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Patrick Moore

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Patrick Moore Book SigningPatrick Moore Book SigningPatrick Moore Book Signing

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A Miracle Rice Could Save Millions Of Lives

Source: Business Insider

Amy Purdy, Elizabeth Berkely, And Angie Harmon On "Extra"
One of the world's great humanitarian crises has a simple cause and, some researchers argue, a simple solution. But that's where the story gets complicated. Around the world, 250 million children are vitamin A-deficient, including about a third of the world's preschool-age population. This simple deficiency kills or blinds millions of women and children each year. In places like the United States, wh ...
Full article at: Business Insider Jul 15 2014, 9:31am CDT


Astronomy Photographer Of The Year 2014 Breaks Record Number Of Entries (PICTURES)

Source: The Huffington Post: UK Edition

Women In Film And TV Awards 2011
It's that time of year again when we can marvel at the fascinating sights on offer in our universe - with help from some stunning photography. More than 2500 images have been entered for the 2014 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition run by the Royal Observatory Greenwich and the BBC Sky at Night Magazine. Now in its sixth year, the competition is once again showcasing some truly spectacular space photography ...
Full article at: The Huffington Post: UK Edition Jul 1 2014, 11:00am CDT

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Three Global Warming Skeptics Win Awards

Source: PRWeb

Patrick Moore Book Signing
Three distinguished global warming skeptics – Patrick Moore, Alan Carlin, and Willie Soon – will receive special recognition at the 9th International Conference on Climate Change July 7–9 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (ICCC9).(PRWeb June 20, 2014)Read the full story at http://www.prwe ...
Full article at: PRWeb Jun 20 2014, 10:20am CDT

Independent: Environmentalism is Doing Humanity a 'Gross Disservice'

Source: Big Government

Patrick Moore Book Signing
Britain's most 'green-conscious' newspaper, the Independent, has broken ranks on genetically modified (GM) foods, urging its environmentally hard-headed audience that they were doing humanity "a gross disservice" by standing in the way of GM foods thaat could alleviate starvation around the world. The article comes four months after Breitbart London's executive editor James Delingpole wrote a similar though more robust ...
Full article at: Big Government Jun 19 2014, 4:06am CDT

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'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Adds Four More Female Characters, Still No MCU Features
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