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AT&T: SSNs Compromised to Unlock Smartphones

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AT&T said that client info was pilfered by an unknown party to gain entry into smart phones. The private data included SSNs and call duration records. These were broken into by s ...

Jun 14 2014, 11:45am CDT

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Update: 10

FCC Questions Verizon Plan to Throttle Some Unlimited Data Customers

Source: MacRumors

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler today sent a letter [PDF via Gigaom] to Verizon Wireless, questioning its plan to throttle customers that have unlimited data plans during peak usage times. Verizon first announced its intention to throttle high-usage customers on grandfathered unlimited LTE plans last week. In the letter, Wheeler says that he is "deeply troubled" by Verizon's decisio ...
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Update: 9

A Small Town in Tennessee Has The Big Cable Companies Terrified

Source: Business Insider

While the nation's largest internet service providers have been making lots of noise recently, the country's fastest network has stayed quiet, just like the Tennessee town it services. The small, southern city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, boasts internet speeds up to a whopping gigabit per second, thanks to a local municipal fiber internet network, and has since last year. That's the same speed as Google Fiber, only there's no legacy tech giant pumping technol ...
Full article at: Business Insider 6 hours ago, 5:07pm CDT

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Update: 8

SAG-AFTRA, DGA Remain Neutral on Net Neutrality

Source: Deadline

The FCC received so many comments – more than a million – on proposed changes to its net neutrality rules that its website crashed. But don’t blame SAG-AFTRA or the DGA; neither weighed in before the deadline. “We have not filed comments,” said an official for the actors union. Likewise, said a rep for the directors: “The DGA hasn’t made any filings regarding net neutrality in the latest round.” Related: WG ...
Full article at: Deadline 7 hours ago, 4:24pm CDT

Update: 6

ESPN College Gameday Will Open Season at Florida State vs. Oklahoma State

Source: Bleacher Report

Playing host to ESPN College GameDay is a prestigious honor for any school. That honor won't go to a specific school to open the season, though, as ESPN will tout a neutral-site game between Florida State and Oklahoma State. ESPN College GameDay first reported the news via its official Twitter account: According to Sandra Baker of the Star-Telegram, the Chris Fowler-led crew will converge on Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth, Texas on Aug. 30. The annual Cowboys Cla ...
Full article at: Bleacher Report 13 hours ago, 9:53am CDT

Update: 5

Netflix Inks Paid Connection Deal With AT&T, Too

Source: Bloggermann by Keith Olbermann

Add AT&T to the list of Internet providers that now have a paid connection, or peering, deal with vide ...
Full article at: Bloggermann by Keith Olbermann 14 hours ago, 9:03am CDT

Update: 4

Netflix to pay AT&T for smooth video downloads

Source: CNBC

Netflix has struck a deal with AT&T to ensure smoother streaming for ...
Full article at: CNBC 14 hours ago, 8:48am CDT

Update: 3

AT&T, IBM Research and ACS create faster way to distribute bandwidth in the cloud (Jonathan Vanian/Gigaom)

Source: Techmeme

Jonathan Vanian / Gigaom: AT&T, IBM Research and ACS create faster way to distribute bandwidth in the cloud  —  The new SDN prototype, developed as part of the U.S. Government's DARPA CORONET program, is basically a powerful resource management system that can coordinate data flow an ...
Full article at: Techmeme 15 hours ago, 8:15am CDT

Update: 2

AT&T leapfrogs Google, says it will bring super-fast GigaPower internet to Charlotte

Source: Charlotte Business Journal

AT&T Inc. says it has decided to build its GigaPower ultra-high-speed Internet network in Charlotte, bringing the Queen City download speeds of up to one gigabyte per second. The announcement comes as Google Inc. has been rallying support for its similar Google Fiber service. Google has said it is exploring Charlotte for a gigabit network, but it has not made a final decision. AT&T did not provide a timeline for when its GigaPower offering will be available to Charlotte ...
Full article at: Charlotte Business Journal 15 hours ago, 8:01am CDT

Update: 1

Breakthrough elastic cloud-to cloud networking


Scientists from AT&T, IBM and Applied Communication Sciences (ACS) announced a proof-of-concept technology that reduces set up times for cloud-to-cloud connectivity from days to seconds. This advance is a major step forward that could one day lead to sub-second provisioning time with IP and next generation optical networking equipment and enables elastic bandwidth between clouds at high connection request rates using intelligent clou ...
Full article at: 17 hours ago, 6:08am CDT


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