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Supreme Court

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Supreme Court Issues Ruling In Hobby Lobby ACA Contraception Mandate CaseSupreme Court Rules In Favor Of Hobby Lobby In ACA Contraception CaseSupreme Court Delivers Decisions Against Aereo And Rules In Favor Of Cellphone Privacy

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Aereo becomes a Cable Company

Aereo becomes a Cable Company
It turns out that Aereo does have a plan B after all: it wants to be classified as a cable company. After the Supreme...
Read more Jul 10 2014, 8:06am CDT


High court to hear dispute about TV over Internet

High court to hear dispute about TV over Internet
WASHINGTON (AP) — Thirty years after failing to convince the Supreme Court of the threat posed by home video recordings...
Read more Apr 21 2014, 3:08am CDT

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The politics behind Common Core's destruction

Source: MSNBC

President Obama Delivers Statement On Situation In Iraq
An Oklahoma state Supreme Court has ruled that Gov. Mary Fallin can go ahead with her bid to repeal Common Core standards. Chuck Todd weighs in on the string of red-state Republican governors who previously supported the Common Core and now push to repeal ...
Full article at: MSNBC 44 minutes ago

High court takes cases on cellphone searches

Supreme Court will weigh police power to search arrestees' cellphones without a warrant WASHINGTON (AP...
Read more Jan 17 2014, 2:51pm CST

This Is How Much More Your Health Insurance Could Cost If Two Republican Judges Get Their Way

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

President Obama Visits Austin
President Barack Obama suffered a setback Tuesday in a legal battle that threatens to unravel his health care reform law. A federal appeals court panel, led by two Republican-appointed judges and opposed by one Democratic appointee, voted that ambiguous wording in the the Affordable Care Act means residents of states that didn't establish their own health insurance exchanges aren't eligible fo ...
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CJI frames new SC rules; summer vacations cut down to 7 week

Source: Spice Zee

2014 Summer TCA Tour - Day 15
The Supreme Court of India shall now be governed by the Supreme Court Rules of 2013 following the notification of the same in the Gazette of Ind ...
Full article at: Spice Zee 1 hour ago

Even With A Supreme Court Win, Aereo Still Might Lose

Even With A Supreme Court Win, Aereo Still Might Lose
The battle between broadcasters and Aereo, a startup that offers television programming over the internet, will be...
Read more Jan 11 2014, 7:11am CST

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The U.S. Postal Service Thinks 3D Printing Can Save It
The U.S. Postal Service Thinks 3D Printing Can Save It
…though many would predict just the opposite. It’s easy to imagine how 3D printing could obliterate the need for package deliveries – that’s one of the basic selling points of 3D printers. If you want something, you print it. The United States...
Naya Rivera weds Ryan Dorsey
Naya Rivera weds Ryan Dorsey
Naya Rivera married her new boyfriend and friend of 4-years Ryan Dorsey just three months after her split from fiance Big Sean. The couple got married on July 19 in Mexico.
Weird Al sits down with Larry King
Weird Al sits down with Larry King
Weird Al Yankovic is back big time. His new album is under the top 10 in iTunes.

Ohio Democrats Introduce Birth Control Bill

Source: WOSU Public Media Columbus NPR

Democrats in the Ohio Legislature are introducing a bill that they say would require employer provided health care insurance plans that cover prescription drugs to cover contraceptives under the same terms without charging a co-pay. Democratic State Rep. Kathleen Clyde says the bill would make sure Ohio companies would not be able to use religious freedom as Hobby Lobby did in a recent Supreme Court case as a way to preve ...
Full article at: WOSU Public Media Columbus NPR 2 hours ago

READ IN: Wednesday, July 23, 2014: Split rulings on Obamacare, Congress taking up different immigration measures, Perdue wins in GA SEN, Oregon to vote on marijuana legalization, Hagan finally buys ad time

Source: Post Politics: - The Washington Post

Do you Read In? Sign up here to get all the political news you need, delivered every weekday to your inbox at 8 a.m. ET! A1: The stories you need to read before your first conference call. -- Judges on two separate U.S. Courts of Appeals issued contradictory rulings on the constitutionality of insurance subsidies under the Affordable Care Act that help millions afford health care in states that did not choose to set up their own insu ...
Full article at: Post Politics: - The Washington Post 2 hours ago

Technology? Some justices want to keep distance

Supreme Court justices wary of bold action by judges weighing new technology, privacy issues WASHINGTON (...
Read more Jan 7 2014, 2:16pm CST


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