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Sean Hannity

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Willie Robertson Of "Duck Dynasty" Visits FOX's "Hannity With Sean Hannity"Willie Robertson Of "Duck Dynasty" Visits FOX's "Hannity With Sean Hannity"Willie Robertson Of "Duck Dynasty" Visits FOX's "Hannity With Sean Hannity"

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Rick Perry’s National Guard Deployment Even More Pointless Than It First Appeared

Source: Outside the Beltway

2014 Nashville Film Festival - Day 1
The head of the Texas National Guard conceded to reporters that those 1,000 troops that Governor Perry ordered to the border earlier this week are basically going to do nothing but sit around and watch: McALLEN, Texas (AP) — Most of the 1,000 National Guard troops headed to the Texas-Mexico border will take up observational positions and detain people only if they interfere with their mission, a top general over the deployment said ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway 3 hours ago


Sarah Palin: Obama Golfs, Fundraises During Crises Because He's 'In over His Head'

Source: Big Government

President Obama Visits Austin
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin believes that President Barack Obama's actions -- or lack thereof -- show that he is "in over his head" as the country's chief executive.  Noting that Obama golfs, vacations, passes the buck and points fingers during domestic and international crises if he is not distancing himself even more from them, Palin said on Monday's Hannity on Fox News that Obama is "so far... in over his head" because he was me ...
Full article at: Big Government 1 day ago, 4:00pm CDT

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Op-ed: Rick Perry Surges with New National Platform

Source: Big Government

Willie Robertson Of "Duck Dynasty" Visits FOX's "Hannity With Sean Hannity"
Over the past two weeks, one Republican has gained more national attention than any other: Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX). He has been everywhere – appearing on network interviews, headlining Sunday shows, touring the southern border with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, appearing on The Blaze with Glenn Beck. Thursday he told Beck that the state may act to secure the southern border unilaterally soon – without the federal government. Perry had penned national op-eds on border security in The Wall ...
Full article at: Big Government 3 days ago, 9:36am CDT

Stop Undermining the President!

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

Portraits Of World Leaders Painted By Former President George W. Bush Go On Display At His Presidential Library
For a short time after September 11, 2001 anyone who dared to criticize then President Bush was called an unpatriotic traitor. Remember the Dixie Chicks? But today when international crises occur those same folks pushing that patriotic fervor are quick to find fault with our current Commander in Chief. Whatever happened to putting our country first? It seems to me any global unrest becomes an excuse to bash our President for politica ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post 4 days ago, 12:08pm CDT

Breitbart's Tate: Feds Offering Private Citizens Cash to House Illegals

Source: Big Government

Breitbart Texas correspondent Kristin Tate spoke with Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” anchor Sean Hannity about a recent report that the federal government is working with Crittenton Foster Care in California to offer money to private citizens who agree to house unaccompanied minors who have crossed illegally into the United States.  Individuals who agree to provide housing “can make up to $6,000 per month” Tate reported.  Additionally, in order to qualify to house th ...
Full article at: Big Government 6 days ago, 9:59pm CDT

Bergdahl investigation going about as expected

Source: Big Government

Willie Robertson Of "Duck Dynasty" Visits FOX's "Hannity With Sean Hannity"
In response to Bowe Bergdahl Returns To Regular Duty As 'Investigation' Ensues: I heard some reasonable theories yesterday that Bergdahl was returned to active duty because if the military cut him loose, it would be harder to pursue the investigation against him for deserting his post.  There are some big differences between the way active vs. former military personnel are handled.  Plonking Bergdahl down at a desk in Texas keeps him access ...
Full article at: Big Government Jul 15 2014, 9:17am CDT

Fox News host stuns with finger-jabbing tirade

Source: WND

Georgetown Law Hosts Surveillance And Foreign Intelligence Gathering Discussion
Commentator Bob Beckel, who was national campaign manager for Democrat Walter Mondale’s presidential bid and these days often argues on behalf of the progressive pathway for America on Fox News, has blasted Atlas Shrugs publisher Pamela Geller, a noted critic of the move to “Islamize” America. “You better be very careful … you’re a woman. Be very careful saying who I carry water for because you have no idea what you’re talking about,” Beckel said during a heating exchange on Fox’s Sean Hanni ...
Full article at: WND Jul 14 2014, 3:01pm CDT

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Batman Day: Brad Meltzer On Why Batman's 'Cultural Shield' Protects Us All
Batman Day: Brad Meltzer On Why Batman's 'Cultural Shield' Protects Us All
July 24, 2014, marks Batman Day for DC Comics. And writer Brad Meltzer tells why Batman's impact is so important.
Fat Shaming "530 Fatties" Facebook Page Reminds Society Of Bad Behavior
Fat Shaming "530 Fatties" Facebook Page Reminds Society Of Bad Behavior
Facebook Page "530 Fatties" openly mocks overweight people around Sacramento and the 530 area code. But it's certainly not the first time that people have faced body image criticism.
YouTube star Michelle Phan sued over copyright breach
YouTube star Michelle Phan sued over copyright breach
A leading YouTube entrepreneur is facing legal action for alleged copyright infringement in her videos.

Liz Cheney's Bold Climate Change Plan: Do 'Nothing'

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

Wyoming Senate Candidate Liz Cheney Holds News Conference Day After Announcing She's Running
WASHINGTON -- Liz Cheney did not hesitate when asked Monday what the Republican Party should do to address climate change. "Nothing," she immediately replied. Her comments came during a discussion that also featured her father, former vice president Dick Cheney, and mother, Lynne Cheney. The event, held at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., was hosted by Politico. Cheney said she was significantly more concerned with the ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jul 14 2014, 12:47pm CDT

'Illegal'... 'This Is Not a Racial Word!'

Source: Big Government

“Who speaks for me?!” called Anthony Coulter from Murrieta protest lines.  Coulter was speaking from the protest site in Murrieta, CA on July 7. The demonstrations outside the U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility sprang up in connection with attempts to transfer illegal aliens from overcrowded Texas detention facilities to the office in Murrieta, California. Anthony held up a sign that read: Definition ...
Full article at: Big Government Jul 13 2014, 7:29am CDT

David Brooks: Obama 'Impeachment Is Obviously Cloud Cuckoo Land'

Source: Big Government

Mark Shields(L), who launched the Campai
On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’s “NewsHour” New York Times columnist David Brooks and Creators Syndicate columnist Mark Shields took on the House Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit against the Obama administration, which alleges oversteps in executive authority by the Obama White House. Both acknowledged Boehner’s gripe with the Obama administration had merit, but were skeptical of the lawsuit’s chances. However, they both also took on the alternative offered by former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), wh ...
Full article at: Big Government Jul 12 2014, 1:36am CDT


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