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More iPhone 6 leaks reinforce iPod design rumours

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Update: 10

LEAKED: Your Best Look Yet At Samsung's Unreleased Metal Galaxy Phone

Source: Business Insider

Samsung Celebrates Milk Music And ADD52
Samsung is expected to release a new smartphone called the Galaxy Alpha soon, and newly published photos claim to show exactly what the device will look like.  The Galaxy Alpha has been rumored to feature a metal design unlike Samsung's previously released smartphones. Photos published by Samsung blog SamMobile show a smartphone with a metallic band around its edges. It looks similar to the aluminum rim that frames the iPhone. This contradicts rumors we initially heard about an unrelease ...
Full article at: Business Insider 13 hours ago, 9:08am CDT


Update: 9

Updated: Samsung Galaxy S6: what we want to see


Samsung Celebrates Milk Music And ADD52
Galaxy S6: what we want to seeIt's never too early to speculate wildly about the next smartphone in Samsung's Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S5 was definitely a step up from the S4, but we can't shake the feeling that everyone's favourite South Korean manufacturer (sorry LG) is resting on its laurels. Come on Samsung, market domination should be about more than outspending your rivals on advertising, get back in the game and kick it up a gear!Thankfully, the early bu ...
Full article at: 16 hours ago, 6:18am CDT

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Update: 8

Updated: Samsung Galaxy F release date, news and rumors


Samsung Celebrates Milk Music And ADD52
Release date, price and displayThe Samsung Galaxy S5 is a top smartphone with a lot to shout about, but with increased pressure from HTC, Sony and LG, there are suggestions that Samsung is looking to give its flagship another boost.Compare the build quality of the Galaxy S5 to the HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2 or iPhone 5S and the Samsung flagship feels cheap in comparison, while the full HD display isn't a match for the QHD offering ...
Full article at: 16 hours ago, 6:04am CDT

Update: 6

Stock Pick: The chips are down for Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM)

Source: Canadian Business Online

For many investors, earnings seasons is a little like the race for the Stanley Cup. Everyone’s watching to see which companies will score big and which ones will outperform their peers. One company that a lot of people are keeping their eye on is San Diego-based Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM), a $138 billion market-cap semiconductor company. While the company reports its earnings after markets close on July 23, some analysts are already predicting victory. Earlier in the day ...
Full article at: Canadian Business Online 1 day ago, 12:12pm CDT

Update: 5

Hands-on review: HTC One E8


The HTC One Skatepark At Selfridges - Launch Photocall
The HTC One E8 is the phone I never thought I'd see. Given HTC's big push into making design the most important element of its flagship One M8 phone, why lose it?And this theme returns when you turn the phone over: all the talk of the importance of the duo camera, with Ufocus and other assorted Ultrapixel gubbins, is gone in favour of an off-the-shelf 13MP sensor.What gives, HTC? It's nearly 30% cheaper? Oh. That makes sense.Beyond t ...
Full article at: 1 day ago, 11:49am CDT

Update: 4

Five ways Nvidia's Shield Tablet borrows from the best to boost your gaming

Source: Fifth Gear

Nvidia’s Shield tablet is finally here: after plenty of rumours and speculation, the slate-based handheld successor will soon be in your grasp, armed with enough processing power to blast through all your favourite games, and then some. It looks like Nvidia’s had plenty of inspiration for its latest slate – join us as we run through what the graphics giant has borrowed from the gadget pick and mix shop to create what cou ...
Full article at: Fifth Gear 1 day ago, 10:06am CDT

Update: 3

TunesKit Newly Launched iTunes DRM Media Converter Tool for Mac OS X

Source: MacMegasite

Lee Brice in Concert - Pelham, AL
London, United Kingdom – TunesKit Studio has newly released its iTunes DRM Media Converter tool – TunesKit for Mac. The app helps iTunes users strip DRM protection off movies and TV shows rented or purchased from Apple iTunes Store and convert those M4V videos to DRM-free MP4 format on Mac OS X with fast speed and high quality. By converting DRM locked iTunes movies with TunesKit DRM Media Converter, movie fans are ...
Full article at: MacMegasite 1 day ago, 7:30am CDT

Update: 2

Former HTC adviser: Herbalife not a pyramid scheme (Video)

Source: St. Louis Business Journal

The HTC One Skatepark At Selfridges - Launch Photocall
Former HTC adviser: Herbalife not a pyramid scheme ( ...
Full article at: St. Louis Business Journal 1 day ago, 7:14am CDT

Update: 1

Nokia Lumia 930: A Windows Phone game changer [Review]

Source: BetaNews

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Addresses Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
Despite its repeated attempts to elbow its way into mainstream popularity, Windows Phone is going on four years old and is still being slapped down by iPhone and Android -- like an overly buoyant younger sibling with a penchant for multi-colored tiles. Trouble is, now more than ever the pressure is on. LG, Samsung and HTC have all already fired their flagships into the market, and with the promise of a bigger ...
Full article at: BetaNews 1 day ago, 5:34am CDT


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