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USB Calabash Speakers

USB Calabash Speakers
I admit it, I first had to look up what a Calabash is. It is actually a plant. The Calabash can be used as a...
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Dixon leaders consider host of bans

Source: The Reporter

Dow Falls As Technology Sector Stocks Tumble
Citing public safety issues, Dixon city leaders are seeking temporary bans on the establishment and operation of massage parlors; computer gaming and Internet access shops; and hookah, e-cigarette lounges and ...
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Chippewa Valley Coalition hosts hazards of hookah presentation

Source: The Voice

With hookah lounges available in Macomb, Shelby and Clinton townships as well as Sterling Heights, blowing smoke rings like the caterpillar in “Alice in Wonderland” has become a dangerous trend among teens, according to Chippewa Valley Coalition for Youth and Families Executive Director C ...
Full article at: The Voice 15 hours ago, 1:01pm CDT

Public E-Cigarette Ban Goes Into Effect At Midnight

Source: CBS Los Angeles

2012 Consumer Electronics Show Showcases Latest Technology Innovations
LOS ANGELES ( — A ban on e-cigarettes at bars, restaurants and other public areas will go into effect Friday at midnight for the city of Los Angeles. The ban, approved by the Los Angeles City Council 14-0 in March, prohibits “vaping” at farmers’ markets, parks, recreational areas, beaches, indoor workplaces such as bars and nightclubs, outdoor dining areas and any other location where tobacco smoking i ...
Full article at: CBS Los Angeles 20 hours ago, 8:14am CDT

Port Richmond hookah bar co-owner says his place isn't to blame for recent police incidents


UJA-Federation's 2014 Digital Media Award Celebration
"I've never had one incident inside. It's only when they leave," said Myst Lounge co-owner Chucky Demes. ...
Full article at: 4 days ago, 7:30pm CDT

Port Richmond hookah bar draws ire from neighbors and scrutiny from NYPD, SLA


The Making Of The Toscano Cigar
Myst Lounge on Forest Ave. has seen at least three incidents that ended in arrest sin ...
Full article at: 4 days ago, 8:02am CDT

Adukrom Chief And Awukugua Chief Smoke Peace Pipe

Source: Peace FM Online

Prince Charles Attends A Showcase Of Scottish Food And Drink
The chief of Adukrom, who is also the Nifahene of the Akuapem Traditional Area of the Eastern region, Osuodumgya Otutu Kono III, has finally smoked the peace pipe with the chief of Awukugua, also in the Nifa Division, Osabarima Opese Konadu II after the two h ...
Full article at: Peace FM Online 6 days ago, 9:38am CDT

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Kepler-186f is the first earth-size planet discovered by NASA
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Nike exiting the wearables market, says report
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The camel that loved her dokha

Source: The National Newspaper

The Making Of The Toscano Cigar
A man once told me, “My friend’s father, he loved his camels, one in particular. You know Camel cigarettes? Let me tell me you about the original camel cigarette...”This camel, he told me, loved her owner very deeply. Above all, she loved his fragrance.It was not his cologne. She loved the smell of his dokha, which means dizzy, the ...
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Three face charges after confrontation with police outside Port Richmond hookah bar


The Making Of The Toscano Cigar
Police allege that the men tangled with officers who were responding to a fracas outside ...
Full article at: Apr 8 2014, 7:00pm CDT

A Smart Man’s Smoke

Source: Robb Report

There was a time when the pipe was considered the intellectual’s smoke. In fact, one pipe company, Peterson of Ireland, even coined a slogan to that effect, calling itself “The Thinking Man’s Pipe.” Pipe smoking reached its zenith during the 19th century and enjoyed another boom from the 1930s to the ʼ50s, when it came to symbolize manliness, trustworthiness, and fortitude. Indeed, the pipe was a go-to prop for Hollywood dire ...
Full article at: Robb Report Apr 8 2014, 1:51pm CDT


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