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Gamer Grub: I Eat It So You Don't Have To

Gamer Grub: I Eat It So You Don't Have To
Today at E3 2010, Gamer Grub pulled the sheet off of two new flavors of their popular energy snack. Gamer Grub is...
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Taste of Adams Morgan

Source: The Washingtonian

The Band Portrait: Marketing 'Perception' - 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive
Our favorite Adams Morgan restaurants have generously teamed up again for Taste of Adams Morgan! All proceeds go to Mary's Center. Each ticket may be redeemed for one pre-fix savory or sweet "taste" at participating restaurants. A maximum of two tickets per person may be used at each restaurant. Parti ...
Full article at: The Washingtonian 1 day ago, 4:27pm CDT

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Trunk and disorderly! Tipsy elephants stagger around South African park

Source: Daily Mail

Prince Charles Attends A Showcase Of Scottish Food And Drink
The marula fruit - said to taste sweet, tart and refreshing - has an intoxicating effect when consumed after it has ripened and fallen t ...
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Good Taste With Tanji : Taste Of The Northside

Source: Fox 29 San Antonio

SA Sports Awards
By: Fox S.A. StaffMore than 60 vendors offering everything from tacos to wine.Tanji Patton talks to Monica about everything there is to enjoy at T ...
Full article at: Fox 29 San Antonio 3 days ago, 10:16am CDT

Taste of the High life for small businesses

Source: Bedfordshire Times

Two small businesses will get a taste of life in the High Street next w ...
Full article at: Bedfordshire Times 3 days ago, 5:00am CDT

Weight-loss surgery alters sense of taste and smell, study finds

Source: CBS News

Men's Health Live Casting Event For The Search For "The Ultimate Men's Health Guy"
Study finds almost three-quarters of patients developed a dislike of certain ...
Full article at: CBS News 5 days ago, 1:41pm CDT

NUS team's new invention might just let you taste food right in front of your computer

Source: Asia One

Fancy getting a taste of the pizza you're about to order online before you confirm your choice? This is what the team from National University of Singapore (NUS) envisions.In a RazorTV video, Dr Nimesha Ranasinghe, researcher at Keio-NUS CUTE Centre, and his team are working on simulating taste buds without chemicals or any real food.In 2009, he started toying with the idea of being able to taste food and ...
Full article at: Asia One 1 week ago, 4:59am CDT

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More evidence suggest iPhone 6 would be launching earlier
More evidence suggests iPhone 6 would be launching earlier
with information from Morgan Stanley, we can roughly make out when Apple would require the iPhone 6 to be launched
HTC One receives red Verizon bound version and an update
HTC One M8 to receive Red Verizon bound version (M8 also gets small update)
The Red version is most likely to be available only on Verizon
HTC One M8 survey results show Samsung and iPhone users upgrading to HTC
HTC One M8 survey results show Samsung and iPhone users upgrading to HTC's latest flagship
CompareMyMobile conducted a survey of all HTC One M8 purchases since its launch

Classic drop leaves a sour taste

Source: The Canberra Times

Alibaba To Kick Off IPO In U.S.
Comment: When Barry O'Farrell pulled the cork on his premiership, it must have sent shards of fear through two othe ...
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Ita leaves a bitter taste

Source: Cairns

Prince Charles Attends A Showcase Of Scottish Food And Drink
ALMOST 90 per cent of Australia’s sugar cane crop is thought to have been destroyed by c ...
Full article at: Cairns Apr 16 2014, 4:58am CDT

Flavor bending Miracle Tablets fool your Taste Buds

Flavor bending Miracle Tablets fool your Taste Buds
ThinkGeek sells now miracle berry fruit tablets that mess with your taste buds. Sour foods will taste sweet all of a...
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