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Online Ad Revenues Passes Broadcast TV For the First Time

Online Ad Revenues Passes Broadcast TV For the First Time
Perhaps the iconic pose of our era is someone squinting at a smartphone screen–replacing another iconic pose, the couch...
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Mobile devices add allure to March Madness at work

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Every year, the NCAA college basketball tournament gives employees a reason to goof off at their...
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TV adverts target cyclists' safety

Source: BBC News

Factory Berlin Promotes Business Start-Ups
The Department of Environment is launching a TV advertising campaign solely addressing cy ...
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Fantasy Sports Giants: FanDuel Vs. DraftKings FaceOFF

FanDuel’s lawyers are currently drafting a demand letter to be sent to its main daily fantasy sports competitor...
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Housing Units launches TV ad for its All Your Favourite Things campaign

Source: Stockport Express

Variety Achievement In International Television Award 2014
Backed by a six-figure media schedule, the campaign will run on ITV throughout April and May during the advert break of Emmerdale, with subsequent adverts airing during episodes of Coronation Stree ...
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The Public File: Pacific Resource Partnership, Schatz, Biggest Ad Buyers

Source: Honolulu Civil Beat

Climate Change Summit Takes Place In Sydney
Editor's Note: Civil Beat is visiting local TV stations again this campaign season to track how much money is being spent on political candidates and issues. The Public File is a regular series that compiles records kept by network and cable stations in Honolulu showing ad buys made by campaigns and political committees. The records, which are required to be made public under federal law, are expected to be ...
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Looks Like Nobody Won The SuperBowl This Year

I live in France. I don’t know much about US football, but I occasionally try to watch, because I really care about...
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Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel about to Amuse Audiences
Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel about to Amuse Audiences
A sequel to the highly popular movie Mrs. Doubtfire is about to come on the scene soon. It will amuse audiences to no end.
Glen Campbell is Not Well
Glen Campbell Moved to Alzheimer's Facility
Glen Campbell is not well at all. He has now been moved to an Alzheimer's care facility.
Ronda Rousey has Staying Power as an MMA Fighter
Ronda Rousey has Staying Power as an MMA Fighter
The savage and brutal MMA fighter that is Ronda Rousey has staying power. She has proven her mettle as a permanent fixture in the fight series.

Google increased its UK advertising spending by 50% to £45m in 2013

Source: The Guardian Technology

Factory Berlin Promotes Business Start-Ups
Tech firm 31st in list of top UK advertisers, with £15m spent on TV adverts despite 'digital first' approach to marketing Continu ...
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Source: The Concordian

Manchester City's David Pizarro (L) vies
In early 2012, Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown made an unusual truce. The two Senatorial candidates acknowledged that television advertisement spending had ballooned, and they decided to curb excessive television spending as much as they could. Warren and Brown agreed that their campaigns would donate half the cost of a third-party advertisement that spoke on their behalf to a charity of the opposing candidate’s choosing. The pact worked, and super PAC (campaign funding or ...
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Super Bowl 2014 Ads are Too Clean

Super Bowl 2014 Ads are Too Clean
What happened to the Risqué in Super Bowl Ads? What happened to dirty jokes in Super Bowl Ads? The Super Bowl 2014 Ads are squeaky clean. Too clean?
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