Nintendo's trailblazing Game Boy marks 25th anniversary

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Week in Gaming: Halo 5 announced, Mario Kart 8 rated, Kinect disconnected

Source: TechRadar UK

We don't think we were the only ones who had high hopes for Xbox One Kinect. Straight out the gate, Microsoft was convinced that Kinect 2 would not only change the way we game, but also the role of its console in the living room. But we've now had six months of Xbox One action and not a lot of Kinect to go with it, which is why we weren't exactly surprised by this week's big announcement from Microsoft: you'll soon be ...
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Roundup: Best of TechRadar: this week's best features and hottest reviews

Source: TechRadar UK

Everything you need to know about your next tabletAll the buying advice you needYour trusty iPad 4 might have cut it last year, but it's 2014 now and a new wave of tablets is fast approaching, with specs and features set to blow away earlier models. More power, better screens and increasingly premium builds are just the tip of the iceberg and we've got all the latest details on all the most promising upcoming slates. If you're feeling imp ...
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McCartney Cancels Concert
McCartney Cancels Concert
Virus postpones start of Japanese tour for Paul McCartney.
California Chrome Wins the Preakness
California Chrome Wins the Preakness
California Chrome remains on track to win the Triple Crown.
Uncle Si's "Smokin Hot Honey"
Uncle Si's "Smokin Hot Honey"
Si Robertson's 6-song EP, "Me and My Smokin Hot Honey", dropped on May 14th.
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Kraven & Green Goblin's Minions Concept Art - AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Video Game

Source: Comic Book Movies

Capitol File's WHCD Welcome Reception
Concept Art by Nivanh Chanthara Kraven's Apartment Kraven's Office Early Kraven Concept Spider Slayer Concepts Early Iguana Concept Early Vermin Concept Green Goblin's Minions Green Goblin's Minions Green Goblin's Minions The Amazing Spider-Man is back! This spring, take control of Peter Parker in an all-new adventure: use your strength, speed, and cunning to take on new ...
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Nintendo Voice Chat: Nintendoes What Skylanders Did

Source: IGN

This week on Nintendo Voice Chat join host Samuel Claiborn (filling in for Jose Otero) Brian Altano, Peer Schneider, and Marty Sliva for a discussion of Nintendo's recently announced NFC Figurines: Skylanders-like toys that interact with multiple Nintendo games. The cast unanimously agrees that they should have little holes in their little feet like the Kenner Star Wars toys, but agree on little else. Download Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast Here ...
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What is Nintendo's E3 Mystery 3DS Game?

Source: IGN

Disney Magical World Launch Event At Nintendo World Store
Nintendo has sent out invitations for an E3 presentation and Q&A session centered on an unannounced 3DS game. The session will take place on Wednesday, June 11 from 6-7:30 PM PT, at which point two days of the show will already be over. Nintendo has a history of making news after the initial press conferences have passed. In 2009, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed details about the next Zelda that was to become Skyward Sword. 2010 saw the reveal of Ocarina of Time for the 3DS, and P ...
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North Korea’s “Glorious Leader” Kim Jong Un to star in a video game


North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un attends
Indie developer Moneyhorse’s upcoming game is set to actually star North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. The game is described by its developers as an epic tale about the triumph of Kim Jong Un over the entire American army. It features “retro run ‘n’ gun style gaming,” and is set to be released for mobile and PC platforms.  Even if the game ends up not being very good, it will probably be worth playing if only to experience i ...
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New Sony PlayStation Vita's second-screen features bring a lot to the game

Source: Consumer Reports

New Sony PlayStation Vita's second-screen features bring a lot to the game Sony released a new, slimmer model of the PlayStation Vita, its handheld game console, earlier this month; you can pick up the new model for $200 in a bundle with the game Borderlands 2 and an 8GB memory card. The new Vita has some great new features—but its new displa ...
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The Definitive Ranking Of The Original 151 Pokémon

Source: Buzzfeed

Disney Magical World Launch Event At Nintendo World Store
Gotta cast judgment on ‘em all. Metapod As one of the first pokémon you encounter, you'd expect Metapod to do something cooler than just "harden." Don't worry, before long, we evolves into the equally useless Butterfree. Nintendo / Kakuna As useless as Metapod, but at least he looks sort of cool? Nintendo / ...
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Updated: 50 best iPhone games: fantastic free and paid games


LSU v Florida
50 best iPhone games: 1-25Gaming on iOS is so big that the platform is becoming dominant enough to threaten the likes of Nintendo and Sony, long-reigning kings of the mobile gaming hill. Yet for all iOS's gaming prowess, there's no escaping the fact the App Store has a lot of dross. Apple's relative openness, in enabling anyone to develop for the system, means there's almost no meaningful quality ...
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