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Sponsored Update cancels planned Fees – but for how long?

Following last weeks announcement that was to start charging a monthly subscription fee in most parts of the...
Read more Apr 1 2009, 7:00am CDT


Google’s closure of Wildfire signals tech giants still vulnerable to social hype – Engage Sciences CEO

Source: The Drum

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Google’s closure of Wildfire after only two years indicates that technology companies are still vulnerable to social hype, and therefore “jump in” to certain acquisitions “far too soon”, according to Richard Jones, CEO of Engage Sciences and The Drum's Digital Convergence sponsor . Google, which bought Wildfire for $250m in 2011, revealed it would not be building any new features or migrating any customers but was axing the service last mont ...
Full article at: The Drum 1 week ago, 5:28am CDT

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Innocent Man Freed After 35 Years: 'It's A Miracle I Survived'

Source: The Business Insider

"The Trial Of Jane Fonda" - Photocall
Exonerated by DNA evidence, James Bain isn't angry about spending 35 years of his life in prison for a horrific crime that he didn't commit. "How can I be?" he told Business Insider. "You can't go back." Bain actually feels blessed for his experience, comparing himself to Joseph, a biblical character wrongfully imprisoned before emerging with greater power to create change. Bain was convicted of breaking and entering, kidnapping, and rape in 1974 and se ...
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Business Profile: Fantastic Media's Richard Jones

Source: The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

A person living with HIV walks with her
Meltham-born Richard Jones is helpinog the continued growth of an award-winning full service ...
Full article at: The Huddersfield Daily Examiner Apr 8 2014, 4:00am CDT

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