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Indonesia's Snake Skin IndustryIndonesia's Snake Skin IndustryIndonesia's Snake Skin Industry

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Snake eating croc shocks eyewitnesses in Australia

Snake eating croc shocks eyewitnesses in Australia
Reptile against reptile. A python and crocodile fought for hours in a lake at Queensland, Australia. Eyewitnesses were able to photograph the 10-foot snake swallowing the smaller crocodile.
Read more Mar 3 2014, 9:04pm CST


Snake Salvation Star's Son to Carry On Snake Handling

Snake Salvation Star's Son to Carry On Snake Handling
The snake salvation church will have its pastor’s son carry on the dangerous practice. This is so despite his father Jamie Coots’ death from snakebite.
Read more Feb 24 2014, 10:05am CST

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Keep calm when a snake bites, it can save your life


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With so many snake species in our country, snakebites are unavoidable. Area wise, Europe may be three times bigger than India, but the continent has six times less snake species. Not only do we have high species diversity, their numbers are also high in a tropical country such as ours because of factors conducive to their existence. So, what happens when a venomous snake bites and what should we do ...
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18-foot python found in Florida

18-foot python found in Florida
A whopping 18.2-foot (5.5 meters) Burmese python was caught in Florida on Tuesday.
Read more Feb 6 2014, 8:56pm CST

Therapy snakes help special needs kids

Source: The Huffington Post: Canada Edition

A pair of Burmese pythons have found a new home — and new, unlikely jobs — as therapy animals on a farm outside Whitby.  Nova’s Ark in Brooklin, Ont. recently added the three-metre long, 18-kilogram snakes to its menagerie, where they help special needs students learn about nature, themselves and each other.  “There's no way you could replicate this in a classroom,” said teacher June Cook of Uxbridge Secondary School, ...
Full article at: The Huffington Post: Canada Edition 15 hours ago

DDP Speaks Out – Warrior Memories, Hall/Roberts/HOF, More

Source: Pro

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Draft Day" - Arrivals
DDP recently shared memories of the Ultimate Warrior and more. Here are the highlights… On the energy backstage at the WWE Hall Of Fame: “The Hall of Fame was really cool, getting there was the journey, the whole thing with Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall. It was great to see both those guys be inducted, they both put a lot of work in. It’s one of those things, so many people bring it up, you get to the end and go, okay we got here, awesome, dreams do come ...
Full article at: Pro 21 hours ago, 2:49pm CDT

Python Pizza: A Pizza with Python and Frog

Python Pizza is a Snake Pizza
Whoever heard of python meat being used in a pizza? However, python pizza is one of the specialties in a Florida restaurant! Termed the Everglades Pie, it also includes other optional flavors such as frog’s legs and alligator sausage.
Read more Feb 1 2014, 9:53am CST

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Woman finds snake in apartment bathroom

Source: The Record

Military Personnel Prepare For Dignified Transfers At Dover AFB
A woman in the city’s east end had quite a scare early Tuesday when she discovered a snake wriggling around her bat ...
Full article at: The Record 1 day ago, 12:11pm CDT

White Lung Tear Body Image a New One on 'Snake Jaw'

Source: Spin

Indonesia's Snake Skin Industry
White Lung's fearsome racket carries with it a potent personal perspective. That stays true on "Snake Jaw," from the Vancouver punks' upcoming album Deep ...
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Casino snakes rumor slammed

Casino snakes rumor slammed
Rumors of snakes in a casino went viral on Facebook. Thankfully, it is not true.
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