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Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland Available for Pre-Order

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland Available for Pre-Order
This game releases on May 22, 2012.
Read more Apr 11 2012, 3:05pm CDT

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Galaxy Quest Sequel Comic Announced

Source: IGN

Galaxy Quest wasn't just a great Star Trek parody, it was a better Trek movie than most of the actual Star Trek movies. Unfortunately, despite an ending that left Galaxy Quest wide open for a sequel (or even better, a TV series), one has yet to materialize. But if we can't have another Galaxy Quest movie, at least we can see the saga continue in comic book form. IDW Publishing already released one Galaxy Ques ...
Full article at: IGN 12 hours ago, 2:59pm CDT

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New ABC Show: "The Quest"

Source: WTAE Pittsburgh

In a thrilling race against time, fantasy, reality and scripted drama will collide as good vs. evil on "The Quest, a new reality based competition series unlike anything else on televis ...
Full article at: WTAE Pittsburgh Jul 16 2014, 3:01pm CDT

Lafayette College honors Riegel


George “Ted” Riegel George “Ted” Riegel IV, a 2012 graduate of Wilton High School, has been named an EXCEL Scholar at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa. Participation in the EXCEL Program is reserved for those students who have achieved distinction in their academic program. As part of this program, George is conducting research this summer with Chemistry Professor William H. Miles. Mr. Miles’ team is developi ...
Full article at: Jul 15 2014, 9:00am CDT

Quest Diagnostics: Looking at the Bigger Picture


Quest Diagnostics and Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings are entrenched industry players that are very capable of weathering industry storms, such as the recent CMS reimbursement drama, quite well. Although there is a chance that Quest Diagnostics's new BRCA testing service might fail to gain traction ...
Full article at: Jun 30 2014, 1:35pm CDT

No Man's Sky Won't Have Quests, Aims To Be Like Minecraft

Source: cinema blend

While we have the typical shooter trash and annual recycle-fests, Hello Games' No Man's Sky is aiming to ...
Full article at: cinema blend Jun 19 2014, 12:47pm CDT

Detroit pulled off a miracle during WWII, can it do the same thing today?

Source: Michigan Public Radio

For months, we’ve been embroiled in Detroit’s bankruptcy and attempts to save what there is worth saving.It is hard to pick up any national publication without finding stories about Detroit, few of them good. There are a spate of new book titles too, which mostly chronicle the city’s decline and fall.Yet I’ve just been reading an utterly fascinating and inspiring new book about a time when Detroit really did save, or at least help save, the w ...
Full article at: Michigan Public Radio Jun 13 2014, 9:16am CDT

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iPhone 6 will not have Sapphire Cover Glass
iPhone 6 will not have Sapphire Cover Glass
New supply chain analysis suggest that there will be no Sapphire Cover Glass on the iPhone 6.
Philadelphia Phillies Release Tony Gwynn, Jr.
Philadelphia Phillies Release Tony Gwynn, Jr.
The Philadelphia Phillies released outfielder Tony Gwynn, Jr., the son of the late San Diego Padres legend, on July 28.
The Best CosPlay Comic-Con 2014 Photos
The Best CosPlay Comic-Con 2014 Photos
Comic-Con 2014 is over and had a huge line-up of celebrities, but the real stars are the fans doing cosplay. See below the best CosPlay Comic-Con 2014 photos.

You Say Tomato? Ford Says Tom-Auto in Eco Parts Quest

Source: NDTV

It is testing the use of dried tomato skins, a waste product from making Heinz's famous red sauce, to form part of wiring brackets or coin holders, hoping the use ...
Full article at: NDTV Jun 10 2014, 12:17pm CDT

Grinding versis Questing in WoW

Grinding versis Questing in WoW
OCModShop takes a look at two strategies playing World of Warcraft: Grinding and Questing. Quote: "A question almost...
Read more Jun 15 2008, 11:00am CDT


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