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Susan Rice

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US National Security Advisor Susan Rice Visits IsraelUS National Security Advisor Susan Rice Visits IsraelUS National Security Advisor Susan Rice Visits Israel

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Jay Carney Tries to Answer Reporter’s Allegations over Benghazi

Jay Carney Tries to Answer Reporter’s Allegations over Benghazi
The White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney tried his best to answer some of the serious allegations by a reporter of false information spreading by the Obama administration. The Benghazi attack in 2012 appeared to be a response to failed US policy.
Read more May 2 2014, 11:21am CDT


When Miliband met Obama

Source: Post Politics: - The Washington Post

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice Visits Israel
The leader of the British opposition, Ed Miliband, met President Obama for their pre-arranged “brush-by” Monday afternoon. Without issuing any official prior confirmation, the president dropped in to Miliband’s meeting with National Security Adviser Susan Rice in the White House. The pair chatted for 25 minutes on a variety of issues — including Ukraine, Gaza, the economy, climate change, the Scottish independence referendum and the future of the European Union, acc ...
Full article at: Post Politics: - The Washington Post 1 day ago, 5:29pm CDT

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How the Israel-Palestine Peace Process Collapsed

Source: The Atlantic

U.S. Sec. of State Kerry Arrives In Amman
In the New Republic, Ben Birnbaum and Amir Tibon offer an astonishing work of reporting, narrating the demise of John Kerry’s last-ditch attempt to broker a final agreement between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority. Rich in detail and elegantly written, it is very worth your time. But let’s face it, it’s a big world full of crises this summer, from the South China Sea to eastern Ukraine. And people are busy. So, just in case you don’t get a ...
Full article at: The Atlantic 1 day ago, 10:56am CDT

Two Minutes of Hate: The Bergdahl Edition

Source: The Moderate Voice

TweetPat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune Two Minutes of Hate: The Bergdahl Edition By Tina Dupuy In George Orwell’s “1984,” the daily devotion for Oceania’s party members is to view a film illustrating the various crimes of their enemy. In the dystopian novel the target is Emmanuel Goldstein, a party turncoat. The film whips up comrades into an antipathetic froth—hence the Two Minutes of Hate. Bill Ayers, the villain in Sarah Palin’s unsuccessful 2008 campaign for a fe ...
Full article at: The Moderate Voice 2 days ago, 9:36am CDT

LeBron's Announcement -- Crisis Management Lessons for House GOP on Benghazi?

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

2014 All Sports United Humanitarian Award
LeBron James's surprise announcement last Friday that he planned to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers from the Miami Heat offers important lessons for effective crisis management. Indeed, the most important lesson might be applicable to House Republicans as they plan new hearings on Benghazi this fall. The first and most important is to admit a mistake yourself -- and take responsibility. In 2010, it will be recalled, James decided to leave the Cleveland C ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post 5 days ago, 1:48pm CDT

Benghazi: 2 days, 2 distinct attacks on Americans

Source: 49 News Topeka

Hillary Clinton Honors Late Ambassador Chris Stevens At Awards Ceremony
WASHINGTON (AP) — Well-trained attackers executed the deadly dawn assault on a CIA complex in Benghazi, Libya, suggesting different perpetrators from those who penetrated the U.S. diplomatic mission the previous night, according to newly revealed testimony from top military commanders. The initial attack, on Sept. 11, 2012, killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and communications specialist Sean Smith and set the mission ablaze. Nearly eight hours later at the CIA com ...
Full article at: 49 News Topeka Jul 10 2014, 11:33am CDT

World Rushes to Blame Jews for Palestinian Boy's Murder – Without Evidence

Source: Big Government

In the aftermath of the kidnapping and killing of three Jewish boys in Hebron, the world has now fixed its attention on the killing of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, 17, a Palestinian youth whose burned body was found in the Jerusalem Forest. The world immediately jumped to the conclusion that the vengeful Jews must have killed the boy. The goal of that evidenceless assertion: to craft a moral equivalence between a Palestinian government that supports, backs, funds, and includes the murderers of ch ...
Full article at: Big Government Jul 2 2014, 10:06pm CDT

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David Ortiz Moves Up to 36th All-Time in Home Runs
David Ortiz Moves Up to 36th All-Time in Home Runs
Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz homered twice in his team's 14-1 rout of the Toronto Blue Jays on July 21 to move up to 36th all-time in home runs, surpassing Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski.
George Clooney Worries About Daily Mail 'Bleeding Into American Press'
George Clooney Worries About Daily Mail 'Bleeding Into American Press'
George Clooney gave an interview on Friday to Variety, opening up about his problems with the Daily Mail and why he's worried about journalism.
iPad Mini Air to be 30% Thinner
iPad Mini Air to be 30% Thinner
Apple's tablet shipments for year 2014 will be roughly the same as last year

Tensions Are Rapidly Escalating After The Apparent Revenge Killing Of An Arab Teen In Jerusalem

Source: The Business Insider

Street battles broke out in East Jerusalem between Israelis and Palestinians after a 16-year-old Arab boy was abducted, murdered, and found dead in a Jerusalem forest Wednesday. The boy, Mohammad Abu Khieder, was potentially killed as revenge for the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens, whose bodies were found earlier this week in the West Bank. Police first received reports early Wednesday, after 4 a.m., that a teenager had been pulled into a ...
Full article at: The Business Insider Jul 2 2014, 2:22pm CDT

Russia Nixes ‘House of Cards’ Filming In United Nations’ Security Council

Source: Deadline

Russian President Vladimir Putin Visits Samara
Russia’s United Nations delegation has nixed a House of Cards request to film two episodes in the UN Security Council. Vladimir Putin’s government cited the need to keep the world’s security chamber available at a moment’s notice for unanticipated crises, Foreign Policy reports. The UN Secretary-General’s office, which wanted the shoot to go forward,  had promised the House of Cards production would take place only at night and over the weekend in mid-August ...
Full article at: Deadline Jul 2 2014, 10:07am CDT

PM Lee: I am sure the US will bounce back

Source: Channel News Asia

Prime Minster Lee Hsien Loong Of Singapore Visits Downing Street
WASHINGTON, DC: Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong touched on a broad range of topics - including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, territorial disputes in the South China Sea and American foreign policy - in an interview with Politico Magazine editor Susan Glasser on June 25, when he was on a working visit to the United States.The full transcript of the interview is as follows: President Barack Obama drops by National Security ...
Full article at: Channel News Asia Jun 30 2014, 10:35pm CDT


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