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‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ is the Culmination of Film as Commerce

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Transformers: Age of Extinction is a relentless assault on the senses that somehow still managed to bore me to tears. It’s a 2 hour and 40 minute film that features giant robots riding enormous robot dinosaurs killing bad giant robots, yet is devoid of any meaningful thrills or excitement. Filled with explosions, flying glass, a laughably incoherent plot, and paper-thin characters who behave completely nonsensica ...

Jun 27 2014, 3:00pm CDT

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Update: 10

Uncharted film coming to theaters in 2016

Source: Oh No They Didn't!

Sony has revealed that the live-action Uncharted film will hit theaters June 10 2016, replacing The Amazing Spider-Man 3 which was been pushed back until 2018.David O. Russell was initially hired to direct but pulled out because of “creative differences” with Sony. His script, along with the supposedly Nathan Drake-casted Mark Wahlberg, were then discardedAs yet no one has been cast in the leading role although rumour has it that Sony is still looking at Wah ...
Full article at: Oh No They Didn't! 4 days ago, 10:24am CDT


Update: 9

Uncharted FIlm Release Date Announced

Source: IGN

Sony have revealed the release date for the upcoming Uncharted film -- which has been slated for June 10, 2016 -- a date originally held by The Amazing Spider-Man 3, the Spidey sequel that has now been moved to 2018. According to Deadline, the studio still wants Mark Wahlberg to play the lead role of Nathan Drake, but both Sony and Wahlberg's reps tell the site that "nothing has happened." The Uncharted movie adaptation is to be directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bose ...
Full article at: IGN 5 days ago, 3:05pm CDT

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$499 iPad Air or iPad Air 2 Giveaway
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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer Released
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Apple Stock to Rise over $100 Today?
Apple Stock to Rise over $100 Today?
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Update: 8

Comic-Con: Sony Dates Two ‘Spider-Man’ Films And ‘Uncharted’

Source: Deadline

San Diego Comic-Con has become more than a place for film studios to vamp their upcoming superhero movies. Now, they use the geek frenzy to stake out release date turf. Days after Disney and Marvel declared release dates for a flurry of superhero films the studio isn’t even ready to identify yet, Columbia Pictures has set its release plans and formalized plans to expand its $4 billion Spider-Man universe. As expected, t ...
Full article at: Deadline 5 days ago, 11:25am CDT

Update: 6

'Iron Man' Robert Downey Jr highest-earning actor

Source: Asia One

NEW YORK - Robert Downey Jr, the star of Disney's Marvel superhero film franchises "Iron Man,"and "The Avengers," is Hollywood's highest paid actor for the second consecutive year, with estimated earnings of US$75 million (S$93 million), according to 49-year-old star made most of his money from June 2013 to June 2014 from "Iron Man 3," which made US$1.2 billion at the box office and assured him the top spot again in the annual rank ...
Full article at: Asia One 1 week ago, 10:46pm CDT

Update: 5

Robert Downey Jr. Tops Forbes Highest Paid Actors List AGAIN! But Who DIDN'T Make The Top Ten Is More Surprising!

Source: PerezHilton

Iron Man competitions are all about stamina, so it comes as no surprise that Tony Stark himself Robert Downey Jr. has for the second year in a row been named the Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood! Forbes' annual list is out, and RDJ is on top, making an estimated $75 million this year, and that's almost all just for his work on Iron Man 3! (RDJ has made some Marvelous deals for a piece of the profits!) But Robert is far from the only superhero on the highest paid list! Hercules sta ...
Full article at: PerezHilton 1 week ago, 9:03pm CDT

Update: 4

Highest Paid Actors of 2014: Who Raked in the Most Cash?

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

Forbes magazine has released its annual list of the top-earning actors in Hollywood, and you may find yourself astonished not only by the stars who took the top two spots, but also by the staggering amount some A-listers pulled in this past year.  Amazingly, the highest paid actor of 2013 has managed to do it again, as Robert Downey, Jr. took home a cool $75 million thanks to his ongoing role as Tony Stark/Iron Man.  2014's Highest Paid Actors! 10. Mar ...
Full article at: The Hollywood Gossip Jul 21 2014, 5:30pm CDT

Update: 3

Uncharted Movie To Shoot Early Next Year?

Source: Empire: Movie News & Reviews

Seth Gordon sounds optimisticAfter five years of complex development, the Uncharted movie has finally gained some momentum with the arrival of Seth Gordon (The King Of Kong, Horrible Bosses) as director. Asked when production is likely to get underway, Gordon has revealed that "very early next year" is the plan. "That is months from now," he explains, "but it's like tomorrow, essentially, because the prep is so complicated for the movie." He promises the se ...
Full article at: Empire: Movie News & Reviews Jul 18 2014, 2:51am CDT

Update: 2

Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs Reveal Wedding Details—It's Happening Sooner Than You Think!


Instagram Last night, we got a peek at a brand new machine that will change your life. It’s called the Swash and it’s basically like having your very own dry cleaner in your home. Only way better! You can put some of your favorite hard-to-wash clothes, like pretty shirts with embellishments or sequins on them in the new machine from P&G and Whirlpool, and it comes out smelling and looking brand new in under 10 minutes! It’s pure magic. Also magical? That surprise engagemen ...
Full article at: Jul 17 2014, 11:16am CDT

Update: 1

What a Man's Height Says About His Sex Life

Source: Women's Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Beauty

Apparently, size does matter. In news that has Keith Urban and Mark Wahlberg rejoicing, shorter men actually have more sex, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. You go, guys! For the study, researchers at multiple universities in Hungary recruited 531 heterosexual men aged 20-54 through male health clinics, which most of the participants were visiting for family planning con ...
Full article at: Women's Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Beauty Jul 17 2014, 10:26am CDT


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