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Ahead of Strike, Uber Moves to Capitalize

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The maker of the online car-service app has a message for the thousands of cabbies expected to demonstrate in London: If you can't beat ...

Jun 11 2014, 9:15am CDT

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Update: 10

Uber-inspired app brings a doc to your door


When you're sick, sometimes it feels impossible to get out of bed, let alone get to the doctor. And the last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours at the emergency room. So Silicon Valley is retooling a service that was common almost a ...
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Update: 9

Pssst: Wanna buy a restaurant reservation?

Source: Steve Heimoff

  Ever get frustrated about not being able to get a restaurant reservation when you actually want one? Happens to me a fair amount. My go-to restos tend to be in Oakland, since that’s where I live: Ozumo, Pican, Bocanova, Lungomare, among others. But so popular are these places that you really need to make your reservations far in advance—unless you’re willing to dine before 6 or after 9, which for the most part I am not. I like eating dinner at the n ...
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Trending Now: Allison Williams, Sharknado 2 and Kate Upton
Trending Now: Allison Williams, Sharknado 2 and Kate Upton
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T-Mobile adds 1.5 million Subscriber in Q2
T-Mobile adds 1.5 million Subscriber in Q2
T-Mobile USA is on a wild run. The carrier added 1.5 million new customers in the last quarter.
Gilt Smartwatch unveiled Powered by HP and Designed by Michael Bastian
Gilt Smartwatch unveiled Powered by HP and Designed by Michael Bastian
Members only shopping announced the their own Smartwatch coming this fall.
Update: 8

Is Silicon Valley the New Wall Street?

Source: The Atlantic

A few years ago, key leaders in the technology industry, led by Apple's Steve Jobs, colluded to hold down their employees' wages. They agreed not to recruit from each other, and this spring they settled a civil lawsuit that brought evidence of their brazen scheme to wide public notice. The case unveiled a Silicon Valley that most Americans didn’t recognize—an ugly side to America's most innovative and, increasing ...
Full article at: The Atlantic 1 day ago, 6:00am CDT

Update: 6

Uber moves into business travel, expensing

Source: CNBC

Ridesharing app Uber announces a service aimed at making the company more valuable for busin ...
Full article at: CNBC 2 days ago, 7:41am CDT

Update: 5

The latest acquisition for tech companies? Lobbyists

Source: Market Place

Tech companies are growing up. And, like a lot of teenagers, they want more control over how they’re treated. Now, those companies are taking steps to make sure they’re heard. Last month, drivers for ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft flooded the California Capitol building. They were there to protest a bill that would toughen regulations on their industry. Senator Alex Padilla noted the discussion was one that wouldn’t have happened a few years ago. “The wonderful challe ...
Full article at: Market Place 2 days ago, 5:00am CDT

Update: 4

Houston Sting Catches Uber Drivers Accepting Street Hails

Source: The Daily Caller

Cab companies escalate war on ride-sharing ...
Full article at: The Daily Caller 2 days ago, 5:55pm CDT

Update: 3

Uber ranks drivers... And passengers

Source: American Public Media

Uber allows users to rank both drivers and ...
Full article at: American Public Media 3 days ago, 12:35pm CDT

Update: 2

Uber Passenger Ratings Should Be Public

Source: Gizmodo

Uber lets its drivers rate their passengers, and its passengers rate their drivers. These scores should be public. Re ...
Full article at: Gizmodo 3 days ago, 10:39am CDT

Update: 1

The Bear Case For Uber (Yes, There Is One)

Source: Forbes

A world with less pollution and no traffic jams, where taxis are cheap and safe and you never have to wait for a pickup: It’s a rosy vision Uber is peddling, and venture capitalists, those professional optimists, are fully on board. An app-based service that let ...
Full article at: Forbes 3 days ago, 6:37am CDT


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