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Terry Richardson

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Beautiful Things That Happen in the Dark: A Conversation with Eon McKai

Source: The Rumpus

A smart stripper friend passed along Eon McKai’s number, and we met one Saturday night in Pasadena at Urth Café, where he was much shyer than I had expected. Eon McKai is an SA, a sensitive artist who made a lot of smut for hipsters starting in 2006, a time when change was afoot at the adult film production company Vivid Entertainment. Hustler had bought VCA Pictures, and Vivid was being squeezed ou ...
Full article at: The Rumpus 4 hours ago


No Apologies: An interview with Caitlyn Stasey

Source: Oh No They Didn't!

Google Caitlin Stasey. Go on. I’ll wait. If you’re feeling particularly masochistic, go ahead and type her name into Google News. A string of headlines should pop up, each more headache-inducing than the last: Caitlin Stasey bares boobs for Free the Nipple – then posts a string of outrageous tweets! Caitlin Stasey launches bizarre sexual Twitter rant! Caitlin Stasey slams Bindi Irwin for her stance on modesty!And those are just the tame ones.Stasey, an Australian actre ...
Full article at: Oh No They Didn't! 1 day ago, 11:53pm CDT

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Sinéad O'Connor Shares a Piece of Her Mind and Reaches Out to the Godless Generation

Source: Oh No They Didn't!

Last year, O'Connor caused a stir when she wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus warning her that the music industry would try to prostitute her. It was a response to the former child star's Wrecking Ball video – directed by Terry Richardson, who has been accused of predatory behaviour towards models – in which Cyrus, among other things, appears naked and licks a sledgehammer.Does O'Connor draw a link between the recent abuse scandals and the porn culture and sexu ...
Full article at: Oh No They Didn't! 1 day ago, 9:58am CDT

Gross: Miranda Kerr Shot By Terry Richardson For Another Harper’s Bazaar Cover ...

Source: Oh No They Didn't!

Harper’s Bazaar just can’t get enough of Terry Richardson.The China Bazaar cover released on a Chinese social network reveals that Richardson recently shot supermodel, teacup designer, and enigma Miranda Kerr.It seems like Richardson is still Bazaar‘s go to guy while other outlets run away from him like he’s Godzilla. Since New York magazine’s button-pushy June cover story on him, there have been other outlets who have kept him on. Playbo ...
Full article at: Oh No They Didn't! 1 day ago, 8:27am CDT

Jessie Andrews See-Through Bushtastic for Terry Richardson Photoshoot


Of all the modern social issues that truly divide men, lady bush has to be one of the most prominent. It's far more bitter and divisive than religion or politics. Those who favor lower coifs on a fine lady and those who do not have been in brutal conflict since the invention of the razor, let alone the wax and laser and all the other advanced depilatory sciences. Case in point, Jessie Andrews, a woman not shy by profession about bringing the beaver out to play. Shot in see thr ...
Full article at: 2 days ago, 11:01am CDT

Toby Gerhart's Speed Will Surprise the NFL — as Will the Jaguars, Eventually

Source: Bleacher Report

Let's get the obvious out of the way on Toby Gerhart, shall we? "Toby has always been a good running back in this league," said one NFC team executive. "He'll help that Jacksonville team. He'll make them better. He's always been better than some people perceived. If he were black, you f------ (in the media) would be talking about how good he is."  So, there's tha ...
Full article at: Bleacher Report 6 days ago, 6:01am CDT

Mariah Carey Pics Before-And-After Photoshop (Watch)

Source: EURweb

*Photographs showing Mariah Carey before and after airbrushing have leaked online. The website Jezebel has published before and after photoshopped pics of the 44-year-old from a Wonderland magazine shoot shot by Terry Richardson. In the altered images, Mariah’s appearance is adjusted to make her ...
Full article at: EURweb Jul 15 2014, 1:57pm CDT

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Neil Patrick Harris works with LG Electronics on Art Competition
Neil Patrick Harris works with LG Electronics on Art Competition
Emmy and Tony Award-winning actor, producer, director and modern art enthusiast Neil Patrick Harris is teaming up with LG Electronics USA for a digital Art Competition.
Miranda Kerr is Topless in new Commercial
Miranda Kerr is Topless in new Commercial
Australian model Miranda Kerr goes topless for new Jeans commercial. Watch below.
Tara Reid Survived Sharknado 2 with Sawhand
Tara Reid Survived Sharknado 2 with Sawhand
The #Sharknado2TheSecondOne movie aired Wednesday night. It as not as big on Twitter as the first one.

Terry Richardson Photoshopped Mariah Carey? NO!

Source: The Superficial

Jezebel got a hold of the unretouched shots from Mariah Carey‘s photo shoot with Terry Richardson which I’m going to kick over to them because it’s their exclusive and I’m not a dick. I’m just a simple journalist trying to uncover the truth, and through that truth encourage people to ask themselves how many times Terry probably ejaculated on Mariah’s face for each edit because I wrote down eight. I’m going with eight. Retouch My Body: Terry Richardson Pix of Ma ...
Full article at: The Superficial Jul 15 2014, 12:45pm CDT

These GIFs Show Just How Much Mariah Carey Was Photoshopped In Her Recent Magazine Cover Shoot

Source: The Business Insider

High-profile photographer Terry Richardson recently photographed singer Mariah Carey for the summer issue of U.K.-based Wonderland magazine.  It turns out that the photos were heavily Photoshopped to make the 44-year-old star look younger, thinner, and more attractive than she actually is, according to un-retouched photos acquired by Jezebel.  While the changes to Carey’s body and face are drastic, they are not unexpected, as most fashion cover shoots employ similar techniques.  What is ...
Full article at: The Business Insider Jul 15 2014, 9:29am CDT

Cameron Diaz ‘wants to vomit’ at rumors she hooked up with Drew Barrymore


Cameron Diaz covers the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar. She was photographed by Carmilla Akrans. This newsstand cover isn’t too striking. It looks very 1990s Seventeen magazine. The subscriber cover (below) is a lot better. I’m not complaining, really. This is the first time in forever that Cameron hasn’t done Bazaar through the lens of Terry Richardson, so I’m breathing a sigh of relief. Bazaar hasn’t yet released the editorial, and only a bit of the interview has ...
Full article at: Jul 15 2014, 6:25am CDT


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