Swatch announces to make Batteries with Unmatched Storage Capacity

Swatch announces to make Batteries with Unmatched Storage Capacity

Harrison Ford returns in Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner Sequel

Harrison Ford returns to Denis Villeneuve's Blade Runner Sequel

The Science Behind The Dress

The Science Behind The Dress

Star Trek's Renaissance Man Leonard Nimoy, dead at 83

Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek's Renaissance Man, Dead at 83

Apple Watch Will Ditch the Car Keys and Remind Users to Exercise

Apple Watch Will Ditch the Car Keys and Remind Users to Exercise


MWC 2015 Preview

MWC 2015 Preview The Mobile World Congress is the most prominent event in the Mobile Industry. The Mobile World Congress is the World’s largest event for the smartphone manufacturers to exhibit their mobile devices, and to announce what...

1 day ago, 10:53am CST

Assassin’s Creed Unity App Review

Assassin’s Creed Unity App Review Assassin’s Creed Unity was one of the most anticipated games for the past year. The game enthusiasts had waited for more than a year for the game to come out. The game which was part of the original Assassin’s Creed series came out and proved to be an amazing hit of the year. The console and PC version of the game was amazing, but most of the players missed their game while they were away from their consoles and PC’s. To cover this gap which people used to spend away from the game, the developers came up with an awesome companion app. The Assassin’s Creed Unity Companion app is specially designed so that you have a permanent link to the Assassin’s Creed Unity always ready in your pocket. The companion app offers you an amazing 3D view of Paris from the original game; you could plan your missions and while doing so, complete many side quests present in the app. You will also get chance to study the city in detail so that going through the game is much easier.

1 day ago, 5:28am CST

Assassins Creed Pirates

Assassins Creed Pirates Assassin’s Creed’s a name that is known among all the game lovers around the globe. This game has made millions of fans over the past years and people of all ages are attracted towards the game.The smartphone and tablet users have been missing out on the Assassin’s Creed’s fun for a long time and have been looking forward for an Assassin’s Creed treat for themselves. Well, their wish has been granted in the form of Assassin’s Creed Pirates. It’s a game that has been developed on the pirate’s concept of the original Assassin’s Creed Black Flags that was available for consoles and PC. People loved the pirating concept which was coupled with shipping on your own ship that destroyed and robbed the Galleons one after another. Well, the Assassin’s Creed Pirates has been built entirely on the fishing part of the game. You will be sailing with a raised black flag through the high seas with your cannons loaded to bring down some treasure laden ships.

1 day ago, 3:17am CST

Spider-Man Unlimited Game Review

Spider-Man Unlimited Game Review Spiderman, the superhero from the Marvel Comics who has appeared in comics, cartoons, TV Series, movies and God knows how many more places for the past few decades, is loved my millions around the world. The web throwing, wall climbing, long jumping, and criminal hunting character who wears the amazing red costume is die-hard favourite of kids. In this era, every famous character is getting a game based on itself and when it comes to Spiderman, his game is Spider-Man Unlimited. It’s an extraordinarily amazing endless running game. Along with that, you also get a campaign running game in which you have to complete certain objectives to complete levels one by one.You have to help your character run through an indefinite track while collecting some great goodies that are used to buy upgrades and boosters for your runs.

1 day ago, 1:00am CST

Cars: Fast as Lightning Game Review

Cars: Fast as Lightning Game Review Many great animated movies have been made and then shown to the public in the past few years. As we all know, Disney Pixar is one of the best animated movie producers on this globe. They have made many great animated flicks. One of the most famous among them all was CARS. The animated series that was loved by people of all ages from school-going kids to mature petrol heads. Now all that fun from the CARS movie and its animated town of Radiator Springs is available for you to enjoy on your mobile phones. All this fun is packed in an amazing game Cars: Fast as Lightning. The game gives you complete control of the small world of CARS where you will get a chance to be one of your cars from the series. So get ready to go racing with the fastest car, The Lightning McQueen.

1 day ago, 10:00pm CST

Lego Bionicle Game Review

Lego Bionicle Game Review LEGO, who on earth does not love this name? Everyone who knows about LEGO loves them no matter what their age is. You only hate them a bit when they come under your feet; still that hate isn’t that permanent, you will forget it in moments and love them again!In the past few years, LEGO has inspired many great things like movies and games that are quite popular around the globe. So now, a LEGO game is available for the smartphone users to have some LEGO fun on the go. The game has been developed by the LEGO Group themselves which means it has 100% authentic LEGO fun in it. The game is an action fighting game which has an amazing gameplay which you will enjoy for days.

1 day ago, 7:35pm CST

Focus: Will Smith and Margot Robbie battle for the Ultimate Con

Focus: Will Smith and Margot Robbie battle for the Ultimate Con Will Smith and Margot Robbie start as master and protégé in the con film and try their best to keep the game up with outlandish plot turns and excessive drama.

2 days ago, 10:08am CST

Two and a Half Men Finale: Charlie Sheen Dead… Again!

Two and a Half Men Finale: Charlie Sheen Dead… Again! Two and a Half Men ends after 12 seasons of laughs with a disappointing finale, killing Charlie’s character again in a poor plot move by Chuck Lorre!

Feb 20 2015, 4:59am CST

Oscars 2015 Predictions yield a Few Surprises

Oscars 2015 Predictions yield a Few Surprises The Oscars for 2015 have already ahead of time started the rumor mill running in full swing. And among the nominations are many that yield a few surprises in their turn.

Feb 16 2015, 12:54pm CST

Fifty Shades of Grey in the Eyes of the Critics

Fifty Shades of Grey in the Eyes of the Critics The highly anticipated adaption of E L James bestseller book has been released worldwide and critics have done their part and given their reviews for the movie.

Feb 13 2015, 10:10am CST

Hungry Hal

Hungry Hal App Review Most of us are great fans of anything that has zombies in it. We don’t really love the zombies, but we love the zombie massacre that happens in all those things. In everything, from movies and TV shows to PC or Mobile games, we love killing all those brainless zombies. Ever thought about helping a zombie survive? Most of us just shiver at this thought. The Hungry Hal – The Undead Zombie Run is a game in which we have to assume the role of a zombie and kill the humans. It’s the other way around as most have ever seen. It’s different so it’s fun, just give it a try.

Feb 12 2015, 1:13am CST

Logic Dots

Logic Dots App Review Puzzle games have been on the smartphones for a long time. We all love playing puzzle games during all our free time. Many puzzle lovers also have a great liking for the world famous board game Sudoku. They, at many times, had the urge to combine Sudoku in some sort of puzzle game. But this wish never became possible until recently. The great new game that’s becoming quite famous nowadays is “Logic Dots”. The game is all about placing dots on a circular grid. The grid consists of many little squares on which you have to place your dots in the specific pattern. The game looks quite easy when you are learning it, but once the learning is done, the game becomes pretty hard and tricky. It will take you hours to figure out an appropriate strategy on many levels so just take some time out because you will be addicted to this game for a long time.

Feb 12 2015, 12:48am CST


Flockers App Review Are you in search of some new, amazing, and unique types of puzzle games for your phone or tablet? Then luckily, your search might end now. All thanks to the latest game that’s made its way to the mobile app stores after rocking the PlayStation and Computer world. “Flockers”, the ultimately sheepish puzzle game, is made by the developers of world’s renowned game the Worms. The motto of the entire game is sheep saving. Your task is to guide your flock of stray sheeps out of a factory-sort of place without getting any of them shaved or killed in the process. The game is a bit funny and thrilling at the same time. You might be jumping in your seat for a moment and hitting your devices screen hard the very next moment. So be prepared to be a shepherd and guide your flock of cute little sheeps.

Feb 12 2015, 12:38am CST

Crusaders Quest

App Review: Crusaders Quest Crusaders Quest is an epic 16-bit action Role Playing Game. It’s an amazing story of a knight who has to fight his way through a dangerous realm fighting with dangerous monsters that are on the verge of killing him at every step he takes. The mission of our brave little knight is that he has to fight his way across all the monsters and free the sacred goddesses who possess sacred power which they after getting their freedom bestow onto our hero. As we free more and more goddesses, we become stronger and stronger so do our enemies. The game is and amazing combination of 16-bit graphics and music. The game will surely, at many moments, get you to grind your teeth while you come across some of the strongest foes.

Feb 12 2015, 12:25am CST

57th Annual Grammy Awards Preview

57th Annual Grammy Awards Preview The rock, pop and rap star-studded occasion that is the 57th Annual Grammy Awards will be broadcast live on the upcoming Sunday. A very talented cast of award-winners, both male and female musicians and singers, will be shown at their peak of performance.

Feb 6 2015, 6:16am CST


Socioball As it is clear from the name, this game combines social and ball in some way. Well let us explain how this game does what it’s named after. Well in the game, your purpose is that you have to guide a ball through a plain that consists of tiles. Seems pretty easy? Well it isn’t, because this plain isn’t flat at all - there are special tiles that can turn, stop, push or throw your ball in the air. Your task is that you have to complete the path which the ball will follow from some designated start point; this path must lead the ball to the specific point where it needs to be. If you misplace even a single tile, your ball will go on and fall of the plane. The social part is that you could generate your own puzzle and share it with friends and family over the social media.

Feb 4 2015, 12:02am CST

Raids of Glory

Raids of Glory Who on earth doesn’t like being a pirate? Well, Raids of Glory is an ultimate pirate game for your smartphone and you will surely love it because of the fact that it has pirates in it. The game actually is a build-it game in which you are to head a small community of pirates. You have to gather resources to build your pirate empire. The empire that is based on an island is lush green and has an amazing view. In the game, you will get to build all sorts of buildings that have different purposes, ranging from material-making shops to food-generating farms and docks that build ships. So prepare yourself to get amerced in the world of pirates.

Feb 3 2015, 11:50pm CST


KingsRoad KingsRoad is an RPG (Role Playing Game) in which you are given the role of a brave fighter who has to fight his way through this world, fighting against stronger and stronger enemies - all of whom have to be defeated. You are allowed to choose one of the three available classes for your hero. Your hero could either be an Archer who shoots and kills his enemies silently or a Wizard who kills his enemies with his magic which enemies will never notice coming for them or a Knight who will take his enemies head on and defeat his enemies in a bloody battle. The game will give you a huge amount of enemies that you will enjoy killing with whatever technique you love to use. The game has so much action filled into it that you can’t imagine it without playing the game.

Feb 3 2015, 12:00pm CST

Bit Dungeon II

Bit Dungeon II Bit Dungeon II is a game inspired by the world famous game Legend of Zelda. It’s a special treat for all those Legend of Zelda fans out there. The game has a great new concept built to provide the players with an open world environment. The game seems to have come out of the old Nintendo Game Boy period. It has all the same graphics as they were in those Game Boys that you loved in your childhood. The game is developed around a knight who starts his journey with nothing and fights his path through the unforgiving realm of underworld. The only thing that he is good at is killing all those dangerous and horrible monsters that come in all sizes from mighty to micro.

Feb 3 2015, 11:46am CST

Tap Titans

Tap Titans A tap is all that matters on all these high-end smartphones. Tapping has been an essential part of all the games that have been developed for today’s high-end smartphones and tablets. Many different tapping games have been introduced in the online markets and most of them failed to make a mark after a short time because people got tired of all that taping on a single spot on the screen. Tap Titans is a game that’s come up recently and after playing it for a couple of minutes, it was clear that this game is here to stay. It’s actually a role-playing game that revolves around a hero who has to fight against a really wide variety of enemies. You have to defeat bosses one by one to progress level by level in the game. The game seems to be pretty slow from the description, but it’s actually quite fast and filled with some amazing action.

Jan 26 2015, 1:03am CST


Shadowmatic Shadowmatic is a puzzle game, but it’s not any normal puzzle game - it’s quite different from all those puzzle games that are available for smartphones. Shadowmatic gives a really new concept of puzzles; it has taken puzzle games to a whole new standard or one could say introduced a whole new genre to the puzzle games. Shadowmatic is a stirring puzzle game. In the game, we are given a 3D object that is placed in front of a light source and forming a shadow on some wall. Your task is that you have to turn the object in all directions until the shadow of that object makes some recognizable image. In other words, using a 3D object, you have to create a 2D image. Rotating single object and creating a shadow seems easy, to add to the challenge you will be given multiple objects, and their combined shadow will be making an image - this part makes it hard and will surely get you working hard for a long time.

Jan 26 2015, 12:50am CST

Tesla Wars II

Tesla Wars II Tesla coils have been seen in many great console games for a long time now but in mobile games,the use of tesla coils is quite new. In the world of mobile games, the use of Tesla coil to destroy enemies was introduced in the famous game Tesla Wars. The game was quite a hit and people loved it. After a long time, the developers of the game have released its second installment Tesla Wars II. Tesla Wars II is an amazing game just like its predecessor. In the second installment, the gameplay has been upgraded and the user has been given many new destructive abilities to fight against much more vicious enemies. All you need to do is download and get tapping to burn off all those enemies with cracking thunder.

Jan 26 2015, 12:21am CST

SimCity Build It

SimCity Build It There won’t be any gaming enthusiast who isn’t familiar with The Sims -the great game that has been played on computers and consolesfor more than a decade now. Everyone loves the concept on which all the Sim’s games work like a whole living world under your own control. People, since they upgraded to smartphones and started playing games on them, have missed Sim’s a lot. Well now, there is a treat for you in the form of SimCity BuildIt that’s here to give you all that experience on your mobile. Although the mobile game doesn’t work as the original game, but it carries all its essence in the core. Your game revolves around building your own city, in which you are can build everything from residential complexes to mega factories and many more amazing things.

Jan 25 2015, 2:28am CST

MICA is an Intelligent Gold Bracelet for the Smart and Fashionable Chica

MICA is an Intelligent Gold Bracelet for the Smart and Fashionable Chica Intel is proud to present My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA), a lovely wearable for very smart and fashionable Chica. The good thing about it is that it looks like outclass jewelry yet it is actually a high tech device.

Jan 21 2015, 6:44am CST

Monster Legends Game Review

Monster Legends Game Review For the recent few years, we have viewed many games in which we are given our own fictional creatures that we have to reproduce and grow into more powerful beasts so that they could be used by us to fight with other creatures. These beings must be strong, highly effective, and fearsome. All this fun has come to the mobile phones in a whole new form in the hottest game Monster Legends that gives us the opportunity to breed, care, and combat with such powerful creatures. This game is one of the most diversified games of its kind.

Jan 11 2015, 11:57am CST

Ludo Master Game Review

Ludo Master Game Review Ludo is a timeless board game that has been enjoyed across the world for thousands of years, and it’s liked by everyone regardless of what their age is. It has all those inner thoughts filled in it – the feeling of winning, losing, and making the most of it is just so great. All that fun-filled gaming has now been introduced to your handheld device - all thanks to Ludo Master.

Jan 11 2015, 11:47am CST

Boom Beach Game Review

Boom Beach Game Review If you are a video game lover, particularly the action ones, Boom Beach is created for you. It brings together attacks on players against computer-based components. It gives the gamer a fascinating battle encounter. You have to build attacking and protecting forces and deal with other players for making yourself rampacked. The story is made on several destinations so the visuals of the game will captivate you as well.

Jan 11 2015, 11:13am CST

New Years Resolutions 2015

New Years Resolutions 2015 It’s become a part of the New Year’s tradition to make a New Year’s resolution and generally, we just make a big resolution of attaining an ultimate goal.The one thing we want the most and in that moment when the hope...

Jan 1 2015, 8:33am CST

Katy Perry Instagram Photos are really Sexy

Katy Perry Instagram Photos are really Sexy The crystal clear Instagram photos of Katy Perry are indeed sizzlingly sexy.

Dec 30 2014, 11:37am CST

Most Pirated Movies of 2014

Most Pirated Movies of 2014 Martin Scorsese's Leonardo DiCaprio starrer Wolf of Wall Street topped the charts Gravity and Frozen followed the lead with 30 million downloads each Expicio released the list after evaluating all the movie downloads Guardians of the Galaxy didn’t make it to be counted in the list

Dec 29 2014, 6:43am CST

Duet turns your iPad into Mac Display

Duet turns your iPad into a Mac Display It is termed Duet and it is a wonder app that has many functions and features. This baby allows you to employ your iPad display for Mac exclusively. And it utilizes the 30 pin cable to do the job.Duet has many good...

Dec 22 2014, 2:58am CST

Behati Prinsloo Instagram Pics are Hot

Behati Prinsloo Instagram Pics are Hot The Annual Victoria’s Secret Show featured Behati Prinsloo as one of the 8 Angels giving her ample hot photos to update her Instagram. The model shows off her stunning body in each and every photo and it seems that fans can’t get enough of her.

Dec 17 2014, 8:36am CST

Alessandra Ambrosio Instagram Sizzles Hot

Alessandra Ambrosio Instagram Sizzles Hot Alessandra Ambrosio has an Instagram page that sizzles hot and bright like the true star she is. This is a supermodel that is worth her weight in diamonds.

Dec 17 2014, 7:59am CST

Women’s Down Coats are Ideal Holiday Gifts for All Type of Women

Women’s Down Coats make Ideal Holiday Gifts for All Types of Females A wide range of women’s down coats are available on Amazon at slashed prices for all sizes and types.

Dec 15 2014, 4:54am CST

Digital Christmas Sweaters with Animations are Available Now

Digitally Animated Ugly Christmas Sweaters are Available Now A range of interesting digital Christmas sweaters with animations on them are available now. And an ex-NASA engineer designed these digitally animated Christmas sweaters.

Dec 15 2014, 2:47am CST

One More Line Game Review

One More Line Game Review One More Line is one of the games that on your first try at playing, it looks as if the is some sort of prank because you won’t understand what to do. After some time, it becomes clear what is going on in front of your eyes. You have a ship that’s orbiting planets and your task is to keep it safe by jumping planet to planet without crashing into any obstacles.

Dec 13 2014, 3:29am CST

Madden NFL Mobile Game Review

Madden NFL Mobile Game Review Football! Who doesn’t love it? Everyone loves it and all the action that comes along with it. There have been many gootball games for all types of console but for a long time there wasn’t any football game for all those who wanted to be in touch with football while they are away from their consoles and computers.

Dec 13 2014, 3:21am CST

Injustice: Gods Among Us Game Review

Injustice: Gods Among Us Game Review Injustice: Gods Among Us is a special treat for all those DC comic fans out there. The game takes you into the action of the comic world to experience the thrills with all your favorite super heroes. It lets you take the role of your favorite super hero and fight your way through the world of evil crimes.

Dec 13 2014, 3:10am CST