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Lenovo coupons: 5% to 15% off select laptops

Lenovo coupons: 5% to 15% off select laptops
Lenovo discounts several of its notebooks via coupon codes, as listed below. Plus, they stack with other existing...
Read more Mar 22 2010, 8:00pm CDT


Bang for silver buck missing?

Source: Business Times Singapore

July 28, 2014 1:59 AMIT SEEMS local businesses are missing the shine of the silver market. Experts say the silver industry - businesses catering to the needs and wants of seniors - has not developed here, despite optimism that it will pick up like in Japan and South Korea. Talk of such an industry emerged as early as 2006, along ...
Full article at: Business Times Singapore 1 day ago, 4:58pm CDT

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Subrata Roy requests SC to put him in Tihar guest house

Source: Times of India

Senior advocate K T S Tulsi appeared for Roy and two Sahara directors, in detention since March 4, and requested a bench headed by Justice T S Thakur for an urgent hearing ...
Full article at: Times of India 4 days ago, 6:12pm CDT

Win a Chiodos Prize Pack Including an Autographed Gibson SG Guitar!

Source: Guitar World

Teaser Content:  <em>Guitar World</em> and Razor & Tie have teamed up to give away a Chiodos Devil Prize Pack. The prize pack includes an autographed Gibson SG Guitar, a Chiodos <em>Devil</em> vinyl album, T-shirt and hoodie. Catch the band on the road this summer with Bless The Fall. You ...
Full article at: Guitar World 4 days ago, 1:41pm CDT

Tribune Stations Adding 11PM Newscasts


When the plug got pulled on the Arsenio Hall show, many Tribune stations have decided to fill that hole with news.On June 30, WXIN Indianapolis debuted NewsPoint, a half-hour 11 p.m. broadcast with nontraditional elements like an anchor standing in front of big screens and weather in the first 15 minutes. The Fox affiliate will also add 7 p.m. news this fall.KCPQ Seattle will introduce an 11 o'clock newscast o ...
Full article at: Jul 9 2014, 6:22am CDT

Strong contributions of local background climate to urban heat islands

Source: Nature

The urban heat island (UHI), a common phenomenon in which surface temperatures are higher in urban areas than in surrounding rural areas, represents one of the most significant human-induced changes to Earth’s surface climate. Even though they are localized hotspots in the landscape, UHIs have a profound impact on the lives of urban residents, who comprise more than half of the world’s population. A barrier to UHI mitigation is the lack of quantitative attribution of the ...
Full article at: Nature Jul 9 2014, 12:00am CDT

Custom Online T Shirt Design Software Implementation

Source: Experience Project

From Kevin Cowherd at the Baltimore always then with feels as he answered his front door on March 19.You may even have other things to organise,... ...
Full article at: Experience Project Jul 3 2014, 12:02am CDT

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Shania Twain Will End Vegas Show in December
Shania Twain Will End Vegas Show in December
The Country Singer Set Record Crowds For Shows During Her Two Year Stay
Jennette McCurdy Confirms &#039;Sam and Cat&#039; Cancellation Rumors
Jennette McCurdy Confirms 'Sam and Cat' Cancellation Rumors
McCurdy Also Posts a Message To Fans Saying She Is Not A Role Model
Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15 Touchscreen Ultrabook is Great for Back to School
Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15 Touchscreen Ultrabook is Great for Back to School
Lenovo IdeaPad is available at Amazon for $649.99. For back to school the new Lenovo Flex 15 is a great notebook. Be sure to buy yours today. Introducing the Lenovo Flex 15 - it's more than just a typical notebook. If you think a convertible...

NO! This Really Happened!!!!


OK, first off, I have to say that this really happened.Seriously!The Weather Channel took 20 seconds out of every other commercial break yesterday to brag that they'd preempted programming to talk about the weather.Yes....The Weather Channel preempted programing to bring you weather coverage. What a concept!They had to inform viewers that if they were tuning to the Weather Channel for programing it was being bumped because of weather.....on ...
Full article at: Jul 1 2014, 12:01pm CDT

Woman jumps to her death in front of subway in busy Manhattan station

Source: Daily Mail

An apparent suicide saw a woman throw herself in front of a train at the 34th Street Herald Square subway station in Manhattan. ...
Full article at: Daily Mail Jun 11 2014, 8:16pm CDT

WATCH: 3 secrets of the Millennial shopper (Video)

Source: Conde Nast Portfolio

T here is a lot of money in it for those who can crack the code of the Millennial consumer. That’s probably why Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance” brought in a couple of experts to explain what they’re seeing. Here are three takeaways: Shopping is social:“I think the new retail has three steps to it: you search, you shop, you share,” said Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide CEO Kevin Roberts, citing data that found 57 percent of Millennials love to shop. That dist ...
Full article at: Conde Nast Portfolio Jun 10 2014, 8:10am CDT


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