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Roger Ebert

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Polish film masterpieces at St. Anthony Main; library card art contest


When the Twin Cities Polish Festival opens next weekend, filling Old Main Street in Minneapolis with music, dance, performing artists, an evening of European-style disco, polka performances, Polish food and beer, Polish sheep dogs and activities including a pierogi eating contest and a Polish vodka tasting, the Film Society’s St. Anthony Main Theater will be hosting the largest presentation of restored Polish cinema to date.Created, organize ...
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Keefer Madness: ‘Sharknado 2′ Review

Source: CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) - Remember Sharknado? The movie so bad that it was actually kind of good? Well the creators were back this week debuting the sequel, appropriately named Sharknado 2: The Second One, and it was a cinematic disaster masterpiece just like the first! On the latest edition of Keefer Madness on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The Adam Jones Show, Rich Keefe channels his inner Roger Ebert for this one-of-a-kind movie review of Sharknado 2! Listen below! Keefer Madness: 'Sharknado 2' Revie ...
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Are We Failing At Empathy?

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

Screenwriting is an art of fakery. Put a few words of convincing jargon into the mouth of a cop or a corporate lawyer or a starship commander and the audience will believe you are an expert in criminal justice or antitrust law or the rebel alliance on the planet Xenon. Having written a screenplay about historical events in the Middle East doesn't make me an expert on the region. But spending all day every day at a desk trying to project myself into the m ...
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Newswire: The New Yorker has unlocked some of its archives for the rest of the summer

Source: The A.V. Club

You might only know The New Yorker for its often-bizarrely captioned cartoons, which once famously flummoxed Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes and served, for many years, as Roger Ebert’s white whale. But the Condé Nast-published news magazine has also been home, for nearly a century, to celebrated pieces of longform journalism, humor, and opinion writing, including work from people like Tina Fey, Woody Allen, Calvin Trillin, Malcolm Gladwel ...
Full article at: The A.V. Club Jul 22 2014, 11:07am CDT

7 Movies Critics Like Better Than D'Souza's 'America'

Source: Big Government

The critics who judge film are wildly left. That’s obvious from their glowing reviews for any leftist film with even the mildest touch of art; it’s glaringly obvious from their reviews of Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary, America. Here are just some of the reviews – and note that these pans are based entirely on the politics of the film: Rafter Guzman, Newsday: “You could bother debating D’Souza on history and semantics and rudimentary logic, but chances are you’d end up fe ...
Full article at: Big Government Jul 15 2014, 10:06am CDT

Watch This: How big breasts led Roger Ebert to discover a great filmmaker

Source: The A.V. Club

Every day, Watch This offers staff recommendations inspired by a new movie coming out that week. This week: In honor of the late Roger Ebert, whose life and career is celebrated in the new documentary Life Itself, we’re recommending a few films the critic loved and championed.Vixen! (1968)It’s no secret that Roger Ebert loved big breasts. Just goddamned loved them. America’s most iconic film critic had plenty of endearing ...
Full article at: The A.V. Club Jul 4 2014, 12:00am CDT

The Benefits of Being the Worst Movie Ever Made

Source: Miller-McCune

Movies made for the purpose of entertaining audiences went mainstream in the early 1900s. More than a century later, IMDB has more than 250,000 titles in its database and, even then, it’s safe to assume that some have been left out. No one person can watch them all. The average person can’t even watch all the good ones—the Criterion Collection, commonly thought of as the gold standard for foreign and classic films, has re-released over 700 movi ...
Full article at: Miller-McCune Jul 2 2014, 4:00pm CDT

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Tony Parker Signs 3-Year, $43.3M Extension
Tony Parker Signs 3-Year, $43.3M Extension
San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker signed a three-year, $43.3 million extension on Aug. 1.
Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan Call Off Engagement
Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan Call Off Engagement
The News Happens One Day Before Strahan Will Be Inducted Into The Hall of Fame.
Conservation Group Finds No Fukushima Radiation Off U.S. West Coast
Conservation Group Finds No Fukushima Radiation Off U.S. West Coast
The Group Will Continue Tracking In 6-Month Intervals.

Crestfallen And Crazy: Chinese Man Buys Hundreds Of Transformers Tickets... Out Of Revenge

Source: movie pilot

A jilted Chinese man has spent forty-thousand US dollars on hundreds of tickets for Transformers: Age Of Extinction - just to prove to his ex-girlfriend how rich and awesome he has become.That's casual.The man, named Wang (stop sniggering, kids!) bought the tickets to a whole host of IMAX screenings of Michael Bay's action movie in order to prove his financial security to a special someone. Apparently, Wang's love interest - f ...
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Great Movie Showdowns: Too Rare

Source: The Atlantic

The audiences who crowd theaters in the summertime know they can expect one thing from any given “event” movie: a showdown. As in, badass hero faces badass villain in a fight to the death. As in, impressive stunt choreography, wire works, or judicious photo-realistic CGI. As in, good guy dishes out punishment, bad guy returns same, and (spoiler alert) at the last possible second, perhaps with the help of a just in-reach weapon, good guy vanquishs his rival. (Optional: ...
Full article at: The Atlantic Jun 24 2014, 6:31am CDT

Sarah Jarosz & Milk Carton Kids Announce Tour; Rob McCoury to Release Solo Album; YouTube to Drop Content from Indie Labels

Source: The 9513

On August 19, Rob McCoury will release his first solo album, The 5-String Flamethrower, on McCoury Music. Guests include Sonny Osborne, JD Crowe, and, of course, Del. (via press release) The Guardian reported some crummy news for indie labels and acts: Independent artists could disappear from YouTube “in a matter of days” after the Google video service confirmed it was dropping content from independent ...
Full article at: The 9513 Jun 18 2014, 8:49am CDT


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