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CHINA-PROPERTY-TAX-MOONAn almost-full moon lingers above BeijinDaimler AG Presents 2011 Financial Results

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Amazon: Still A Charity For Consumers Funded By Investors?

Roughly a year ago, after Amazon came out with its 2012 earnings report, Slate columnist Matthew Yglesias called...
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Why The Most Popular Chart In The Profit Margins Debate Is A Complete Disaster

Source: The Business Insider

Fattening profit margins have enabled U.S. corporations to generate record profits despite modest revenue growth in the wake of the financial crisis. Now, everyone wants to know if and when these margins will contract. The bulls generally argue that margins have been in a secular uptrend thanks to technology, increasing overseas exposure, and lower interest and tax expenses among other things. Any contraction would be ...
Full article at: The Business Insider Mar 31 2014, 9:29am CDT

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