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PSG's Italian goalkeeper Salavatore SiriPSG's Italian goalkeeper Salavatore SiriPSG's Italian goalkeeper Salavatore Siri

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Apple rumored to be bringing more third party apps to Siri

Apple rumored to be bringing more third party apps to Siri
Siri is getting tweaked for iWatch use says rumor
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GoogolPlex to allow users to unlock their cars using Apple’s Siri


Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Athlete: Pele
What about giving a voice command to your smart phone to post Selfies, play songs or even unlock your car! Four students from University of Pennsylvania have developed a technology called GoogolPlex that allows users to get more from Apple’s iPhone by simply talking to it. The technology uses Apple’s voice-sensitive personal assistant called Siri to make it capable of playing specific songs, taking photos a ...
Full article at: 13 hours ago, 8:57am CDT

Susan Bennett of Georgia is the Original Voice of Siri

Susan Bennett is the Voice of Siri on Apple's iPhone
Many may have wondered who has the lady-like voice that exists behind Siri. Well, the search is over. A female voiceover actress from Georgia by the name of Susan Bennett has finally revealed that it is her voice behind the US PDA’s voice system of Siri.
Read more Oct 4 2013, 7:49am CDT

These 12 Tips Will Help You Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone

Source: The Business Insider

You can do a lot with your iPhone. There are plenty of cool features that might not be so obvious. Kind of like finding an Easter egg. To get the most out of your phone, you just have to know where to find them.Your phone charges a little faster if it's in Airplane mode. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Tap the airplane icon on the left. Turning this feature on on when you need to charge it a little bit faster. You can check your app history by dou ...
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Siri, what's that song that goes 'la-lala-la'?

Source: Seattle Business Journal

Apple Inc. is teaming up with song-identification company Shazam Entertainment Ltd. to build its service into the iPhone or iPad with the rollout of its next iOS update, Bloomberg reported. London-based Shazam’s song-identification technology enables users to quickly discover the title and artist of a song playing around them by collecting audio through a smartphone’s microphone and matching it to a song database. The partnership means iPhone users wouldn't need to download ...
Full article at: Seattle Business Journal 2 days ago, 1:51pm CDT

Siri on iOS 7 is Using Advanced Multipath TCP Networking to Connect with Apple Servers

Apple Found Using Advanced Multipath TCP Networking for Siri on iOS 7
Apple is employing an advanced Multipath TCP networking in its latest iOS 7. Apple has used this mechanism in order for its devices (such as the iPhone) to be able to utilize innumerable interfaces to relay information.
Read more Sep 20 2013, 9:02am CDT

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NBA: Warriors Beat LA Clippers 109-105 for 1-0 Lead in Playoff Series
NBA: Warriors Beat LA Clippers 109-105 for 1-0 Lead in Playoff Series
The Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Clippers 109-105 on April 19 to take a 1-0 lead in their best-of-seven first round playoff series.
Customized gold iPhones given away as wedding favors
Customized gold iPhones given away as wedding favors
President of Nigeria had his daughter’s wedding and each guests received a gold iPhone as wedding favor
Leaked images show off OnePlus One, StyleSwap covers too
Leaked images show off OnePlus One, StyleSwap covers too
The handset has a minimalistic design approach which falls perfectly in sync with the typical Oppo style

How this 18-year-old tricked Siri into serving Spotify, Nest, Tesla, and you

Source: Conde Nast Portfolio

PSG's Italian goalkeeper Salavatore Siri
It only took 40 hours for Gagan Gupta and the rest of his team to create a proof of concept for the mother of all voice hacks: they figured out a way to make Apple's personal assistant, Siri, serve apps made by other developers. "It unleashes the power of Siri to any third-party developer," Gupta told me in a phone interview today. The 18-year-old and his other three co-founders call themselves Four Loop, a play ...
Full article at: Conde Nast Portfolio 2 days ago, 1:22pm CDT

Apple Maps Misses Your Coffee Shop, but Finds Loch Ness Monster

Source: The Mac Observer

Just because Apple's Maps may not be able to get you to your favorite coffee shop doesn't mean it's a failure. You just need to search for the right things, like the Loch Ness Monster. Satellite images that show up only for the iPhone and iPad show what Nessy fans are calling proof positive that the monster is real even though you can't actually see the beast in the water. Instead, ther ...
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The Apple iOS 7 Review

The Apple iOS 7 Review
Finally, a review of the Apple iOS 7 is here. It points towards many features of the operating system and highlights their plus points and drawbacks.
Read more Sep 18 2013, 4:49am CDT


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