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Square reportedly acquiring food delivery startup Caviar

Square reportedly acquiring food delivery startup Caviar
Caviar specializes in food delivery services, which should help Square's efforts in the thriving food delivery space.
Read more Jul 13 2014, 12:46am CDT


Petcube Wins Award for Best European Hardware Startup

Petcube Wins Award for Best European Hardware Startup
Petcube is a gadget that allows pet owners to remotely monitor and play with their dogs and cats.
Read more Jun 11 2014, 11:28pm CDT

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Xiaomi, the Chinese company behind the Mi Pad, announces iOS-like Android skin

Source: 9to5Mac

Not content with a blatant copy of the iPad mini and a smartphone called the Mi Phone, Xiaomi’s latest Android overlay – MIUI 6 – bears more than a passing resemblance to iOS 7. The flat icons, the icon screens scrolling above the fixed app tray at the bottom, the calendar, calculator, compass …  Xiaomi global VP and former Google exec Hugo Barra has said previously that suggestions that the company copies Apple’s designs are “sweeping sensationalist stat ...
Full article at: 9to5Mac 2 days ago, 6:00am CDT

Apple acquires LuxVue, maker of advanced LED displays

Apple acquires LuxVue, maker of advanced LED displays
The LuxVue acquisition could be one of the 24 deals that Apple made in a span of 18 months.
Read more May 2 2014, 8:40pm CDT

One Codex in open beta for genomic data search


Data, data everywhere and now as ever researchers need the best tools to make the data useful. In medicine, searching through genomic data can take some time. A startup called One Codex hopes to make difference with their genetic search platform that can process data sets quickly. A report on their work on Friday in TechCrunch noted the advantage of One Codex speed. "Currently," wrote Jul ...
Full article at: 3 days ago, 4:50am CDT

Sorry, But the FAA Has Decided Your 'Uber for Planes' Idea Can't Fly

Source: Gizmodo

The Federal Aviation Authority has shoved your Uber for planes idea back into the hangar. Yesterday, it ruled that it has banned pilots from "publicly offering seats on their planes in exchange for gas money," reports TechCrunch. That puts startups like AirPooler and FlyteNow in a legal bind since they were ...
Full article at: Gizmodo 3 days ago, 4:00pm CDT

Snapchat gets $50 million in funding from Coatue Management

Snapchat gets $50 million in funding from Coatue Management
Finally, a confirmation to end the rumors. Snapchat CEO and co-founder, Evan Spiegel, has confirmed to TechCrunch...
Read more Dec 11 2013, 10:16pm CST

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QuizUp Game Review
QuizUp Game Review
QuizUp app has been proclaimed by some to be the world’s leading trivia game. This commendation is actually valid as it has been ranked to be the best trivia application on the online based store Google Play in 6 countries which include Canada and the United States. If you have an urge to get a little brain power challenge, this is the solution.
Billy Crystal Will Honor Robin Williams at Emmy Awards Show
Billy Crystal Will Honor Robin Williams at Emmy Awards Show
Crystal will lead a tribute to Robin Williams at Monday's 66th Primetime Emmy Awards .
Nexercise App Review
Nexercise App Review
Nexercise is a fantastic workout app that can bring your body back into shape or tone it further if you are already having a good body. This useful app is literally for everyone who is a fitness freak. Nexercise appeals most to the people who are busy in their professional life and don’t get time to go to a gym for workout or may be to a work for running. Nexercise absolutely eliminates all these conditions and can make you fit right from your home.

Blip: FAA drops kibosh on 'planesharing' apps for private pilots

Source: TechRadar UK

Is there anything the Federal Aviation Administration hates more than commercial drones? Actually, "planesharing" apps might fit that bill.A new crop of start-ups - including companies like AirPooler and Flytenow - proposed to make it easier for private plane operators to arrange to ferry users around in exchange for gas money. But the FAA has put the kibosh on those and similar services - even low-tech versions, says TechCrunch.The Administration's decision is based ...
Full article at: TechRadar UK 4 days ago, 5:29pm CDT

50 Cent's Company Unveils Smart Headphones

Source: Big Government

Rapper 50 Cent isn't just a musician who acts on the side. He's a business man. His company's new set of headphones offers a way for fitness buffs to cut down on the number of devices they carry while working out. 50 Cent's SMS Audio just announced what TechCrunch calls a "fitness tracking in-ear headset" smart enough to track your workouts. These headphones are made to provi ...
Full article at: Big Government 4 days ago, 4:53pm CDT

Facebook adding "Like" button to mobile messages

Facebook adding "Like" to mobile messages
Facebook users will be happy to hear that they will soon be able to reply with a "Like" to messages on mobile.As...
Read more Jun 23 2013, 11:28pm CDT


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