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TORONTO, ON - JUNE 22: Marilyn Monroe did it. So did Elizabeth Taylor. So should all women be shaving their faces? We weigh the pros and cons and try it out for ourselves. Katrina Clarke photo illustration in the Toronto Star Studio. (Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty... Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Woman Shaving Face
Close up of delicious cake with ladyfingers and chocolate shaving
Close up of bowl of shaved chocolate
Close up of delicious cake with chocolate shavings
Pencil Shavings Being Magnified By Magnifying Glass
Macro close up of colored pencils and shavings
Close-Up Of Pencil Shavings With Yellow Pencil
Directly Above Shot Of Wood Shavings In Box
Close up of frosted chocolate cupcake with chocolate shavings
Close up of delicious chocolate balls and shavings
Close up of simmering pot with wooden spoon and shavings
Close up of heart-shaped colorful pencil shavings
Curled tree bark wood shavings on reflective surface
Close up of delicious ice cream with chocolate shavings in bowl
Green Plant Growing On Pile Of Wood Shavings
Close up of chocolate cupcake with white frosting and chocolate shavings
Cincinnati Reds v Philadelphia Phillies
Close up of coconut shavings on top of delicious cake
High angle view of hen laying in crate with wood shavings on bottom