8.1 business users get Update reprieve

Source: BetaNews

Microsoft has had a rather lax policy when it comes to providing Windows updates, allowing users to receive patches, for a long period of time, even without having the latest service pack applied. That changes with Windows 8.1, as the software giant has revealed installing Update becomes mandatory to apply future updates that will be rolled out starting this May's Patch Tuesday. This move gives Microsoft more leverage than ever before, as the software giant now has a real chance of convinc ...
Full article at: BetaNews 1 day ago, 6:19am CDT

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Microsoft Partners Baffled By Quietly Communicated Windows 8.1 Upgrade Ultimatum

Source: CRN Technology News For Solution Providers

Microsoft says users of Windows 8.1 will have to install the Windows 8.1 Update to keep getting security patches for future Patch Tuesday re ...
Full article at: CRN Technology News For Solution Providers 3 days ago, 10:16am CDT

Windows 8.1 without Update will no longer receive security updates

Source: BetaNews

Microsoft has trouble convincing Windows users to upgrade to newer versions of the operating system, even when the update is free of charge. Windows 8 still has a larger market share than Windows 8.1, according to the latest NetMarketShare data, even though the latter is better and can be installed without paying a dime. So that Windows 8.1 Update does not to follow the same path, Microsoft has announced it will no longer make secu ...
Full article at: BetaNews 3 days ago, 6:45am CDT

Office Web Apps 2013 with Service Pack 1 Will not Accept the April RTF Fix Patch

Source: Windowsit Pro

More April Patch Tuesday Fallout Today, we learn that the security update to fix the RTF vulnerability cannot be installed for Office Web Apps 2013 that has already had Service Pack 1 applie ...
Full article at: Windowsit Pro Apr 9 2014, 2:14pm CDT

Microsoft's final Windows XP Patch Tuesday is brief

Source: Inquirer

Fixes remote code execution in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office ...
Full article at: Inquirer Apr 9 2014, 6:55am CDT

Office, IE, Flash fixes accompany Windows XP's final Patch Tuesday

Source: The Register

Microsoft, Adobe move to fix more security flaws Microsoft has released patches for critical security vulnerabilities in Word and Internet Explorer on what is to be the final Patch Tuesday update for W ...
Full article at: The Register Apr 8 2014, 6:40pm CDT

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Microsoft Patches Windows XP for Last Time Along With Other Fixes

Source: eWeek

Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer get attention in this month's Patch Tuesday update, but some unpatched flaws ...
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Microsoft releases final fixes for Windows XP, Office 2003

Source: SC Magazine

This month's Patch Tuesday marks the end of support for the dated, but widely u ...
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Huge Microsoft Security Patch Hits Tuesday, Includes Windows 7 Updates

Microsoft will release a huge security patch tomorrow October 13th containing eight critical and five important...
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