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Gallery : Pearson

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Celebrity Sightings In PortofinoCelebrity Sightings In Portofino2014 Essence Music Festival - Seminars - Day 2

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iPhone Developers Cookbook Available as eBook

iPhone Developers Cookbook Available as eBook
There is no doubt that Apple has hit a home run with its wildly popular and profitable App Store. Apps for the iPhone...
Read more Oct 9 2008, 10:40am CDT


Pearson Workforce Education Courses Using New Online Enrollment

Source: Campus Technology

Celebrity Sightings In Portofino
Pearson is updating its switching to web-based enrollment management for its workforce education courses, a change expected to impact more than 200 colleges and universities and nearly four million ...
Full article at: Campus Technology 3 days ago, 9:30am CDT

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Suits: Watch Season 4 Episode 4 Online

Source: TV Fanatic

Jessica Alba Visits "FOX & Friends"
It's very likely that Suits Season 4 Episode 4 was a turning point. The SEC comes knocking at Pearson Specter’s door and Jessica and Jeff were on the front lines to fight them. It seems they may have come out on top, until it becomes clear the SEC was out for something else entirely. Harvey and Mike continues their back and forth related to Gillis industries, causing Mike to initiate a hostile takeover to save his job, and for ...
Full article at: TV Fanatic 3 days ago, 5:20am CDT

Suits Review: Always a Choice

Source: TV Fanatic

Jeff Koons: A Retrospective
Jeff and Jessica attempted to take on the SEC while Mike strained more relationships. If you ask me, Pearson Specter, and all the people who make it tick are on the verge of an epic breakdown, and not of their firm, but of themselves. The culprit? Their emotions. And that's why Suits Season 4 Episode 4 could be a real turning point. We knew Mike was leveraged to the eyeballs with his job on the line. Bu ...
Full article at: TV Fanatic 3 days ago, 10:14pm CDT

Why Johnny Won’t Learn to Read

Source: Education Next

New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina Holds News Conference At A Brooklyn School
Bad ideas in education are like horror movie monsters. You think you’ve killed them, but they refuse to stay dead. A generation ago, the infamous “reading wars” pitted phonics-based instruction in the early grades against “whole language,” which emphasized reading for meaning instead of spelling, grammar, and sounding words out. In 1997, the National Reading Panel was tasked to settle the fight once and for all. Phonics won. That should ha ...
Full article at: Education Next 4 days ago, 4:02am CDT

REWIND: July 2013 storm pummels Toronto causing transit chaos & widespread damage


15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala Presented By Starz - Inside
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The school leavers who aren't ready for work: One in three business executives are concerned about young people's attitude

Source: Daily Mail - UK

Celebrity Sightings In Portofino
Firms see a young person's mindset as more important than academic results, but fear school leavers are lacking these skills, the CBI/Pearson educat ...
Full article at: Daily Mail - UK Jul 4 2014, 1:22am CDT

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Maneuvering over Pearson

Source: The Columbian

Celebrity Sightings In Portofino
Another potential player has been identified in the continuing saga of the Pea ...
Full article at: The Columbian Jul 4 2014, 12:13am CDT

Good Riddance to Common Core Testing

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

Eric Holder And Arne Duncan Visit Washington DC Elementary School
A few years ago, Arne Duncan, Bill Gates, David Coleman, and a merry band of policy wonks had a grand plan. The non-governmental groups like Achieve, the National Governors Association, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and Coleman's own Student Achievement Partners would write the Common Core standards (paid for by the Gates Foundation); Duncan would require states to agree to adopt them as a condition of eligibility for a share of the billions of Race to the T ...
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Paint Dinosaurs And Turn The World Into Your Sticker Album

Source: MacMegasite

Celebrity Sightings In Portofino
Singapore – Dotnamestudios, creator of the acclaimed Dinosaur Zoo app (Educational App of the Year 2011, 2012 and featured on Apple’s 2013 “Together” commercial) now brings you more high-end CG dinosaur fun with their new release, Let’s Paint Dinosaurs. What’s new about this app: Paint your own dinosaurs that look like the real deal- even if they are pink. Let’s Paint Dinosaurs uses museum-spec CG dinosaurs as a layered canvas ...
Full article at: MacMegasite Jul 3 2014, 8:30am CDT