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Amazon Tested Kindle Kiosk Vending Machines

Amazon Tested Kindle Kiosk Vending Machines
Amazon has decided to use vending machines to test its range of Kindle products in the outer world. The Kindle Kiosk, as it is called, may just be the thing the geeks need to get out of their comfort zone.
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Bezos Health Scare Draws Traders' Attention to Amazon Succession Plan

Bezos Health Scare Draws Traders' Attention to Amazon Succession Plan
When a kidney stone dropped into Jeff Bezos’s ureter while he was touring the Galapagos Islands by boat on New Year’s...
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In honor of my 4,000th, here’s my top 100.

Source: The Producer's Perspective

Opening Night Of Barry Manilow And Bruce Sussman's "Harmony"
So get this noise . . . Today is my 4,000th post. I really can’t believe it, but it’s true.  Since I started bloggin’ back in 2008 (!), I’ve written four-freakin’-thousand entries.  Huh.  Let’s think about that for a sec.  If each entry is about a page, then I’ve written the equivalent of War and Peace . . .  two-and-two-thirds times over! Crazy, to think about it.  Especially when you consider that if someone walked up to me six years ago and asked, “ ...
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Kindle Paperwhite Review: If Only Every E-Book Reader Was This Good

Kindle Paperwhite Review: If Only Every E-Book Reader Was This Good
Amazon is at the top of the tree in terms of e-ink based readers. With the Kindle devices now in their sixth generation...
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‘Undergraduate Musicians Council’ broadens presence

Source: Campus Times U of Rochester

Courtesy of Steph Hao On Friday, April 11, UR’s Undergraduate Musicians Council hosted its first annual  showcase at the Interfaith Chapel. The showcase presented an opportunity for UR student musicians to perform for their peers in an environment more formal than that of other on-campus music outlets – for example, No Jackets Required’s open mic or Starbucks’s “Friday Night Live”. While the showcase mostly featured classical performance ...
Full article at: Campus Times U of Rochester 2 days ago, 2:02am CDT

Amazon Cloud Drive adds ability to see documents stored on a Kindle


Amazon Announces Set Top Video Device
Amazon has added the ability to see the personal documents stored on any of your Kindle or Kindle app-enabled devices through its one Amazon Cloud Drive service. If you have sent your Kindle devices documents in the past, ...
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Kindle Free Time Adds New Educational and Parental Control Features

Kindle Free Time Adds New Educational and Parental Control Features
Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are adding new educational and parental control features for Kindle Free Time. This updated free version of Kindle Free time app will make learning a more fun and enjoyable experience for both parents and children.
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Wyatt Earp Revolver Sold for $225,000
Belongings of Wyatt Earp (mostly guns) were auctioned in Scottsdale, Arizona on April 17th. Wyatt Earp is a legend in Arizona's law history. And one of his guns, a Colt .45-caliber revolver, was sold for $225,000.
8THEIST License Plate rejected while BAPTIST accepted
An 8THEIST license plate request by a New Jersey woman was rejected by the MVC. Meanwhile, a BAPTIST license plate was accepted leading the woman to sue the state for violating her First Amendment privileges.
Blue Angels Commander Relieved of Duty
Blue Angels Commander Relieved of Duty
A Blue Angels commander was recently relieved of duty due to certain misconduct charges which had piled up against him.

Something on the Side: Kindle puts paper into e-books

Source: Mail & Guardian

Sean Bacher gives five gadgets you want to get your hands ...
Full article at: Mail & Guardian 3 days ago, 8:16am CDT

Jeff Bezos' Next Challenge For Amazon Is To Make It Easier For You To Pay For Stuff

Source: The Business Insider

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
The pressure is on for Amazon to amp up its payments efforts.  CEO Jeff Bezos is lighting a fire under Amazon's team to make payments one of its top areas of focus and investment, according to Re/Code's Jason Del Ray.    “Jeff’s told us it’s something we need to be successful in, and should be successful in,” Tom Taylor, head of payments at Amazon, told Re/Code. “The pressure I feel from Jeff is, ‘Go faster.’” Amazon ...
Full article at: The Business Insider 4 days ago, 10:05am CDT

New Kindle Sale Saves 20% Today

New Kindle Sale Saves 20% Today
This is the season. There are only two weeks left until the Holidays 2013. To continue to save on purchasing Holiday gifts check out the new Amazon Holiday gift sale featuring today a hot new Kindle sale.
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