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Skype teams up with Xbox and CollegeHumor for ‘Level 48′ campaign

Skype’s “Level 48″ new campaign is meant to be a showcase of Skype’s capabilities on the Xbox One gaming console. It will run for two days, feature five games and 48 levels of play; but the campaign, launched yesterday in partnership with agency Pereira O’Dell, isn’t merely just an ordinary game-a-thon. It is a live-streaming comedy and gaming reality show rolled into one, hosted by actor and comedian Bobby Lee. The tw ...
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Where are the U.K. publishing startups?

The U.S. market has seen a spate of journalism startups, from Mic to Business Insider to Buzzfeed t0 First Look Media. But the U.K hasn’t seen the same activity, for a variety of reasons. While there are certainly exceptions to the rule investor enthusiasm for digital journalism has been comparatively tepid in the U.K. The Business of Fashion, for instance, is an anomaly. Started in 2007 as a blog, BofF has grown into its niche as a modern digital ...
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The top 5 misconceptions clients have about consumers

Jonathan Lewis is account director at McKee Wallwork + Company, an Albuquerque, New Mexico, agency; Maya Abi-Khalil is an account services intern. Sometimes clients are their own worst enemies – but don’t take our word for it. To understand the biggest consumer pitfalls facing clients today, we went to the folks working on the frontline of communications for an outside perspective: the top execs at some of the nation’s leading agencies. Here’s what they described as the five most ...
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Facebook starts building ad links to Instagram

Like a brand’s ad on Instagram? Don’t be surprised to see more of its ads on Facebook some day. Instagram is conducting a test with Mercedes-Benz that allows the luxury car brand to effectively target Facebook users who previously saw one of its Instagram ads, according to executives familiar with the campaign. Several other advertising agency execs who also recently met with Instagram said Instagram has discussed ...
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The Daily Dot goes long and slow with relaunch of The Kernel

Count The Daily Dot as the latest digital publisher getting into the “magazine” business — not just the moniker, but the weekly schedule. The site is putting the final touches on the relaunch of The Kernel, the British site that it acquired and shuttered earlier this year. Launched in 2011 by former technology reporter Milo Yiannopoulos, The Kernel was a self-described “Internet tabloid” that covered Web culture. It met a rocky end. In 2013, the site was ...
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Brands glom onto ‘Sharknado 2′ buzz with awkward tweets

It was the biggest social TV moment of last year, with Twitter reporting that a peak of 5,000 tweets per minute, and 600,000 tweets after it premiered the first time. So it was no surprise that Wednesday night’s Syfy premiere of “Sharknado 2: The Second One” (same plot, different city) brought out plenty of brands that tried to get in on the communal conversation. This one actually kind of makes sense, Weather Channel. [G ...
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Here comes Gen Z: What marketers need to know in 5 charts

They make up a quarter of the American population. They’re impulsive, unpredictable and tough to relate to. They can barely speak English and yet marketers ignore them at their own peril. No we’re not talking about millennials, though it is tempting to make the joke. But just as marketers are coming to terms with that millennial wave of digital natives, another is creeping up right behind them: Gen Z. ...
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Nobody hates banner ads more than designers

No one likes a banner ad. But among the legions heaping hate on the unfortunate unit, designers may be the ones who dislike the banner ad most of all. One of the problems with the standard banner ad is that it comes both in fixed dimensions and is sold based on where it appears on the page. This complicates the creation process for designers, who are often forced to start from the ad units and design around them. That’s why most article pages are built around popular ...
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The fault in Twitter’s influence story

Every business, be it a brand or a platform, needs to tell a story about itself. Unfortunately Twitter has become beholden to a narrative it constructed but no longer wants to emphasize. Twitter’s growth rate may have exceeded Wall Street’s expectations on Tuesday, but its year-to-year growth in monthly active users continued to decline, from 25 percent in the first quarter to 24 percent in the second quarter, according to the company’s quart ...
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5 things we learned at the Digiday Retail Summit

Retailers and the agencies that love them gathered in Deer Valley, Utah for three days of programming at the Digiday Retail Summit. Via conversations and presentations, they were gathered to figure out what the major trends facing the retail world were, and how new technology and innovations were shaping the shopping experience. Here are five things we learned. 1. Amazon is on every retailer’s mind. Rob Norman, the chief digital officer at GroupM, cracked a few jokes about ...
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