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OS X Mountain Lion Downloads exceed 3 Million in Just 4 Days

OS X Mountain Lion Downloads exceed 3 Million in Just 4 Days
Apple's new OS X Update is rather popular.
Read more Jul 30 2012, 8:09am CDT


Apple Responds To Sexy App Ban

Apple has come forward to justify its recent move to ban apps with "overtly sexual content" from the iPhone and iPod...
Read more Feb 23 2010, 4:26pm CST

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Death of Steve Jobs prompted Samsung’s U-turn on Apple attack ads

Source: 9to5Mac

Denver Outlaws v Chesapeake Bayhawks
We learned yesterday from patent trial evidence that Samsung was worried about running ads that directly attacked Apple, wanting Google to do it for them. We now know that it was the death of Steve Jobs which prompted Samsung’s change of mind, running the Next Big Thing ads which directly mocked Apple customers. An email trail shows that Samsung America’s VP of U.S. sales Mike Pennington cynically described the death of Jobs as “the best opportunity” to run the campaign, as con ...
Full article at: 9to5Mac 3 days ago, 6:19am CDT

Steve Jobs May Return for WWDC

Steve Jobs May Return for WWDC
A new rumor is going around that Steve Jobs may be returning to Apple from sick leave just to deliver the iPhone speech...
Read more Jun 5 2009, 6:50am CDT

Finally, The Truth About Apple And TBWA's 'Perfect' Marriage

Source: The Business Insider

Apple's relationship with its advertising agency, TBWA\Media Arts Lab is one of the most storied partnerships in the history of the industry. TBWA's predecessor was the agency behind Apple's famous 1984 Super Bowl ad, and in 1997, TBWA helped save Apple from the brink of bankruptcy with its iconic "Think Different" campaign. Steve Jobs was even close personal friends with ...
Full article at: The Business Insider Apr 7 2014, 8:09pm CDT

Early iPhone 5 buyers were already asking for bigger screens, reveals confidential document

Source: 9to5Mac

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Patent trials generally aren’t the most exciting of events, but documents revealed through the second Apple vs Samsung case are certainly providing a lot of fascinating glimpses behind the scenes. The latest is the above summary of research Apple carried out among early buyers of the iPhone 5 to find out what they thought of the phone and what improvements they wanted to see, tweeted by Jay Yarow. While longer battery-life and bett ...
Full article at: 9to5Mac Apr 7 2014, 7:51am CDT

Philip Schiller leads Apple WWDC 2009 Keynote

Apple just announced the details about the WWDC 2009 Keynote Address on June 8th 10am. A team of Apple executives, led...
Read more May 13 2009, 8:34am CDT

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Nike is Not Shutting Down FuelBand, But Facing Downslide in Wearable Devices
Nike is Not Shutting Down FuelBand, But Facing Downslide in Wearable Devices
Nike has not stopped its FuelBand production. However, it seems to be facing a downslide in the department of wearable devices.
Peaches Geldof to be Laid to Rest on Easter Monday
Peaches Geldof to be Laid to Rest on Easter Monday
Peaches Geldof is to be laid to rest soon after her sudden death due to unknown causes. Some say that after being incinerated, her remains will be spread in the soil surrounding her family residence. On the other hand Peaches Geldof may be buried.
Padma Lakshmi Shows Bad Taste in Fashion
Padma Lakshmi Shows Bad Taste in Fashion
The otherwise slim and smart Padma Lakshmi showed bad taste in fashion with her latest ensemble. The midriff baring look simply did not make her appear as presentable as she ought to have been.

Apple WWDC Scheduled for June 2–6

Source: IGN

Apple will be hosting its annual Worldwide Developers Conference at San Francisco's Moscone West from June 2–6. WWDC is a place for developers to learn about the latest improvements and enhancements to Apple's mobile and desktop operating systems. In the past, new product announcements have also taken place during the event's keynote. "We have the most amazing developer community i ...
Full article at: IGN Apr 3 2014, 9:11am CDT

Apple so rattled by ‘Next Big Thing’ ads, it almost changed ad agency, claims Samsung

Source: 9to5Mac

Apple senior VP of marketing Phil Schiller was so concerned about Samsung’s Next Big Thing ad campaign, in which the company poked fun at Apple customers, that he emailed Tim Cook to suggest a change of ad agency to fight back – according to a claim by Samsung lawyer Jon Quinn. The Verge reports that Quinn made the claim in his opening arguments in the patent trial in which Apple is accusing Samsung of violating five of its iOS-related patents. Quinn says Schiller became “obses ...
Full article at: 9to5Mac Apr 2 2014, 6:41am CDT

Apple says MacWorld 2009 is last for them and Steve Jobs will not hold Keynote

Apple announced today that the MacWorld Expo 2009 is the last show the company is exhibiting. Additionally Philip...
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