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Wearable Tech Already Deployed In Australia... On Bees

Wearable Tech Already Deployed In Australia... On Bees
At last week’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, wearable technology was supposedly the hottest new...
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Cold winter devastates local bees

Source: Timmins Daily Press

The local bee population is in trouble ...
Full article at: Timmins Daily Press 16 hours ago, 2:40pm CDT

World's Smallest Flying Robot's First Flight

World's Smallest Flying Robot Takes Off
There is a theory that insects are aliens living in our midst. Well, now the world’s first robotic insects are the beginning of a success story that may end in a miniaturized form of artificial intelligence being invented by the ingenious mind of man.
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To Save Bees, Minn. Growers & Gardeners Are Switching Pesticides

Source: CBS Minnesota

Giorgio Armani Celebrates The 86th Annual Academy Award Nominations For Martin Scorsese And Paolo Sorrentino
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A new trend in gardening is generating a buzz. More growers and gardeners are moving away from chemicals and insecticides that are hurting or killing bees, which are responsible for pollinating 95 percent of our fruit. In a study released in August, the Pesticide Action Network said 54 percent of plants bought at Home Depot and Lowe’s had neonicotinoid pesticides in their systems. Once treated with neonicotinoid ...
Full article at: CBS Minnesota 1 day ago, 5:51pm CDT

Adorable Bees That Live Inside Snail Shells

Source: Wired

Osmia bicolor is one of the first bees of spring, emerging as early as February in their native range of South England and Wales. As solitary bees, there are no queens and workers; females build their nests alone. Males emerge, mate, and then die. What makes these little bees so captivating is where they make their nests. They repurpose empty snail shells, belonging to a small group of bees known as "helicophiles" (snail-l ...
Full article at: Wired 1 day ago, 2:47pm CDT

Cellphones kill the Bees

Cellphones kill the Bees
New research puts the blame on cellphones for the sudden drop in bee population world-wide.
Read more May 11 2011, 1:50pm CDT

Watch These Amazing Flip Books of Birds and Butterflies

Source: Wired

Street Style At The 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts
Colorful hummingbirds and butterflies flit across the page in constant motion, like an Audubon gu ...
Full article at: Wired 1 day ago, 12:11pm CDT

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Some Minnesota nurseries offer plants that are safe for bees


As gardeners begin shopping for plants this spring, they may see some marked as ...
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More beekeepers, but fewer bees

Source: The Bucyrus Telegraph

Queen Sofia of Spain Visits Donana National Park
The number of beekeepers in north central Ohio is on the rise, as more and more hobbyists are taking up the sweet activity. Unfortunately, the honeybees themselves are continuing to exper ...
Full article at: The Bucyrus Telegraph 2 days ago, 8:51pm CDT

Electric Butterfly in a Jar Will be a Hit This Holiday Season

Electric Butterfly in a Jar Will be a Hit This Holiday Season
This unique item will have them talking.
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