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Apple believed to be working harder on its camera quality rather than megapixel count for next iPhone

Apple is believed to work harder on its camera quality
Smartphone companies will focus more on the megapixel strength of their unique phones but Apple plans on launching iPhones with camera’s containing better image quality as opposed to more pixels.
Read more Mar 21 2014, 1:58pm CDT


Samsung working on 4K mobile display!!

Samsung working on 4K mobile display!!
Samsung’s work on the 4K resolution might face some differing point of views
Read more Jan 29 2014, 11:08am CST

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The mystery of Final Fantasy 14's "HD Quality" mode

Source: Eurogamer

The audience pixel screen flashes red, w
A few Digital Foundry readers have pointed out that the PS4 version of Final Fantasy 14 features an interesting option in the display settings menu that allows you to select between two different rendering modes, labelled 'Full HD Quality' and 'HD Quality'. We're sorry we missed this in the Final Fantasy 14 face-off we published at the weekend, but we've been looking into it over the last few days and it throws up some interesting results.Pixel counting reveals ...
Full article at: Eurogamer 11 hours ago

Sharp unveils TV positioned between HD and 4K

Sharp's new Quattron+ aims at resolution higher than HD but lower than 4K LAS VEGAS (AP) — Japanese...
Read more Jan 6 2014, 1:36pm CST

Ink & Pixel: How To Train Your Dragon

Source: Latino Review

The audience pixel screen flashes red, w
Ink & Pixel is a source of pride and joy for me as a writer and as such, I’m always striving to take this column further for those who read and enjoy it. If you yourself, or anyone you know, helped to make any of the amazing feature animated films found within this column, I would love to talk to you to further my knowledge. Please contact me ...
Full article at: Latino Review 15 hours ago

Japan Display promises '4K2K' screen that won't kill your tablet battery


Apple's New iPad Air Goes On Sale
Japan Display, ever a source of display tech innovation, has announced a new high-density tablet screens that it promises has no extra drain on a device's battery life.The 10.1-inch LCD screen has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, which the company for some reason refers to as "4K2K."That gives it a pixel density of 438ppi, which is high for a tablet - almost 200 more pixels per inch than the iPad Air's Retina display.But ...
Full article at: 22 hours ago, 3:30pm CDT

Lensless Camera Now Takes Multi-View Pictures

Lensless Camera Takes Multi-View Pictures Now
Bell Labs have created the first lensless multi-view camera to take one photo with multiple angles at same time. This new technology has lit up the imagination of the world’s photographers.
Read more Jun 26 2013, 4:06pm CDT

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Is Marketing on Facebook Still Relevant In 2015?
Is Marketing on Facebook Still Relevant In 2015?
A recent study done by researchers at Princeton University suggests that Facebook will experience a rapid decline in activity over the next few years. The research, which compares the lifecycle of popular social networking sites to the lifecycle of...
Single complaint sparks NHTSA investigating into 60k 2014 Chevrolet Impalas
Single complaint sparks NHTSA investigating into 60k 2014 Chevrolet Impalas
Driver says anti-collision brake system activated without need
Ronald McDonald gets a Makeover
Ronald McDonald gets a Makeover
McDonald's brand ambassador Ronald McDonald gets a makeover and a new mission.

Acer C720P Chromebook puts brawn before beauty [review]

Source: BetaNews

22nd IAAF World Race Walking Championships
I struggle to aptly describe my feelings about Acer's affordable touchscreen Chromebook. The C720P is the lover you keep in the dark, for the benefits, but which you wouldn't be seen with in the daylight. Performance and battery life are wow-worthy. But the plastic exterior looks and feels cheap, and the touchscreen is too dim -- well, for my tastes. More than two months now using the C720P, I like the computer least of ...
Full article at: BetaNews 6 days ago, 3:43pm CDT

This is what apps could look like on the iPhone 6′s bigger display

Source: BGR

While Apple is yet to reveal details about its bigger iPhone plans, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – who has a good track record reporting on Apple unreleased products – last week revealed many details about a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 including its screen resolution. According to him, the bigger iPhone will have a strange 1334 x 750 Retina display with a pixel density of 326 pixel per inch density. In new reports, MacRumors and a The Verge forums user explained why that resolutio ...
Full article at: BGR 1 week ago, 12:50pm CDT

Chromebook Pixel Unveiled

Chromebook Pixel Unveiled
Google takes on Apple's MacBooks with new Chromebook Pixel.
Read more Feb 21 2013, 1:15pm CST


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