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Melbourne Storm Media SessionMelbourne Storm Media SessionMelbourne Storm Media Session

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Moore, Oklahoma toughens building codes after having encountered a tornado

The devastating tornado appears to have acted as an impetus for tougher building codes in Oklahoma.
Read more 5 days ago, 1:06pm CDT


Tornado's in Moore Oklahoma Makes Building Safer

Building Codes have been toughend
Read more 6 days ago, 6:10pm CDT

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More rain in heavier quanities

Source: Quad-City Times

Melbourne Storm Media Session
A good Thursday to all — good if you are a duck. The day brings the likelihood of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and stretching into the evening hours. Plus it will be cloudy and breezy ...
Full article at: Quad-City Times 55 minutes ago

Tornadoes in California Cause Extensive Damage

Tornadoes in California Cause Extensive Damage
Twisters and tornadoes in the state of California caused extensive damage recently. The weather conditions had become chaotic and the winds whipped up quite a series of storms.
Read more Mar 28 2014, 8:00am CDT

Most of area under severe weather alert

Source: Times Record News

Melbourne Storm Media Session
Thunderstorms roamed parts of North Texas Wednesday evening, some south of Vernon producing impressi ...
Full article at: Times Record News 9 hours ago

Hail Moves Out, Wind Moves In

Source: CBS Boston

NFL Stars A. J. Green, Brian Cushing, and Chris Ivory Celebrate the Super Bowl at the Verizon Power House Super Bowl Viewing Party
Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook    Hail stacking up in Chatham, thanks to Darlene for the photo! Harwich Hail from Brian Powers. The rain washed it all down toward the road, almost looking like snow. Thanks to the many who took time to send us photos today! First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone who didn’t write in to say it was sleeting today :-) Yes, those were hailstones falling out there, particularly far eastern MA. For many on ...
Full article at: CBS Boston 10 hours ago, 6:36pm CDT

Winter Storm Ion May Prove Disastrous

Winter Storm Ion May Prove Disastrous
The winter months are proving to be more than anyone bargained for. Especially with winter storm Ion coming to spread its havoc in certain regions, the situation may prove be a disastrous one.
Read more Jan 6 2014, 3:28am CST

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QB Johnny Manziel on Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Short List
QB Johnny Manziel on Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Short List
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are considering drafting quarterback sensation Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M University in the first round of the NFL draft in May, per multiple sources.
Leaked iPhone 6 case compared with iPhone 5s, Nexus 5 and Note 3
Leaked iPhone 6 case compared with iPhone 5s, Nexus 5 and Note 3
The dimensions of the case hint towards a thinner device and a larger display
Wyoming Explosion Leads to Mass Evacuation
Wyoming Explosion Leads to Mass Evacuation
An explosion at a natural gas processing plant in Wyoming has led to mass evacuation of some of the people in the region.

Conference Focuses on Future Storm Prep

Source: WXXI

Melbourne Storm Media Session
Governor Cuomo gathered local leaders from around the state to talk about reaction to past storms, and to plan for the next ones.Cuomo invited government leaders from Long Island, the North Country, Central New York and other locales who experienced damage from Hurricanes Irene, Lee and Sandy. They gathered to praise their past efforts to react to the storms, and to report on steps they are taking to ...
Full article at: WXXI 14 hours ago, 3:19pm CDT

Get Ready for a Shitload of New Weather Control Conspiracy Theories

Source: Gawker

Dow Falls As Technology Sector Stocks Tumble
Scientists at the University of Central Florida and the University of Arizona are trying to develop a system of lasers that they claim would theoretically be able to trigger rain and lightning in clouds, effectively "controlling" the weather. ...
Full article at: Gawker 14 hours ago, 3:00pm CDT

Winter Storm Hercules Hits the US with Full Force

Winter Storm Hercules Hits the Northeast
The latest news from Mother Nature is definitely not good news. Winter storm Hercules has hit the Northeast regions spanning the length of the USA. And it seems to have affected the weather from Georgia to Canada with full force.
Read more Jan 3 2014, 5:59am CST


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