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App Store Price Drops: Robin Hood, Resident Evil 4, Shrek, 1Password, more

App Store Price Drops: Robin Hood, Resident Evil 4, Shrek, 1Password, more
Below are downloads of several applications which have dropped in price and are available for a limited time from Apple...
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Little girl takes on the role fo Robin Hood by crawling into a carnival claw game and handing out stuffed an

Source: Daily Mail

A little girl from Fort Lauderdale was able to climb into a claw machine and gain access to a pile of stuffed animals which she handed out to ...
Full article at: Daily Mail 17 hours ago

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Richard III, Robin Hood, and other Reader-recommended movies to watch online this week

Source: Chicago Reader

Families Await Further Information About Conclusion Flight MH370 Crashed Into Indian Ocean
Each Friday, we recommend seven Old Movies to Watch Now, all of which come recommended by one of our critics and can currently be screened online. Read the review, watch the movie, feel accomplished.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ] ...
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Robin Hood Superbowl Commercial Verdict: Awesome

Robin Hood Superbowl Commercial Verdict: Awesome
The commercial for Rusel Crowe's new "Robin Hood" movie just aired. As expected, it looks like the standard historial...
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Human smuggler or modern-day Robin Hood?

Source: Toronto Star

Advertising Week Europe - Day 3
For right price, Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans in Istanbul can meet with Abo Khalil and buy a new identity, becoming Spanish, Greek or ev ...
Full article at: Toronto Star 2 days ago, 5:00am CDT

Paul Ryan’s reverse-Robin Hood spending plan: Rob from the poor and give to the rich

Source: Salon

Factory Berlin Promotes Business Start-Ups
Only in the GOP's parallel universe can a politician who guts Medicare and Medicaid be a "champion of the poor ...
Full article at: Salon 3 days ago, 7:10am CDT

A $5 million challenge for a tech solution to help community college students graduate

Source: TED

Ani Okkasian was the first in her family to go to college. “My parents escaped a communist country and got to the [United] States with $700 in their pocket,” she says. And so, when she participated in a TEDActive 2014 workshop held by the Robin Hood Foundation to brainstorm ways to help community college students graduate, she offered an insight from her own college experience: these students may feel like they’re floating ...
Full article at: TED 4 days ago, 5:09pm CDT

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Rufus Cuff seems too big to be a wristwatch wearable
Rufus Cuff seems too big to be a wearable
Once connected, it can be used for mobile data, making calls and sending texts
Audi's latest hybrid concept
Audi's latest hybrid concept
The prototype is going to be on display at the Beijing Motor Show
Oppo N1 available on discount till April 25
Oppo N1 available on discount till April 25
The phone is now priced at $500 and can be taken from any Oppo Style webstore

Someone Is Giving Away Huge Sums Of Dogecoin All Around San Francisco, And Nobody Knows Who It Is

Source: The Business Insider

People walk past an electric quotation b
An anonymous Robin Hood-esque figure is giving away thousands of dollars in Dogecoin to help address income inequality, especially in the Bay Area. The figure, who calls himself "Hood" and goes by the Twitter handle @savethemhood, has posted a bunch of flyers around San Francisco with a QR code for an unspecified amount of Dogecoin.   He seemed to foreshadow this late last month: I’m here to expose my internal gree ...
Full article at: The Business Insider Apr 9 2014, 3:20pm CDT

Kevin Kline's Errol Flynn Biopic 'The Last of Robin Hood' Hits This Fall

Source: Latino Review

Last year, the biopic The Last of Robin Hood, which features Kevin Kline playing swashbuckling adventure actor Errol Flynn hit the Toronto International Film Festival, and now it finally has distribution in the United States. The Wrap reports Samuel Goldwyn Films has picked up the US rights to the film from directing duo Richard Glatzer & Wash Westmoreland which follows Flynn's final yea ...
Full article at: Latino Review Apr 9 2014, 2:25pm CDT

Robin Hood Super Bowl 2010 Ad Trailer Video

Robin Hood Super Bowl 2010 Ad Trailer Video
Ridley Scott's new Robin Hood movie starring Russell Crowe will be in Theaters in May 2010.
Read more Feb 6 2010, 4:05am CST


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