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Project Louise: Exercise Every Single Day? Says Who?

(Bjørn Giesenbauer via Compfight) This is getting interesting. One week into the challenge laid down by Editor Carey and Coach Allison – to exercise every single day before 7 p.m., and to post a comment reporting that I did so before 11 p.m. – I have made several discoveries. Carey was right. Exercising every day makes you feel better. The sweatier the exercise is, the better you feel. I hate being told what to do. Let’s focus for now on No. 3, because we all know that Nos. 1 and 2 ...
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My Right Breast: One Man’s Tale Of Lump And Mammogram

Journalist B.D. Colen photographed his own mammogram during the procedure. ((c) B. D. Colen, 2014) By B. D. Colen It began with an itch I just had to scratch. Doesn’t every adventure begin that way? I was lying in bed reading on a Saturday evening, and without even looking I idly scratched a spot on the right side of my chest –- at that point I had a chest, not breasts. As I did, my fingers rode over a small something, a little like a speed bump about an inch below and two inches to the l ...
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In Public Comments, Partners-Coakley Deal Brings Praise And Protest

Raytheon headquarters in Waltham (Wikimedia Commons) Quite an “only in Massachusetts” moment. Patriots owner Robert Kraft and leaders of Raytheon, Suffolk Construction and Putnam Investments have all filed letters in support of an anti-trust agreement that would not normally see the light of day before a judge approves the deal. The opposition includes public health professors, a group of top economists ...
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Brain Scientists Learn To Alter And Even Erase Memories

This optogenetic device uses light to activate specific brain cells. (Courtesy McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT) For 32 years, Leslie Ridlon worked in the military. For most of her career she was in army intelligence. Her job was to watch live videotape of fatal attacks to make sure the missions were successful. “I had to memorize the details, and I have not got it out of my head, it stays there — the ...
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Project Louise: On Exercise, Sex, Free Stuff And The Secret Of Life

(Edson Fong via Compfight)   Dear Louise, Let me be blunt: I’m afraid you’ve been having sex without orgasms. When it comes to exercise, that is. To extend this ham-handed metaphor a bit farther: I know some people say there’s no such thing as bad sex unless it hurts you. And of course there’s no such thing as bad exercise unless it hurts you. Any bit of activity, any rise from the couch, any flight of stairs, ...
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Control: Why We Get Sucked Into Insanity (And Other Intense Workout Programs)

“Insanity” workout in the recycling bin, waiting for regifting (Carey Goldberg/WBUR) Veronica Thomas CommonHealth intern It’s time to come clean: Like my colleague, Carey, I too am an “Insanity” dropout. Some people may say we’re weak or wimpy or quitters—in fact, many commenters declare just that—but a new study suggests that we fell into a very common marketing trap. We were bored by the same old exercises and hungry for something ...
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Winning The Lottery: Study Links School Quality To Teen Health

  (Compfight) Veronica Thomas CommonHealth Intern Successful high schools don’t just mean higher academic achievement, a new study finds. They may also mean healthier behaviors among teens. The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, compared students from highly rated charter high schools with those from regular public high schools—all located in low-income Los Angeles neighborhoods. The researchers found that ...
Full article at: CommonHealth 6 days ago, 11:39am CDT

Inspired By Family Illness, Connecticut Philanthropist Donates $650 Million For Psychiatric Research

Researchers at the Broad Institute plan to use Ted Stanley’s money to catalog all the genetic variations that contribute to severe psychiatric disorders. (Courtesy/Kelly Davidson Photography) In the largest-ever donation to psychiatric research, Connecticut businessman Ted Stanley is giving $650 million to the Eli and Edythe Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. The goal — to find and treat the genetic underpinnings of mental illnesses — was inspired by a family experience. Ted ...
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Boston Doc At AIDS Conference Reports Shock, Grief For Colleagues

A pro-Russian fighter inspects the site of a crashed Malaysia Airlines passenger plane near the village of Hrabove, Ukraine, eastern Ukraine Friday, July 18, 2014. (AP Photo/Dmitry Lovetsky) Veronica Thomas CommonHealth Intern The 20th International AIDS Conference began Sunday in Melbourne, Australia, as attendees mourned the loss of colleagues in last week’s plane crash in Ukraine. Yesterday, the International AIDS Society released a statement confirming that at least ...
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Medical Marijuana 101: 10 Things You Should Know Before Using The Drug

As medical marijuana is introduced in Massachusetts, here are 10 things to know about using it. Whether you are using marijuana for the first time, or trying it for a new ailment, those who praise its benefits say you should be prepared for a period of trial and error. Because: Medical Marijuana In Mass. Map: 11 Planned Dispensaries In Mass. Complete Coverage: Medical Marijuana 1) What works for one patient may not work for you. The difference may be in the marijuana, but patient ...
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