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NASA announces the instruments for the next Mars rover

This is Curiosity, but physically, Mars 2020 will look quite similar. NASA When NASA announced its plans for future explorations of Mars, there was a sense of disappointment in some quarters, since it featured a rover much like Curiosity. But NASA made clear that it was only using the proven technology of the vehicle itself; the instruments it carried would be all new, and shaped by both the advancement of technology and the experience of past ...
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Stealthy new malware snatching credit cards from retailer’s POS systems

US Computer Emergency Response Team, in cooperation with the Secret Service and researchers at Trustwave’s Spiderlabs, have issued an alert about a newly-identified variant of malware installed on point-of-sale (POS) systems that was used in a series of recent attacks by cyber criminals. Called “Backoff,” the malware shares characteristics with the one used to attack Target’s point of sale systems last year: it ...
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Office for iPad updates add PDF exports, better keyboard and font support

Exporting to PDF from Excel for iPad. All four Office apps can do this now. Andrew Cunningham Microsoft at long last released Office for the iPad in March, in keeping with CEO Satya Nadella's "cloud first, mobile first" approach to competitors' platforms. A OneNote had already been available for some time, but it was the first time Word, Excel, or PowerPoint had been availabl ...
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Calling Ebola outbreak “unprecedented,” WHO plans $100-million fight

Today, the World Health Organization announced that it will begin coordinating a $100-million effort to contain the Ebola virus outbreak that's currently killing people in West Africa. The 120 staff WHO has directed to combat the disease are turning out to be insufficient, even when combined with local health workers and a collection of NGOs. The organization has called the scale of the outbreak "u ...
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Hoboken School District: we’re not tossing laptops, but moving to “rolling laptop carts”

The Hoboken School District said in a statement that it is not throwing away its student laptops, despite a headline from public radio station WNYC that stated: "Why Hoboken Is Throwing Away All its Student Laptops." That story was a re-print of The Hechinger Report's original story, under the headline: "Why a New Jersey school district decided giving laptops to students is a terrible idea." The original story noted that the school distr ...
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Trolls bring down the launch of conservative social network “Reaganbook”

A number of the profiles created on Reaganbook and cached by Google before the site was closed to the public, some of them NSFW. The launch of ReaganBook, a conservative-oriented social network, was overrun by trolls Thursday despite its attempt at a soft launch meant specifically to avoid trolls. RawStory reports that the site was flooded with several fake accounts, including ones for Vladimir Putin, Sarah Palin, and Manu ...
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Microsoft ordered to give US customer e-mails stored abroad

Microsoft, Sandyford, Co. Dublin Red Agenda A federal judge ruled Thursday that Microsoft must hand over e-mails stored on an overseas sever to US authorities. The case gives the Obama administration approval to reach into servers abroad. "It is a question of control, not a question of the location of that information," U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska ruled in a closely followed legal flap. The ...
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Industry “self-regulation” has cost cell phone users millions

Sample bill demonstrating how T-Mobile allegedly hid cramming charges. FTC It's no secret that mobile cramming has cost cell phone users lots of money. A Senate Commerce Committee report released yesterday says the unauthorized charges crammed into customer bills have "likely cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars." The report further says that industry self-regulation has "left gaps in consumer protection." The car ...
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Thursday Dealmaster has a Dell Inspiron 15 for $560 off the MSRP

Greetings, Arsians! Our partners at LogicBuy are back with a ton of deals for this week. We've got a back to school special today only: a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop with a Core i7 Haswell processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive for just $749.99. There's also a lower-specced Inspiron 15 for $499.99. Either one will save you a ton of cash and get you ready for school. Featured deal Coupon Expires 7/31! Dell Inspiron 15 (7000-series) 4th-gen Intel Core i7 ...
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Dinosaurs that led to birds were shrinking for millions of years

Davide Bonnadonna We tend to think of feathers as one of the defining features of birds. But in recent years, it's become apparent that the lineage of dinosaurs that gave rise to birds (the Theropods) had feathers millions of years before anything remotely bird-like existed. Just last week, feathers were also found on a dinosaur outside the theropod lineage, raisi ...
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