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Toyota Prius

Breaking News about Toyota Prius:

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This iPhone-Sized Device Can Hack A Car

This iPhone-Sized Device Can Hack A Car
Auto makers have long downplayed the threat of hacker attacks on their cars and trucks, arguing that their vehicles’...
Read more Feb 5 2014, 7:52pm CST


The Colombo Vibe

The Colombo Vibe
Virtusa is Sri Lanka’s largest employer in the IT sector and the largest tenant in Colombo’s Orion City IT Park, with...
Read more Jan 30 2014, 6:32am CST

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Are you satisfied with your repair shop?

Source: Driving Canada

That venerable products and services information source, Consumer Reports, annually publishes an Auto Survey that focuses on vehicle repairs. Large groups of vehicle owners are polled on their repair experiences at both authorized dealerships and independent service shops. The results show some measurable levels of dissatisfaction but there are ways to minimize your risks of experiencing some of the more common concerns. Keep in m ...
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2014 'Greenest' (And Eco 'Meanest') Cars

 2014 'Greenest' (And Eco 'Meanest') Cars
12 'Greenest' Cars For 2014 You don’t necessarily need to be a card-carrying member of Greenpeace to reap the benefits...
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Limiting Noise

Source: P2P Foundation

Excerpt from Charles Siegel’s book Unplanning, chapter 7. I strongly recommend to visit Siegel’s Preservation Institute for reading free e-books and other resources. Noise is another telling example of the failure of growth. All through the nineteenth and twentieth century, the middle class tried to move to quieter neighborhoods by moving to lower density suburbs. Until World War I, they succeeded: f ...
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Lexus CT200h: Hatch goes for mpg over mph, and that’s OK (Video)

Source: Business Journal of Phoenix

I like the CT200h, a hybrid hatchback that puts the Lexus spin on Toyota’s popular Prius. There is a spoiler, however, if you read or listen to too many car jockeys: The CT is one sporty-looking compact, especially in the fiery red that graced my tester. Once you get behind the wheel, though, its performance doesn’t match that look. That observation noted, let’s put it to rest. I wasn’t annoyed by the ...
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Toyota Prius 2015 will be Lighter and Fuel-efficient

Toyota Prius 2015 to Adopt TNGA Architecture
Toyota is going to debut its next-generation Prius car in 2015. And it is expected that Toyota Prius 2015 will be based on an all-new TNGA architecture that will make it lighter and fuel-efficient.
Read more Jan 24 2014, 12:08am CST

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Kate Upton on Prettiness and its Discontents
Kate Upton on Prettiness and its Discontents
Kate Upton’s cover for Elle magazine is sexy alright but not as super sexy as it should be. For one thing, her upper body is hidden beneath layers of clothes and it is only her lithe and lissome legs which are visible from beneath the baggage. ...
Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron hook up in Ibiza
Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron hook up in Ibiza
The girl in the Fast & Furious series, Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron hooked up with each other in Ibiza. Even Justin Bieber was there for some fun.
Samsung is launching two new phones this year
Samsung is launching two new phones this year
In a bid to encourage investors, Samsung revealed its plan to release two new phones this year. Will it even matter now?

The Fix: Stephen Colbert embraces ‘rolling coal’ (Video)

Source: Post Politics: - The Washington Post

If you're not familiar, Dave Weigel has a great recap of the hottest new trend in anti-environmentalism: Rolling coal. It's basically where people who own pickup trucks with diesel engines rig them to consume more fuel so that they shoot clouds of black smoke -- often at Priuses and other things that aren't burning enough fossil fuels. Sou ...
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Could China Make Your Smartphone Disappear?

Source: The Market Oracle

Oil and Energy Investor Staff writes: The mines where iPhones are born – along with Toyota Priuses, wind turbines, lasers, disc drives, automotive catalytic converters, and many other indispensable elements of modern technology – may look like giant craters. But they’re really battlegrounds in the geopolitical power grab known as the “Great Game.” And just as the balance of power among the U.S., China, the Middle East, and other nations is continually shifting in the energy industry, so, too ...
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Toyota Prius Offers Best Value

Toyota Prius Offers Best Value
Toyota again becomes the world's biggest automaker by selling a record number (9.98 million) of vehicles last year. And the Toyota Prius comes out on top of the list of highly desirable cars. Toyota Prius offers the best in value at a reasonable price tag of $29,230.
Read more Jan 23 2014, 2:59pm CST


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