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Living in the World That Fox News Built

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Update: 10

America Will Be A Stronger Nation When Gay Marriage And Marijuana Are Legalized Nationally

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

LGBTQ Couples Challenge Florida Ban On Same-Sex Marriage
When hundreds of millions of people are governed by certain laws that run contrary to logic and compassion, then everyone suffers from the irrational fears of an older generation of voters. According to the Center for Disease Control, around 88,000 Americans die each year from alcohol related deaths. MADD states that 1.2 million Americans were arrested of drunk driving in 2011 and 10, 322 Americans died from drunk driving in 20 ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post 56 minutes ago


Update: 9

Savage Love

Source: The Stranger

The Boys in the Bandwidth by Dan Savage I am a gay man and have been in a relationship with my GGG boyfriend for more than three years. We are in our early 20s and have a good sex life. I just discovered that he has been engaging in what can only be described as cyber infidelity. He had a secret e-mail account, posted on Cra ...
Full article at: The Stranger 9 hours ago

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Cameron Diaz Disses Kyle upon Drew Barrymore Questions
Cameron Diaz Disses Kyle upon Drew Barrymore Questions
Cameron Diaz recently dissed the interviewer Kyle Sandilands upon some of his inappropriate questions regarding Drew Barrymore and Benji Madden.
Lady Gaga Gets her Revenge via Instagram Photo
Lady Gaga Gets her Revenge via Instagram Photo
Lada Gaga was called fat by many cruel people. But she got her revenge via an Instagram photo which portrayed her in all her curvaceous and sexy self.
Zac Efron Stayed the Night at Michelle Rodriguez’s Home
Zac Efron Stayed the Night at Michelle Rodriguez’s Home
Zac Efron was recently spotted leaving Michelle Rodriguez’s home after having stayed the night there.
Update: 8

A Partisan Divide Over Israel? Not Really.

Source: Outside the Beltway

Ron Paul Campaigns In Nevada
For most of the post World War II era, support for Israel inside the United States has been one of the few foreign policy issues, indeed, one of the few issues at all, that largely has united Democrats and Republicans. Yes, there was a wing of the Democratic Party that was sympathetic to the Palestinian cause that started to emerge in the 1970s, but it  has been, and remains, a fairly small part of that party. For the most part, you hear the same strong support from Re ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway 3 days ago, 1:11pm CDT

Update: 6

How top U.K. publishers label content recommedation ads

Source: Digiday

Andrew Sullivan of Great Britain fights
As the debate rages over the ethics of native advertising on both sides of the Atlantic, regulators in the U.K. have added more fuel to the fire. A ruling by the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority against Outbrain is forcing publishers and technology platforms to review the labeling of paid content recommendations on their sites. Anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes online has seen these widgets: paid content on ...
Full article at: Digiday Jul 15 2014, 10:47am CDT

Update: 5

Paying Attention To Politics? You’re Probably Really Stressed Out

Source: Outside the Beltway

According to a new study, politics and the news are really stressing people out: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation just released a wide-ranging surveyon the prevalence and causes of stress in the U.S. Overall, 86 percent of Americans say they’ve been stressed out in the past month, with 26 percent saying they’ve experienced a great deal of stress. When it comes to major stressful life events, health-r ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway Jul 14 2014, 10:58am CDT

Update: 4

1994 – The Year The Internet Came Of Age

Source: The Moderate Voice

I think it was in 1994 that I first installed a modem in my very slow PC and signed up with America On Line.  Via Andrew Sullivan, Leon Neyfakh thinks that 1994 was the year that the internet became a major part of our lives not just a tech curiosity. The Web had existed for a couple of years as a kind of insiders’ tech experiment, and the Internet had been around longer. But it was 1994 when the world pivoted, a ...
Full article at: The Moderate Voice Jul 13 2014, 11:38am CDT

Update: 3

Obama’s Actual Scorecard

Source: The Moderate Voice

Ted Cruz Addresses Conservative Policy Summit
Andrew Sullivan contrasts criticisms of the Obama administration’s record with actual figures on The Daily Dish. The news narrative of the summer is the floundering of the president in any number of ginned-up stories: he “lost” the Middle East (as if that’s a bad thing); he’s created a crisis in illegal immigration (even though the bulk of the blame goes to a Bush-era law); he’s responsible for total gridlock (as if Ted Cruz did not exist); he’s been s ...
Full article at: The Moderate Voice Jul 11 2014, 7:45am CDT

Update: 2

Islam And World War One

Source: Outside the Beltway

Baylor University History Professor Philip Jenkins makes a provocative argument, namely that the radical Islam that we are familiar with today is yet another of the innumerable consequences of the First World War: Out of the political ferment immediately following the war came the most significant modern movements within Islam, including the most alarming forms of Islamist extremism. So did the separatism that eventually gave birth to the Islamic sta ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway Jul 3 2014, 3:14pm CDT

Update: 1

Blogs Are Dead, Long Live Blogging

Source: Outside the Beltway

Andrew Sullivan of Great Britain fights
My latest for  The Hill, “Blogs Are Dead, Long Live Blogging,” has posted. Written in response to news that The New York Times is phasing out or consolidating “almost half” of its blogs, I reflect on the changes in the medium over the last decade-plus. I conclude: Over the years, my own blogging production has dwindled, from an average of 13 pieces a day to fewer than that a week. Partly, I’ve tired of feeding the famished animal and of much of the domestic political debat ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway Jul 3 2014, 9:27am CDT


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