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Why Experts Always Seem To Get It Wrong

In 1798, there were about a billion people in the world and Thomas Malthus predicted that overpopulation would lead to...
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Lab gives incubator money for cell-sorting machine

Source: New Mexico Business Weekly

Los Alamos National Laboratory is giving the newly opened Santa Fe Business Incubator BioScience Laboratory $10,000 so it can buy a flow cytometer, a machine used to sort cells. “The commercialization of flow cytometry is a true success for our sponsor, the National Institutes of Health, and it is a story that Los Alamos is proud to have played a part,” David Pesiri, leader of the Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation (FCI), the Laboratory’s technology transfer organization, said in ...
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Superheros are Anti-Science [Uncertain Principles]

Source: ScienceBlogs

'Tag Der Legenden'
I’m not really a comic-book guy, but I’ve watched a bunch of comic-book movies recently. Kate was really fired up for the new Captain America movie, so I finally got around to watching the first one as background for that, then when I was sleep-deprived last week I watched the second Thor movie via on-demand cable, then Sunday evening Kate and I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the theater (her second time watching it– she’s really fired up). ...
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Daily Discovery: Cajita, “Broken Glass”

Source: American Songwriter

March Du Nain Rouge
Daily Discovery is presented by The Pub Deal. Win a $20,000 Publishing Contract from Secret Road Music Publishing, deadline April 2014. ARTIST: Cajita (Jay Chakravorty) SONG: Broken Glass BIRTHDATE: 30th June HOMETOWN: London CURRENT LOCATION: East London AMBITIONS: Continuing to get paid for playing good venues for good people in lots of different countries. Free holidays, basically. TURN-OFFS: People. TURN-ONS: People. DRE ...
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