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Larry Magid: After 10 Years, Sony’s PlayStation Portable Calls It Quits

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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Despite reaching its 10th year in production, Sony has announced plans to stop making their gaming device, PlayStation Portable. Looking back at 2004, when this product was launched, the most popular cell phones on the market were the Nokia 2600 and the Motorola Razr flip phone. iPhone’s, iPad’s and Android devices were still inventions of the not-too-distant future. Back then the demand for portable gaming devices still existed. Sony sold 76 million units in a ...

Jun 3 2014, 7:19pm CDT

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Topics: IPhone, iPad, Sony Playstation, Angry Birds, Technology

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Windows Phone users -- put down those cheeseburgers and pick up a Fitbit

Source: BetaNews

Being a tech enthusiast is usually synonymous with being out of shape. Thinking back to the movie Revenge of the Nerds, it was clear that computer users were weaklings. As time marched on from the 80's, tech nerds went from simply being weak, to being fat too. Yes, we tech nerds like to sit in chairs and eat bad food. Of course, I'm generalizing; I am positive there are physically fit computer nerds. With that ...
Full article at: BetaNews 4 hours ago


Update: 9

Review: Updated: Moto G

Source: TechRadar UK

Introduction and designUpdate: We've spent some time with the Motorola Moto G 4G which, apart from the superfast connectivity, only differs in price and the inclusion of a microSD slot. We've updated our review to reflect the new model.Motorola kicked off its global smartphone revival with the keenly priced Moto G handset, and it's now available with 4G too in the form of the Moto G 4G.The Moto G is a mid-range handset with a low-end price tag and Android ...
Full article at: TechRadar UK 14 hours ago, 10:03am CDT

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Microsoft's Latest Ad Bashes Siri For Not Being As Smart As Its Own Virtual Assistant

Source: Business Insider

Microsoft has been touting its new virtual assistant, Cortana, as a personal aid that learns more about you the more you interact with it. In its latest ad, the company is out to prove Cortana is much smarter and more practical than Apple's Siri. During the ad, the narrator asks a series of questions to an iPhone 5s and Nokia Lumia 635 at the same time. When he asks the phones to remind him to say "Happy Anniversary" to his wife next ...
Full article at: Business Insider 16 hours ago, 7:38am CDT

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We really are living in the (medical) future

Source: Market Place

We live in the future. That's not my phrase; it is my daughter Madeleine's invention. True, the monorails remain few and far between, but every once in a while I get a reminder that some of what was once science fiction is no longer fiction. Recently, I got to spend a bit of time with a physicist and physician who says she is trying to do for medicine what Google did for information technology. Her idea is democratize healthcare so that the big s ...
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Update: 5

Microsoft Launches New Cortana vs. Siri Ad Showing Off Context-Aware Reminders

Source: Mac Rumors

Microsoft today launched a new commercial comparing its new Cortana virtual assistant to Apple's virtual assistant Siri, demonstrating how the former is able to perform contextually-aware tasks using a number of services. Titled "Happy Anniversary", the commercial shows Cortana and Windows Phone 8.1 running on the Nokia Lumia 635 as the narrator makes commands related around a wedding anniversary ...
Full article at: Mac Rumors 21 hours ago, 2:56am CDT

Update: 4

Best of TechRadar Pro: Tech politics, a braver Microsoft, ICANN's TLDs and mobile banking

Source: Tech Radar

Why tech is on the verge of changing the political process foreverIt's a bleak time to be young. The 30-something-and-below generation is facing huge debts, long hours, low pay and an ever-disappearing retirement age.The cost of higher education in 2014 would've been enough to buy a three bedroom house 30 years ago. When a graduate enters the workforce, they can either look forward to being used as a pol ...
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Apple iWatch, HTC Android Wear Smartwatch, Pink HTC One (M8), Huawei P7 Arsenal Edition smartphone: Gadget Digest

Source: Fifth Gear

It’s been another great week in the world of gadgets, and now we’re close to the end it’s time to look back and check out our favourite stories. From gaming tablets to smartphones, smartwatches and wearables, there’s been absolutely loads going on throughout the week. So read on to catch up on all the news from the past few days. Smartphones for football fans! Football fans and smartphones may not usu ...
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Update: 2

In Depth: Microsoft's future under Satya Nadella: a very different, braver company

Source: Tech Radar

IntroductionWe are halfway through 2014 and Microsoft is having a good year - well almost, even if it had to cut 18,000 jobs, can the Surface Mini, killed Android for Nokia, shuttered its Xbox Entertainment Studios and merged its tech conferences.The Xbox One was met with widespread praise and has been selling in record numbers; Windows Phone is improving rapidly, introducing Cortana; Windows 8.1 garnered praise and, most importantly, continues Micros ...
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Update: 1

Did Instagram's rumored Snapchat rival pop up in Android banner ad?

Source: Tech Radar

Facebook-owned Instagram has been rumored to be working on a new photo messaging app to go head-to-head with popular rivals like Snapchat, and evidence supporting such hearsay may have just turned up in the most unlikely of places.The Verge today reported that Instagram appears to have mistakenly leaked the existence of a new Snapchat competitor called Bolt, which turned up as a new banner ad inside the current Instagram for Android app ...
Full article at: Tech Radar 4 days ago, 2:29pm CDT


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